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Wts Mods/parts!

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<p>Hi, I want to sell some mods and parts. Only few have a price. Starting price for rest is 6p. Buy 1 mod/part and i will give you 25% discount for 2nd. Buy 2 mods and i will give you 50% discount for 3rd. Buy 3rd and i will give you 75% discount for 4th.</p>

<p> </p>

<p>So if you buy 4 items for 6p it will look like this (6p+4p+3p+2p=15p)</p>

<p> </p>

<p>PM ingame, post here or pm here (i will check forum twice a day)<br />

<br />

I'm from Poland, Europe, so hours like 6:00PM to 4AM (forum time) are night for me and i WONT be online ;-)</p>

<p> </p>

<p>Warframe:<br />

Antitoxin (rank 1)<br />

<strike>Blind Rage</strike> SOLD<br />

Constitution x2<br />

Equlibrium x2<br />

Flame Repallent (rank 3)<br />

Fortitude x4<br />

Insultion (rank 1)<br />

Intesify<br />

Lighting rod (rank 3)<br />

<strike>Narrow Minded x2</strike> SOLD<br />

<strike>Overextended</strike> SOLD<br />

Provoked x2<br />

Reflection (rank 2)<br />

Reflex Guard x5<br />

Rediraction (rank 5) (16p)<br />

Rush (rank 4)<br />

Streamline x3<br />

Sure Footed (16p)<br />

Undying Will<br />

Warm Coat (maxed)</p>

<p>Vigor x2</p>

<p> </p>

<p>Primary:<br />

Accelerated Blast x4<br />

Bane of Corpus (rank 2)<br />

Bane of Infested (rank 2)<br />

Blaze x3<br />

Blunderbuss (rank 2)<br />

Cleanse Infested (rank 3)<br />

Disruptor (rank 2)<br />

Flechette (rank 3)<br />

Hammer shot x2<br />

Hellfire (rank 1)<br />

Hell's Chamber x3 (12p)<br />

Metal Auger x4<br />

Piercig Hit (rank 3)<br />

Point Blank (maxed)<br />

Point Strike (rank 3)<br />

Ravage x5<br />

Rupture (maxed) x2</p>

<p>Rupture rank 5<br />

Sawtooth clip<br />

Shred x5<br />

Shotgun Savvy (rank 2)<br />

<strike>Split Chamber x1 (12p)</strike> SOLD<br />

Stabilizer x3<br />

Tainted Shell x2<br />

Thunderbolt x2<br />

Toxic Barrage x2 (12p)<br />

Vicious Spread x2<br />

Vital Sense<br />

Wildfire x7<br />

<strike>Malignat Force (12p)</strike> SOLD<br />

<br />

Secondary:<br />

Concusion Rounds (maxed)<br />

Convusion (rank 4)<br />

Expel Infested (rank 2)<br />

Heated Charge (rank 2)<br />

Ice Storm x8<br />

Lethal Torrent x5<br />

Magnum Force (12p)<br />

No Return (rank 1)<br />

Pistol Gambit (rank 2)<br />

Razor Shot (rank 3)<br />

Seeker x4<br />

Steady Hands x2<br />

Stunning Speed x4<br />

Sure Shot (rank 1)</p>

<p> </p>

<p>Melee:<br />

Energy Channel x5<br />

Enduring Strike (rank 1)<br />

Focus Energy x9<br />

Killing Blow (rank 2)<br />

Melee Prowers (rank 3)<br />

Molten Impact (rank 3)<br />

Organ Shatter (rank 2)<br />

Parry (rank 2)<br />

Power Throw x3<br />

Pressure Point (rank 3)<br />

Quickening x2<br />

Reflex Coil (rank 3)<br />

Rending Strike x4<br />

Second Wind (rank 1)<br />

Shocking Touch (rank 1)<br />

Smite Infested (rank 1)</p>

<p>Smite Greener (rank 1)<br />

Sundering Strike x13<br />

<br />

Stances:<br />

<br />

Burning Wasp<br />

Clashing Forest x2<br />

<strike>Crimson Dervish (12p)</strike> SOLD<br />

Eleventh Storm x3</p>

<p>Reaping Spiral<br />

Seismic Palm<br />

Shimmering Blight<br />

Sinking Talon<br />

Tranquil Cleave x2 (12p)</p>

<p> </p>


<p>Energy Syphon<br />

<strike>Corrosive Projection</strike><br />

Enemy Radar x4</p>

<p>Infested Impedance<br />

Loot Detector<br />

Physique x5<br />

Pistol Scavenger x2<br />

Rejuvenation x5<br />

Rifle Amp x2<br />

Rifle Scavenger x3<br />

Shotgun Scavenger x3<br />

Sniper Scavenger x2<br />

Speed Holster x2</p>

<p> </p>


<p>Regen rank 4<br />

<br />

Kubrow:<br />

Fast Deflection<br />

Link Armor<br />

Link Shields<br />

Loyal Companion (maxed) (12p)<br />

Maul (rank 5) (15p)<br />

Pack Leader (maxed) (12p)<br />

Scavenge (rank 2)<br />

<br />

Parts:<br />

Akbronco p BP<br />

Bo p ornament<br />

Bo p BP x2<br />

Boar p receiver x5<br />

Boar p barrel<br />

Boltor p stock x7<br />

Braton p BP</p>

<p>Braton p barrel<br />

Bronco p BP x2<br />

Dakra p handle<br />

Ember p BP x3<br />

Ember p helmet x6<br />

Frost p Chassis x2<br />

Latron p stock x2</p>

<p>Lex p BP<br />

Lex p barrel<br />

Lex p receiver<br />

Loki b BP<br />

Mag p Chassis x5<br />

Orthos p BP<br />

Orthos p handle<br />

<strike>Orthos p blade x2</strike> SOLD<br />

Paris p lower limb<br />

Reaper p BP<br />

Reaper p handle<br />

Rhino p systems<br />

Sicarus p barrel x3<br />

<br />

Corrupted Charge<br />

Tainted Mag</p>

<p>Vile Acceleration</p>

<p>Frail Momentum x2</p>

<p>Transient Fortitude</p>

<p>Magnum Force</p>

<p>Creeping Bullseye</p>

<p>Vicious Spread</p>

<p> </p>

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