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In Obscuro - Active And Recruiting Lf Active And Competitive Players


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In Obscuro clan recruiting active and dedicated players to join us.

Clan Emblem:

We have:
-full research
-awesome 4 floor dojo :D
-6 dueling rooms
-2 obstacle courses
-clan events - we host our own events I.e. A tournament we hosted was a tower survival team tournament where you pair up with others and try to get the longest time duration in a tower survival for cool prizes like plat or prime stuff etc. and ofc bragging rights!! We also do more "unusual" events join us soon for another fashion show event!!
-solar rails - we do solar rails from time to time - if ur interested in learning or helping us with it come join
-teamspeak voice chat server
-clan forum
-a large active alliance focused on having fun
-we are in top 15 for various weekly clan rankings every week on leaderboards ranging from kills to survival or defense - yes we are active!
-the clan ranks are different from regular ranking system to keep up with the stuff the clan does while at the same time allowing for people to choose which way they can help the clan - after joining u can see our ranking system on our forum if interested

If your interested in joining a fun, active, and competitive clan then come join us we are always looking for more dedicated players and more officers to do more cool stuff like clan events and such!!

Requirements to join:
-not required to join however please sign up on our forums once you have joined the clan, site is in the clan message of the day
-be active and chat and game with us whether it be thru clan chat, alliance chat or teamspeak, the clan is based on working together and helping each other!!

How to join the clan:

-leave your current clan if you are in one
-post a message here and list mastery lvl thanks
-OR U can pm majorpaynekiller or -serah- or jericomason in game about joining clan

If your interested in joining alliance we are looking for active mountain clans only - tinyurl.com/LAwarframe
For more info on alliance - tinyurl.com/LArecruiting


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