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New Blind Play Through Series


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Hey everyone, I've started a Blind playthrough of Warframe on XB1 which is streamed on Twitch @ http://twitch.tv/mrpixeltech and then highlights uploaded to YouTube @ http://youtube.com/mrpixeltech. Hope to see you around and enjoying the series :)

*A note on production quality - I have a horribly under powered PC so I'm playing this on Xbox One. Due to the sickly hamster powered contraption I call my computer, I stream from my Xbox to Twitch in order to capture YouTube videos. I absolutely apologize for this. If you guys are able to stick it out and support me by watching, commenting, liking, and sharing the videos - I hope to save and earn enough money to purchase a system that will make all of this a non-issue. *


Episode 1 - O.o What?

I sort of stumble my way through the first level of Warframe to get this party started. Help me out if you've played before :)


Episode 2 - Ordy da Buddy!

I gently dust off some (only some) of my herpaderp and start to get the hang of some game mechanics. And we meet Ordy and his bipolar... malfunctioning... self...

Episode 3 - Follow me if you want to live!

We save the russian-ish arms dealer, I also try to make sense of some of the mod setups.

Episode 4 - Ninja Warrior!

Revenge with a Vengeance.. it's... wait, wrong game. We head down to Cambria to avenge colonist families and I suck slightly less

Episode 5 - Competence on the rise

We go get our component storage and OMG I *sort* of figured out the mod system (and upon re-watching the video have figured out much more about it)!


Episode 6 - Mission Failed?! Damnit!

All I wanted was for my Volt Tenno to figure out how to get this stupid thing off of me, but NOOOO, I've gotta defeat the pet cemetery from hell first... Enjoy my pain ;)



Episode 7 - Once more, with feeling!

My Volt Tenno Warframe: "I will not die, I will not die, I will not die... I'm bleeding out again..."


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This series is really a valuable tool for showing the developers the problems that new players have with the game. From what I saw here, from my own experience re-playing the game, and from friend experiences, the prominent ones were:

-No notification, beyond a verbal blurb, that you lose access to three of your four abilities after you leave the first area

-Players have little to no idea what the weapons they're choosing from are, and choose what looks cool. This usually results in the Bo, Kunai, Paris combo, which players find in the following stages [specifically against Corpus] to be underpowered and difficult.

-All players receive at least one "Lvl 1. ___" prompt during the first tutorial mission, and without knowing that the game is mission based and not open world, are confused on how to take advantage of their new level. They are then sent into other missions, gaining Lvl. 2, etc, still questioning when exactly they gain benefits.

-There's literally no tutorial for hacking anywhere in the game. Hacking itself is fairly simplistic and turns into a mindless activity after a while, but until that point, new players sometimes get frustrated with a system they don't completely understand.

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-Players have little to no idea what the weapons they're choosing from are, and choose what looks cool. This usually results in the Bo, Kunai, Paris combo, which players find in the following stages [specifically against Corpus] to be underpowered and difficult.


I want to say, that this isn't really accurate information.


The Paris versus the Braton, in power for performance, totally outclasses the Braton. You can one-shot most low level mobs with the Paris. The Braton is really slow firing for a rifle, low damage, just a low performing weapon overall. It's primary damage type is slash, versus puncture on the Paris. The paris had 60 base damage per shot versus 18 of the Braton. A little more accuracy with shots will take down your enemies faster than a rifle with really low damage.


The Kunai are underwhelming, but so is the Lato. There is no win on either of these.


The Bo is impact damage.....impact works well against Corpus. Honestly, any version of the Bo is really much more powerful than the Skana at the same level. You have slam AOE damage and range that the Skana doesn't have.


So if people pick the cooler looking weapons, they're actually going to do just fine. BUT, your point of people not knowing which weapon to pick I can agree on in regards to no STATS being available to compare. Even Dark Souls, as hard as that game is on forcing people to repeat things, shows stats when you pick up a weapon and look at it.

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Watching episodes 2/3 showed me a lot more issues that I hadn't even considered. I didn't make a list while watching, but off the top of my head:

-the orange "force field" is a disruption gate, that drains you of all your energy. Players who don't know what it is don't even know what change to look for when they test it on themselves. Also the key to turning them off, the scanner above them, doesn't read as a button or weak spot whatsoever. It likely never occurred to you to try shooting it.

-Darvo, and the other rescue targets, can't go where the Tenno do, which is understandable. They aren't acrobats. That said, new players EXPECT them to be able to.

-Also Darvo standing around taking fire to the face.

-more evidence to show that players have no ideas what mods are or how to take advantage of their levelling. As a game designer, it legitimately hurts for me to see a player struggle with a system that was "designed to be more streamlined". Also because it was designed for PC, where players are more familiar with the click-and-drag.

-Having discovered how the system works, you tried to shovel all the mods you have into your loadout. An honest mistake, but the flashing "Capacity 0/5" and bwomps should be a hint.

-That all said: the fine-print "press this button to see a tutorial on how to use this godforsaken system" should be CONSIDERABLY larger. I doubt you would puzzle over it for as long as you did had you seen that, pressed said button, and be given the tutorial.

I really hope somebody at DE is watching these sir, because these should be pretty eye-opening.

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Understood on all accounts.  Please consider that I am intentionally playing this blind so that anyone starting it up for the first time can play alongside.  I wanted to smack myself when I saw the tutorial button, but also, streaming while playing makes the UI *considerably* smaller as it takes up a lot of screen real estate and the 16:9 is maintained at a lower res to compensate.  Here's to hoping I don't appear as clueless in future episodes :)


P.S. Thanks for watching guys :)

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