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Increase Your Accuracy



So, i dont care if anyone agrees, have negative comments, leave it to yourself. But when i used to play LoL i came across a program called "osu!" which is supposed to increase your mouse accuracy, reaction times, and ability to follow what youre aiming at...and i completely agree. Now, if you dont know what or have never heard of osu! then allow me to elaborate. osu! is kind of like audiosurf/guitar hero, but for your mouse. There are a collection of songs, better known on osu! as beatmaps, (most of them are in foreign languages, but what do you expect?). Each beatmap has a different difficulty, ranging from Easy to Hard/Hardcore. I personally went from an average accuracy on WF and osu! from around 40-50% and after just a couple hours from osu! im up to an average of 70-80%. So, for anyone interested, if you wanna increase your accuracy i recommend using osu. All details for it can be found at http://osu.ppy.sh/   it is a DOWNLOADED program, but its relatively small. and i recommend downloading any beatmaps from mediafire links as the others seem to be broken atm

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