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Stalker Targeting Rank 0S



So I just got targeted by the stalker on my Rank 0 account. Is this legit? lol


Wiki Entry:

There is 3.5% chance per player for the Stalker to spawn in any mission except the Dojo, however the Stalker will only target players with a Warframe rank of at least 5 with an active Death Mark (given after killing any boss, no matter if the mission fails). If there are no valid targets, the Stalker will not spawn.

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Your rank 0 account referring to mastery presumably?


If you are talking about your warframe's rank however then it is a different story and should be fixed. But the limit is specifically for warframe rank, so if you have a rank 1-4 warframe then he wont attack, but once you cross that threshold you are a target.

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