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Mission Failed - Despite Success


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This happened a few times, and it took us a while to figure out what was triggering it.


First noticed it doing void missions; despite a successful mission, one person in the group got a 'mission failed' screen, and no loot. Everyone else had the regular rewards screen and recieved loot. There was a weird graphical glitch as well, where the screen that normally shows the reward was sort of stuck in front of the warframe, and moved with it during the extraction cutscene.


It's happened twice more since then, in void and regular missions. It seems to only happen to the person who checks mission progress. It doesn't happen 100% of the time, but it has not happened since we stopped checking mission progress completely. 


Not sure if this was reported yet, sorry if it was. I didn't see it when I glanced through.



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OP issue is happening if you check mission progress and extraction starts. There was at least 1 thread about this bug.

I thought it was fixed with hotfix 14.10.3

[*]Fixed an issue with the pause menu causing the extraction animation to not play correctly and subsequently cause the player to fail the mission.

Apparently not. Edited by Buldozers
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