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Neural Sensors And Neurodes


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Neural Sensor also has an obvious Grineer Marking on it... I... don't understand why it would be an organ harvested from Infested entities though... (even though it says that it is a "biotech sensor organ" (Infested MOAs, Infested Ospreys.) It still doesn't seem to fit in.

As for Neurodes... *facepalm* 

"Grineer Design"


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been like this for ages


i get why its low priority


but still, how come no one has fixed this in over 18 months? blows my freakin mind, srsly




on topic : also why do control modules drop like candy from the void, but not orokin cells? control module used to be the 'rare' resource from the corpus, back in the day we had to farm the old hyena for them, now most everyone has thousands of them, defeating their purpose of being 'rare', would be better if orokin cells dropped as a RARE resource from the void, that would at least make some sense


bottom line, DE materials/resource drop locations and rates make no sense, and have been screwy since closed beta ; almost 2 years later, still just as bad =[, incredibly unprofessional and lazy =[

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