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Update 14.8.1: Operation Gate Crash (+Hotfix)


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A message from The Lotus:
We have reviewed Baro Ki’ Teer’s Archwing Datamass, much of it is corrupt but what little it does reveal is invaluable. We now know that more information exists and we must look for it in Orokin Derelicts locked in the Void.
Our mission is urgent. The Grineer have also learned about the Archwing Technology and they are determined to destroy all traces of it before we find it. To do this, Vay Hek is using Void Keys and Torsion Beam Generators to force open Orokin portals.
We must destroy his access to these portals. Our ability to recover Archwing fragments depends on it.
Careful, Tenno. Vay Hek is using unstable keys. Cumulative exposure to the keys will have detrimental effects on your health, shields and Warframe abilities. Proceed accordingly.
The Lotus
Keep Grineer out of the Void!
- Start the event node on Earth.
- Play through the mission, defeat the Grineer bosses and destroy the Void Portal Key.
- If you want to take the risk, search out resource caches to find high-value items.
- Exposure to the Void Portal will begin to affect you. Exposure weakens your Warframe. The effects are cumulative – the more missions you run, the weaker you become.
- Each mission run you will earn 1 Exposure point.
- More Exposure points earned = higher Rewards.
- Earn 5 Exposure points on a node to unlock a new node.
- Nodes to unlock (in order):  Phobos, Ceres, Challenge Node located back on Phobos.
- The Challenge Node has no Exposure point cap. Keep earning Exposure points for as long as you are capable --- know that your Warfame will be in an extremely weakened state the further you progress.
- This Operation starts at 2PM EDT, Oct 16th. Gate Crash will end on Oct 25th at 4PM EDT. 
Successfully complete the Mission and you'll be rewarded with:
5 Exposure points: Event Badge and Phobos node unlocked
10 Exposure points: Set of 4 Mods – Buzz Kill, Fanged Fusillade, Sweeping Serration and Maim
15 Exposure points: Sheev Dagger: Built for close combat, the Sheev's plasma blade slices through flesh and armor with equal ease.
The top 3 Clans per Clan Tier will receive Gold, Silver, and Bronze Trophies.
Clan Leaderboards: A Clan’s score is the sum of its members’ scores.
Please be aware that people joining clans after the event has started will not contribute to their new clans score.
New Weapons & Attachments:
New Buzlok! An advanced Grineer Rifle equipped with specialized homing rounds, always capable of finding their mark.
New Atterax! A vicious Grineer whip adept at flaying skin from bone. In extreme cases disobedient Grineer have been sentenced to death by Atterax.

Harkonar Armor Set: This prototype Grineer Exo-Armor was destined to be worn by Grineer generals until it was stolen and repurposed by Tenno agents. Wear it as a sign of defiance.

-Ongoing UI polish including more minor alignment, navigation tweaks, and market ease of life alterations. Added consistency in menus, including a reskin of the Inbox menu.
-Added in a new "Inline Private Messages" Chat option. Enabling this option will allow PM's to be displayed in your Squad and Clan chat.
-New Orokin Sabotage tilesets! As part of Operation: Gate Crash, these new hybrid maps will combine the Void with various locations throughout the Solar System.
-New Dojo Teleporter Decorations! Starting today, you can now place teleport beacons in your Dojo! These are decorations that can be named & dropped in the Dojo by those with necessary permissions. When you engage one you will get a list of all other beacons in the Dojo and you can teleport between them!
-Added improvements to Vor’s Prize and the Tutorial for simplification and polish purposes including:
Progress bar of tutorial stage
Removed transmissions for simplification
Reduced weapon choices from 3 per group to 2 per group.
Relit tutorial and swapped skybox and effects for a more polished appearance.
Reduced Warframe’s power set to just First ability for the tutorial.
-Added Rank display to item browsing, meaning you can now see what rank your gear is in the inventory. As an example, in the scenario of building an Aklex and you have three, one which is Rank 30, you can now see the item's rank in this new display!
-Added a Dojo chat tab when in the Dojo!
-Added clarity to Alert Survival missions: A 10 minute countdown clock will now be displayed during any Survival Alert missions, indicating the mission requires a full 10 minutes of Survival to be completed.
-Added in the Ice Planet Trophy for those that have earned this Dojo decoration from Operation Cryotic Front! These have been given in a script - relog to check for your Decoration if you are eligible to receive!
-A new dissolve effect has been added for dead Kubrows.
-Added in a new volume slider for Ordis.
-Kubrow and equipped Auras will now be displayed when hovering a squad members information.
-Added in continued UI polish in the form of alignment and navigation tweaks (some by just 6 pixels).
-Mods screen now shows the stat increases that will occur when ranking up Warframe abilities and Stances.
-Note how I now have stats on what the results are of ranking up Valkyr’s Hysteria through fusion.
-Added in a "Please Wait" message that will lock the player in place when installing a module on your Liset during Vor’s Prize/elsewhere.


-Trinity's Blessing is now recastable while passive damage reduction is active. This means you no longer need to wait for your Duration timers to expire before being able to recast Blessing.
-Trinity's Blessing now heals 40/50/75/80% health and shields based on Mod rank. The percentage can also be increased by strength mods.
-Improved the targeting responsiveness of Smite projectiles.
-Oberon’s Renewal now has a timer that displays the current number of targets being healed.
-Oberon’s Hallowed Ground now has an ability timer.
-Oberon's Hallowed Ground ability placement has been shifted backward slightly so as to allow for the casting Oberon to receive the full buff and removal/immunity effects.
-Oberon's Renewal now directly affects Sentinels & Kubrows.
-Introduced damage scaling for Sprag and Ven'kra's charge & melee attacks; amount of damage dealt is now in line with enemy levels for the selected mission.
-Energy colour is now customizable on the Rakta Syandana.
-Made several audio tweaks to the Liset engine and Sprag & Ven'kra.
-The "Get to Extraction" message will now play when Survival Alert timers hit 0. Also ensured that the "Operation has succeeded" transmission plays before  the "Extraction is now ready" message.
-PvP Change: Ash’s Bladestorm reduced to 0.25 damage multiplier from 0.5.
-Further improved the aiming of Mirage's Prism projectile.
-Energy Vampire will no longer provide energy to Banshees performing Sound Quake so as to prevent infinite energy usage.
-Improved the damage number font to ensure sharper looking damage numbers when scaled up.
-Improved the loading performance of the Kubrow customization menus.
-Improved the performance of Mirage's Prism and Nova's Wormhole ability.
-Improved procedural level generation to fix several issues with AI behaviour that was frequently reported in Void -Survival missions.  These improvements and fixes will resolve issues where you may see door frames poking through adjacent tiles, superfluous connectors going nowhere, and other level issues caused by procedural generation.
-Additional improvements to prevent slow Clients from holding an entire squad on loading screen.
-Improved visibility for Clan/Alliance invites by treating all of these invites as high-priority, which will be seen at login.  
-Disabled ally blue glow while in the Dojo with other Tenno.
-Changed loading screen/matchmaking logic to move on if after 10 seconds Client is unable to properly join/connect. 
-Changed the attack ferocity of Corpus Mine Osprey: before no maximum existed on number of deployed mines, and now there is a maximum of 6.
PvP Bladestorm balancing:
Reduced maximum number of attacks to [2, 3, 4, 5] to address issues with players getting stuck in Bladestorm-ed state for up to 15+ hits.
Increased the PvP damage multiplier from 0.1 per hit to 0.5 per hit in an effort to keep damage output in line with previous values.
-Moved “Decisive Judgement” Stance Mods from Specters to Grineer Wardens, found in Rescue 2.0!  World on Fire was removed from Grineer Wardens for this change.
-Improved the aiming direction of Mirage's Prism ability.
-Improved the performance of a number of default customizations in the Arsenal.
-Improved the network performance of numerous Warframe Abilities.
-Tweaked the sound of the Raksa Howl ability.
-Improved the visual effects seen on Frozen enemies.
-Reduced the maximum amount of Ancients that can be simultaneously active during Infested Defense and Survival missions.
-Improved the XP bar full sound effect.
-Tweaked the sound effects of the Nukor pistol.
-Increased the proc chance of the Glaxion.
-Limited the maximum amount Glaxion firing sound effects.
-Crawlers dropped by Infested Drones will no longer count towards Extermination enemy counts.
-Tweaked the pipe burst sound effect heard in Infested Corpus tilesets. .
-Nova’s Wormhole can now support multiple Wormholes (1/2/3/4) depending on the level of the ability.
-Nekros' Desecrate now affects frozen corpses.
-Tweaked the Fusion visual effects.


-Fixed an issue where Sprag and Venk'ra could get stuck in a pit on Phobos, making the mission unbeatable.
-Fixed issue with Defense missions dynamic music not working properly.
-Fixed issue with enemy AI freezing when trying to 'pull' a Mirage Hall of Mirror clone.
-Fixed buffs not being applied correctly to weapons with damage falloff (i.e. Shotguns). Fixes amount of damage dealt at the extent of the weapon's range. Before, damage dealt at maximum falloff range was not considering Mods like Blaze and Point Blank. After, it will now consider these mod buffs in the damage value at maximum falloff range. 
-Fixed extra Lotus transmissions playing/repeating after bleeding out and switching to spectator mode.
-Fixed Vor being susceptible to Mind Control when encountered in Void T4 missions.
-Fixed instances of blue steam jets that were appearing in some Derelict rooms.
-Fixed Team Health Restores not functioning properly when deployed on a moving object.
-Fixed Vauban's Bounce and Vortex appearing with default energy colour for clients.
-Fixed some missing Bounce FX on clients.
-Fixed issue with the Kronen and Silva & Aegis both not having a proper wall attack.
-Fixed Energy Vampire making clients think they have been given 2x the energy they should've received, when they actually got the proper amount.
-Fixed crash that would occur if you shutdown the game immediately after hitting abort mission.
-Fixed issue with Oberon’s Smite not being able to target Orokin Shield Drone.
-Fixed an issue where Orokin Shield Drones would rotate onto their sides when shot by the Nukor.
-Fixed an issue with thrown melee weapons (Glaive Prime/Kestrel) losing weapon functionality if they perform a ground -slam attack when they are already close to the ground while in melee mode.
-Fixed Vauban's Bastille slowly deteriorating frame-rate each time it was cast. Thanks to Test Clan Please Ignore for helping isolate the problem.
-Fixed an issue with Sprag and Ven'kra transmission portraits not having proper colours.
-Fixed an issue with Void portal sound becoming choppy at low FPS.
-Fixed blue "team mate glow" persisting for unobstructed players, also fixes glow applying to player after reviving.
-Fixed issue in Vor’s Prize where the objective marker would not appear in tutorial when reaching Vor.
-Fixed issue with new inline PM option not saving.
-Fixed issues with several filepaths being displayed instead of subtitles.
-Fixed large meshes sticking into the void which overlapped with other rooms.
-Fixed potential issue with loading into Fomorian Missions instead of event.
-Fixed game freeze/crash that would occur at end of mission if a Sentinel or Kubrow is killed during the mission.
-Fixed an issue with the background being displayed incorrectly on the Extractor selection screen.
-Fixed an issue with Nekros' Soul Punch not working correctly in PvP matches.
-Fixed an issue with Stalker related blueprints not appearing at the end of match screen correctly.
-Fixed a crash related to quickly joining the same Dojo twice.
-Fixed numerous squad formation issues.
-Fixed an issue with weapon attachments obstructing text in the Pause menu and in the body of Inbox messages.
-Fixed an issue with profane words being able to be used as Clan names.
-Fixed an issue with the Drone Explosion sound effect not playing properly from the area where the Drone was destroyed.
-Fixed Mirage's Prism not being properly castable by AI.
-Fixed a number of map holes in the Shipyards Sabotage tileset.
-Fixed an issue with text in the Arsenal overlapping when equipping a new weapon to an empty slot.
-Fixed an issue with players being blocked from unlocking Solar Map nodes by Dark Sector nodes which do not have a Solar Rail currently deployed on them.
-Fixed an issue with players being able to claim Defense mission rewards without actually extracting.
-Fixed issues with loadouts hanging briefly as helmets, skins, and other customizations are loaded.
-Fixed issue where players were unable to use Void Keys as recipe ingredients if you only had one type of a given key.
-Fixed an issue where enemies caught in Vauban’s Vortex will oscillate and vibrate in an unappealing way.
-Fixed issue where Melee weapons (like the Galatine with an attachment) and attachments would obstruct the UI.
-Fixed issue with Trinity’s Blessing fully restoring the health of the Fomorian power core in Hijack missions.
-Fixed issue where Ash could Bladestorm targets at panels in Interception missions, rendering them ignored by future enemy AI.
-Fixed an issue in the Market regarding proper classification of Kubrow starter kits and color bundles.
-Fixed issue with Captain Vor being unbeatable on Mercury.
-Fixed an issue with Nova’s Molecular Prime explosions caused by self-destructing enemies damaging teammates and defense objectives.
-Fixed an issue where Lotus would constantly talk to you at the end of Survival Alerts.
-Fixed a game freeze that would occur when attempting to fuse or change mods.
-Fixed game freeze when focusing on the categories menu after opening the item browsing screen in Foundry.
-Fixed interception console ‘hitswitch’ pushing AI through the terrain on Grineer maps.
-Fixed navigation issues that prevented faithful Kubrow from joining in the fight against Lephantis.
-Fixed an issue with Cryopods in Galleon Defense missions appearing incorrectly after a host migration has occurred.     -Fixed an issue with Trinity's Blessing affecting Excavators.
-Fixed an issue with Derelict Vaults sometimes including no enemy spawns.
-Fixed an issue with players being unable to start key missions in Solo mode.
-Fixed an issue with Alerts/Invasions/Nightmare nodes disappearing when returning from a mission.
-Fixed an issue with the Friends and Clan screens not properly displaying the correct amount of players in a session.
-Fixed an issue with the Coolant Leak visual effect appearing for allies and the player after a Radiation proc/PvP duel.
-Fixed an issue with players being able to mantle vertical walls in the Mastery Rank 7 & 8 tests and falling to their deaths.
-Fixed an issue with clients getting the first periodic Survival reward during Alerts.
-Fixed an issue with the Liset seen in the tutorial having no proper collision.
-Fixed an instance of incorrect VO playing during the Vor's Prize mission.
-Fixed a number of map holes in the Lephantis boss arena.
-Fixed an issue with Oberon's Renewal not being properly castable with exactly 25 energy left.
-Fixed an issue with the visual effect from Oberon’s Renewal not disappearing correctly when a client casts the ability with exactly 25 energy left.
-Fixed an issue with Nyx’s Absorb not properly costing 7/6/5/4 energy a second.
-Fixed a number of map holes in the Shipyards tilesets.
-Fixed an issue with the Chat window not properly maximizing when selecting to talk to a user via the Friends/Clan screens.
-Fixed an issue with the Ascaris not appearing on Warframes during the Vor's Prize tutorial mission.
-Fixed an issue Infested Ancient hit-boxes not being properly scaled thus causing projectiles to pass through them.
-Fixed an issue with blue visual effects building up and persisting when opening and closing the Arsenal/Mod Station modules repeatedly.
-Fixed an issue with Valkyr’s Warcry armor buff not properly being removed after the ability ends.
-Fixed an issue with the Torid in the Foundry not appearing correctly.
-Fixed an issue with the Iliad node name not appearing correctly.
-Fixed an issue with Mod filters hiding fusion cores.
-Fixed an issue with the Excavator not appearing right away after entering the Objective areas, this fix will be observed on re-release of this mission type.
-Fixed an issue with players being able to get stuck at the bottom of Grineer asteroid tileset levels.
-Fixed a number of map holes in the Corpus Outpost tilesets.
-Fixed an issue with Nova’s Wormhole ‘beam’ visual effects appearing offset from the portal visuals.
-Fixed an issue with Nova’s Wormhole duration not being affected by duration mods.
-Fixed an issue with the player being incorrectly rotated after being teleported.
-Fixed an issue with Hyena playing an incorrect animation when stunned.
-Fixed an issue with the player's Warframes appearing in front of the Solar Map after opening the Foundry.
-Fixed an issue with players losing some functionality after leaving a squad/session during map selection vote.
-Fixed an issue with multiple Djinn entries being listed in the Codex.
-Fixed an issue with multiple weapons appearing in the Codex even if they are not owned by the player.
-Fixed an issue with players attempting to join the defenders of an in progress Dark Sector mission receiving an erroneous "Session is full" message.
-Fixed an issue with players having the wait the full 60s if a countdown timer is started before the last person accepts in key lobby.
-Fixed multiple issues with enemy AI getting stuck inside art assets and being unable to navigate certain areas of the Ice Planet tileset.
-Fixed an issue erroneous “Mission Failure” messages appearing during Excavation missions.
-Fixed an issue with Nyx ability Mods not being properly granted after buying/crafting the frame.
-Fixed an issue with Excavators sometimes being missing during Excavation missions.
-Fixed the magazine drop animation not playing properly on the Nukor and Galaxion.
-Fixed the rank not being displayed correctly on the Coolant Leak mod.
-Fixed an issue with Kubrow Eggs not appearing as purchased in the Market.
-Fixed an issue with Nyx's Absorb being useable during bleedout.
-Fixed an issue Oberon's Reckoning blinding enemies around the caster and not the slammed targets.
-Fixed an issue with certain minibosses teleporting into non-battle space areas.
-Fixed an audio glitch heard in Orokin Void defense missions.
-Fixed some fonts appearing incorrectly on the End of Match screen.
-Fixed an issue with the Mission Failed screen returning the player to the Ship at the 6 count and not the end of the countdown.
-Fixed a grammatical error in the event reward message.


Fixed a progressing stopping bug where hacking a rescue target out of his/her jail cell on Phobos, Monolith resulted in the player being in an unplayable state.
Operation Gate Cash will be extended until Saturday, October 25 at 4PM EDT.
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Even though the title here says 14.8.1, I'm not seeing the

  • Fixed an issue where Vay Hek would become invulnerable during the boss fight.

Item from the PC 14.8.1 on the changelog.  Please tell me that this fix is in and it's the changelog that's wrong...

Should be in there even, though it's missing from the changelog. 


Where is our Dojo decoration from Operation Cryotic Front?!

Starframe Knights, 1st place in a Shadow clans tier

Coming very soon.

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I'm really disappointed with the game server, 

first a UPnP error keeps on popping up and after doing everything that has been tried and done to fix this, it still pops up but at least the game was playable and now with the new update the message "Couldn't download some contents from the server" is popping up, i think when you update via pan you don't need to update again on the log-in screen there should be some development fix here.

and downloading updates message comes up after 100% 95.770b/95.770b SO BASICALLY AFTER the content is updated.

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- The Challenge Node has no Exposure point cap. Keep earning Exposure points for as long as you are capable --- know that your Warfame will be in an extremely weakened state the further you progress.


I complete 3+ mission over 15 on Ceres, but points don't increase.

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