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Secondary Objective ( Affinity Objective ) Still No Show At Start Of Mission


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Is this bug ever going to get fixed. Since update 14, the secondary affinity objective quit showing up at the start of the mission as it did before. Before that update, it showed up right at the start of every mission. This has been posted here several times since update 14 came out and it still isn't fixed. Please look into fixing this bug so we know what that secondary objective is right from the start of the mission. If this isn't a bug, then please return the objective to starting at the beginning of a mission. A lot of times, I don't see it at all or it shows up so late in the mission I end up not being able to complete it, thereby missing out on the affinity I could have gotten. This is really needed for new players that may not know that they can get affinity by doing these secondary objectives because they no longer show at the start of the mission anymore. Please fix and thanks.

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