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Super Sentinel Battle Clash! - Warframe Spinoff Game?


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You guys still use Sentinels, right? You didn't just give them to your Kubrows as chew toys?


Would you be interested in playing a Warframe spinoff that focuses entirely on battling each other with Sentinels? To keep it semi-lore-friendly, you can look at it like training for your Sentinels, so they perform better out in the field.


Sentinels would be fully customizable with lots of different weapons, mods, and attachments. You can have different kinds of matches, like a full on Royal Rumble with 8 players or a race with obstacle courses.


Would be funny to see it happen, though maybe it's too much work to consider a "little side project" lol

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with only 6 playable characters? Mmeehhhh

Whoops misunderstood. Still though, I'd prefer DE didn't spread themselves too thinly.


No, with like 20 playable Sentinels, they'd make new ones. Or maybe they wouldn't. lol

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i think it would be really cool

like wyrmius expansion



with minigames


lots of minigames


like pokemon stadium


but with sentinels

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