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Valkyr Hysteria Bug


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With the warframe, and only a primary equipped, head into a mission and use Hysteria. Hold Right MB down, and when you leave hysteria state, you're stuck in that state until you can Hysteria again. Works with other occurances aswell, such as getting into Hysteria, the visual action of it loops and I can't shoot.

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Hmmm...well I think I figured out why Hysteria is bugging out...


Its due to your loadout. Hysteria only works if you have a melee, so when Hysteria was over, the game thought you were in melee and froze you until you got the energy needed for that Hysteria.

I also figured out why weapons like the Fragor bug out and use the fists finisher. Its probably the fact that Hysteria makes since if its used with a fists/sparring weapon, unlike my Valkyr who uses the Kogake, works perfectly until I putted on my rank 2 Galatine. It awkwardly used the fists/sparring finisher. I did some other tests on this with different frames, like Rhino, Frost P, and Excalibur. Everything was fine. If this bug can be fixed, then thanks.


P.S: I use galatine for a reason..i love greatswords.

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