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Clan Colosseum - Obstacle C./honor H. Redux


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The majority of requests can be simplified into two major categories, lack of activity, and aesthetics. I believe I have a proposal to solve the lack of activities entirely.

My idea is this: scrap the current Obstacle Course, and birth the Clan Colloseum. Instead of having a set course, turn the already massive room space into a Star Trek holodeck of sorts. The room will shift and change before your eyes in a number of ways. The new Colloseum room would work like this: when you enter the room,you are in a small spectator's capsule overlooking the amorphic "blank canvas" of the colloseum. The room's panel will include an option to set the game mode, which could be anything and everything. Examples: Time Attack: Kill as many enemies as possible within a certain time. Endurance: Enemies are redicukously tough and plentiful. Last as long as possible. Obstacle Course: Fastest time on a set track. Mastery Range: Kill pop-up targets quickly and accurately for points. Etc, etc. The room will morph into the correct arena, and a player may enter. This will seal off the play space, but the spectator room will still be accessible. It would be cool to see DE take full advantage of the holographic setting and make the arena constantly shift. Here comes the killer part: Make the Hall of Honor into the standings room. The upstairs room, in addition to holding the 0 trophies any clan has, will also have leaderboard terminals for each game mode. The unused recesses around the bottom floor could hold a smaller memorial to players who have topped the leaderboards of specific events. The center statue would be reserved for the Clans champion. The champion would be the player with the highest average score in all events. Seeing your rivals warframe standing in the dojo is a great incentive to get in-clan competition going strong. Another idea is to place a rivalry leaderboards which shows the average scores of both members of your clan, and whichever clan you enter a rivalry with. By also including some sort of memorial to the champion if both clans. Seeing another clan's champion victorious in your dojo is just about the best way to get inter-clan competition going. Anyways, what are your thoughts? I particularly like this system because it gives any Ckan' a fair shot. It relies on the skills of the members, rather than volume, unlike Dark Sectors. This allows any clan to enjoy competing without pooring hours of labour and thousands of resources into doomed solar rails, which is the only real form of clan competition outside of bootleg dueling tournaments. Giving an official and fun side to the dojo, while promoting clan activity and competition makes thus seem super attractive to me.

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