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Everyone Could Use A Lil More Derp...


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Hey felllow Tenno. I am pretty new to Warframe so I figured I would drop a line. This is my first time attempting to be part of a gaming community, but my new IT job allows me more time on the interwebz so I feel it's time to introduce myself to everyone. Drum roll please.........


*Enters stage left* Ladies and Gentletenno, I proudly introduce you to the ONE, the ONLY....MadDerpyMonkey (<---PSN ID too).


I just started playing last week and I feel that while the game itself doesn't explain alot of the more in depth mechanics, I have found the research I have done on this site to be immensely invaluable. Also playing with PUG's either leaves me feeling like I'm being carried or like everyone else on my team is playing this game by smashing their face into the controller. I'm hoping to find some like minded casual souls here to party it up and farm bp's, kill things, farm mats, kill things, level up... maybe we could even kill things.


Rigth now I am sporting a Mag and a Nekros (*thanks to a plat buy gone horribly wrong...but never again duplicate purchases *shakes mk-1 Bo in the air*), but I am looking to go more toward a rhino and frost because I usually hover toward the tanky bruiser archetypes.


Anyways typing this post is just making me want to get home and finish up Venus and start Earth. feel free to add me and hit me up for anything. Im pretty low and still learning but i'll help any fellow tennoobs i can :)

*Bow's gracefully, Exit stage right*

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