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Knights Of The Solstice Recruiting Active Friendly Players!


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Knights of the Solstice is a new ghost clan with 5 current member, but we are looking to expand our ranks with helpful, friendly, and talkative tenno. We don't have much done in terms of the dojo but we do have a trading post and the oracle is building as we speak. New Tenno will have the opportunity to help mold a new clan into an active community.


We also have a dojo layout and a clan emblem in the works!





  -Please be able to speak English


  - If you have a mic that's great but you don't need one


  -Don't be afraid to ask for help! If you don't ask how will we know you need it


  -All Mastery Ranks are welcome to join!







  -Have Fun!


  -Respect other clan members


 -Respect the Warframe community


  -Be as active as you can be.




Sound like something you’re up for? Message me in game (ArcticGinger) or leave your IGN below!



We look forward to you joining us!

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