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Accuracy Stat Logics


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My observation from mission progress record...



- 1 shot from gun/bow/throwing weapon/launcher TRAJECTORY that hit 1 enemy (0 damage included, multishots are regarded as 1 shot) are counted as [1/1] hit in the percentage record.


- 1 shot can have maximum of [2/1] enemies per shot hit count with punch-through or multishot.

***A stiff limitation


- Hitting an object that doesn't flash affinity number (grate/container/sensor bar...) are counted as [0/1] a miss!

***An attack that breaks stuff should count as a hit. :\


- Abilities and most radial explosions hit/miss are not calculated. [0/0]

***Explosive hits should count.

- Continuous gun shots are not calculated. [0/0]
***Nature of this type of weapon, even 1 ammo unit can hit/miss many things many times. So whatever.
- Close combat melee ALWAYS counted as [0/1] a miss!
***Copter spam/button mashing should deteriorate accuracy stat, precise attacks should improve it!

***Of all melee weapons, only thrown weapons (Glaive) are eligible for accuracy calculation. :<


- 'Power Throw' explosion have maximum of [2/1] enemies per shot hit count


- Kicking (midair slide) is not calculated. [0/0]

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I don't agree with your coptering suggestion, but that's based on my style of play, and not yours.


Oh yeah... I should have clarified. I meant for every melee attack that does not hit anything vs one that does. Currently everything counts as a miss.

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