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Electric Shield Does Not Affect Penta While Ignis And Embolist Lose Their Area Of Effect


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Primary and secondary weapons that are fired through Electric Shield will gain increased electricity damage and critical damage. Weapons that have multiple damage sources will also be affected by Electric Shield so long as the damage source can be modified on the weapon.


So if I fire an Ogris rocket through a shield, both the projectile and explosion damage will be affected. However, the Penta does not appear to gain any bonuses when used through Electric Shield.


Projectile damage

Explosion damage


Projectile damage (Electric Shield)

Explosion damage (Electric Shield)



Using either an Ignis or Embolist through Electric Shield will cause the weapons to gain the damage bonuses as expected. However, these weapons appear to lose their cone-shaped AoE—limiting their damage to a single target.



Ignis (Electric Shield)



I bring up the issue of the Ignis/Embolist for the reason that the behavior is inconsistent, even if it's been around for a long time. Other weapons that have AoE properties retain those properties when used through Electric Shield, including the Amprex's chain damage.

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Yeah, Electric Shield is still a funky ability. I think the reason regarding Ignis vs Amprex is that, while Ignis fires a cone that hits everything in range, Amprex chains off of the enemy it hits. Ignis' cone becomes narrowed into a pinpoint beam, but Amprex just gains an extended beam.

Also, I can confirm more that Penta is an oddball about this. Every other weapon I've tried with Electric Shield has gained some boost from it. Even Torid's clouds gained bonus Electric and crit damage. However, I have not tried Castanas, which likely will work similarly to Penta. This probably has something to do with their remote detonation.

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