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What To Do Before Wf Powers Are Removed?



I was thinking about the stock pile of warframe power mods i have in my inventory.


Since everything is going to be removed should i use them right now before things become buggy from U15?


Like transmutate all the rare mods, sell all the uncommons and commons.


or just wait for U15 for what ever they're dealing out for compensation?

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according to this developer post they will all be turned into fusion cores




Farm as much Ability mods as possible. The more Ability Mods, the more Fusion Cores. I'm assuming the rarity of the Fusion Core will be the same as the Ability Mod that's being converted..


Hmmm i've read the article but i was wondering, Do they get converted to the rarity equivilant? (ie a rare mod = rare core)


or do they get converted to a fusion equivilant? (ie 5 common WF power mods offer the same fusion amount as 1 common core)


Of course they stated that they're working on specifics, i guess  its best to wait and see.

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