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Backup Mechanic


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Had this idea of having a backup mechanic in the game, basically there would be this item(craftable) that would let you "summon" a player to help you in a mission.


- This item would have some differences in materials/credits/mastery rank requirements, the higher the requirements the higher the conclave rating of the player summoned would be.


- The players can have any kind of conclave rating while in the channel, when entering the game all of his gear would be balanced depending on the type of item used by the player who requested help.


- There would be a specific channel where players would be waiting to get summoned. (Maybe some sort of integration on the upcoming hubs thing).


- "Summoned" players would get rewards(some unique) and some sort of honor points for not letting the player who called for help ever die.


This is just something quick i thought about and it :P

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soo..... specters? 

yeah pretty much BUT I think he is talking about Naruto Shippuden ultimate ninja storm Revolution with the characters you can make and send out into other games, or a similar system used by Unlimited Ninja/Classic Ninja where if your captured, and your in a guild you can call an ally in your guild whether their on, or not to come, and save you.


Its a fun system in other games. Not so sure how well it work in this game considering the AI is abit slow... If only we could program them the same way Armored Core Formula Front does it.


edit: or the way Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution does it.

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