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What Would Be Amazing: Combine Archwings With Static Layouts And Destructible Terrain, To Give...


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Something truly amazing might happen if you combined a few things together:


* Archwings, meaning space combat and space flight


* Static layouts, meaning that every ship of a specific class is, if not identical, at least strongly similar to other ships of that class




* Destructible terrain, meaning that we could blast away bulkheads to make new paths.



Imagine.  Your mission is to capture a corpus commander.  You deploy to the mission theater in the Liset, then bail out of the ship in your Archwing once you're close to the target ship.  Flying low over the hull to minimize the number of gun turrets you are exposed to, you make your way to the part of the ship that you know will contain the CIC where a commander might be likely to be. You pull out your weaponry and begin to blast away through the ship's outer plating, then navigate betwixt the pipes and girders of the machine space, and blast through the inner plating.  The section starts to depressurize. You engage your mag boots and vault over the cooling slag as alarms blare and the crewmen scramble to find emergency life support packs and weapons. Your archwing hampers your mobility inside, but the extra shielding is proof against the sporadic gunfire. Lotus scans the ship's datanets and finds that your target is a few rooms away. You pursue and take them down then punch another hole out through the hull, overthrust away from the venting ship, and get picked up by the Liset once you've disappeared off their sensors.



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