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A Few Of These Ideas I've Got, What's Your Opinions?


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So I really got into WarFrame recently and its given me tons of ideas, I want to know what you guys think, I'm only going to list a few of what I think are the best in order from smallest to largest. So without further delay here are my top ideas. (Sorry no concepts or sketches)

Kubrow commands. Marking targets with the waypoint command ordering your kubrow to attack them, or if it's possible avoid them (My kubrow keeps changing Sargus Ruk, not helpful) Marked targets for Huras could act as stealth take downs if they're undetected, but I don't know how it would work for any of the rest so maybe they could all do a form of stealth take down some more efficiently than others. Huras were used in assassinations though, maybe Raksa could be set to guard?

More Warframe customizations. Ok so, when I play amazing games my brain starts building, and I had a sorta "vision" in my head one time while I was using my vectis to pick people off of my friends from a distance, I like playing as Excalibur, because he's underestimated in my opinion, plus he has this look that's just really clean and sleek and sneaky, that and he's amaze, but I thought about how cool he'd be, if he was camped up in a tree with this sorta hooded cloak that covered a good bit of his armor making him look even sneakier, and dropping people with I sniper a quarter mile away.... But all in all more robust cosmetics would be great.

New locations. New factions. What about rideable mounts? That last one actually sounds weird when I read it.

More dojo builds. ones with more interactive stuff. What about a weeping peach tree, I feel like there should be one of those every time I walk into the Junno garden... Somewhere. What about a hangar of sorts, were the Liset can dock, and we can change our loadout for duel. Or maybe we can store Tenno starfighters we use to take down a grineer destroyer. (sorry whole other idea) perhaps as a way to introduce more lore, we have a form of ancient orokin computer, we'd have to collect data modules in the void or wherever, and install them, the clan Tenno would meditate on these and see this holographic world unfold before them and float through it like a ghost as the history displayed itself. I often thought of personal rooms for Tenno to be personally designed and to invite other players over... Then I remembered mountain clan. When ark wing arrives maybe we can have an obstacle course, a race, or a duel area for them... Or launch out of the hangar... Moving away from the hangar now. Maybe a place to play mini games with your kubrow?

Ok so here's the biggest one, and I'll end the torture of my rantings.

What if the grineer had developed a weapon in secret, and managed to shoot the liset down on earth for an event? You would have to secure your crash site, there'd could be a cracked windshield, some dirt and vegetation debris on, around or in the ship, you'd have run around for a bit to find stuff to repair your ship or scout for the guns and fight through waves as others brought the supplies to you. (The red veil maybe?) but being stranded and haveing to resort to different tactics to survive a more dire situation is the kinda of vibe that I'm trying pull from this.

Finally I'm finished, let me know what you guys think of the ideas. Thanks

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Well I like the Kubrow Command option.


New Faction I heard is underway, so as new enemies, you'll prob regret asking for more of them though(I'm looking at you infested Juggy Jagger Juggernaughtuuh!)


As for mounts, well I'm not so sure about them, We do have Archwing around the corner, so as the new usable *turrents*


As for Dojo, I think I heard something about a space station coming up, but don't take my word for it, though I'm pretty sure its true.


Were also getting a new game mech after Archwing I think *Swimming* and a new underwater tileset(Duuh Cuz Swimming)

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