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Melee Based On Blocking


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Suggested Idea: Give us 2 types of blocking.


First type: Focused Blocking


Blocking that drains stamina on amount of hits you block. You can move around, but not sprint, roll, or slide.


Parry mods only work in this type of blocking. If an enemy is parried by this mod, then instead of being knocked down, they get stunned for a duration, allowing you to:

1. Deal 4x stealth damage.

2. Do a standing finisher. 


Change Reflection so you can "aim" your reflection shots. The reflected shots have half the accuracy of the original shot.



Second type: Sprint Blocking


Supports blocking while sprinting. Doesn't drain stamina, but blocking is based on chance to balance out for dodging. Reflection and Parry does not work while sprint blocking.

Can block 360 degrees around player, but is still limited by chance (~30%).

Increase overall Tenno sprint speed while sprint blocking, stunning an enemy you come in contact with, allowing for a finisher.



Speed up animation time for all finishers for safer and more efficient use in combat to avoid inevitible deaths.

Make standing finishers (enemies are stunned, not knocked down) more common in melee combat with the blocking suggestions above.

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Finisher, both stealth and post stun should kill any enemy disregarding it's level, health or armor.


Because we play as space ninjas and both stealth and melee are still not rewarding enough.


Channeling guard for better reflecting and aimed reflection are both decent ideas.


360 blocking and sprint guard are a no-nos, I agree on 180 cone protecting from frontal fire and overall slowdown.


As much as I'd want stealth improvements I feel offense is the best defense, for other shenanigans use Trinity.

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