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Confusion Over Deconstructor



I recent maxed out my Helios to level 30, and I enjoy the Deconstructor, but I'm having trouble understanding what mods are ACTUALLY useful on it.

It seems like it 'allows' you to install any melee mod onto it, though many of them seem non-functional.


From the Arsenal, it says it only does 50 impact, but according to the wiki, this actually changes each shot, rotating between Impact, Piercing and Slashing. So I suppose those mods are good, elemental mods, and pressure point.


Crit rate/damage mods CAN be installed, however with 0% crit rate and 0x crit damage, they're useless.


You can also install mods for channeling, but I don't know if it channels? Older wiki entries stated that it channels whenever you do, and sometimes on it's own, but the current article doesn't mention it, and I really don't know.


It also allows parry mods...but does it do that?
It allows finishing move mods, but again, when does it do that?


It would be really nice if I could just trust that any mod 'allowed' on it will actually DO something, but that doesn't seem to be the case. Also, I've heard that the Reach mod doesn't have any effect on it, though it really seems that it should.

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Its honestly better to go with whirlwind over Fury.

Even though Fury means it can toss out the parts faster, whirlwind means that they hit and come back a lot faster, and honestly its the flight time that is the real limitation on the helios' attack speed..
Combine that with the damage mods and maybe a bounce mod and its a lot better than Fury.

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Switch Teleported from General Discussion.


It's actually a good point that you raise.

I will talk with the Community Manager in order to make them relay to the Devs to dig into and improve these problems.

You can make a thread in Feedback Weapons too, to ask that every mod equip-able has a noticeable effect on this weapon.

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Sentinels have always been a tricky problem. 


You can stick ammo mods and I think even mutation mods in a sentinels gun. Does it have ammo? Not that I have seen. 


The problem is the game does not communicate all the necessary information about these things and how they function so we must rely on the hit and miss of the wiki. 

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