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Have You Ever Considered About Adopting Third Party Servers...?


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Two weeks, eighty hours, eighty dollars (Prime Access), definitely a good game. I should not purchase Diablo III and just play warframe.


I totally understand that, this game is free to play and having your own servers in different countries could be costly. If you set up official servers this game might no longer be free. Fair enough. So, how about letting gamers have their own servers, just like what EA has done in Battlefield? For instance, a clan could rent a server which allows 40 sessions in the same time. Then everyone's happy and could have stable, fast connection. No more lag (okay sometimes).


This would also allow you to have 8v8 or even 16v16 in pvp. And... you are not going to pay for this!


(If this suggestion is not appropriate, or already got denied, please simply remove this thread, thanks :) )

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Having your third party servers is not gonna magically enable 16vs16 though XD.


Honestly, I stay away from third party servers for specific reasons. Not that the current situation is that great, but I don't run into enough problems to embrace this alternative which has it's own downsides (speaking from my personal experience with third party servers in general)


That said, it's certainly something worth checking out for DE, though I am sure they visited that idea among themselves before.


Personally, I'd say no. But It's not without reason, and fully aware of the ups and downs of such a direction.


Edit: Added the Personal touch

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