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Crush Revamp


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I just finished watchibg the dev stream and honestly, I'm really excited over the new mods, new syndicates, and changes coming to the ability system. However, I want to create a thread to address something that's been bothering me for a while: Mag's Crush.

Pull ignores armor, so I've heard, and firing off a shield polarize in a room with corrupted shield drones is like letting off a tactical nuke. And casting bullet attractor on an enemy like a napalm or a heavy gunner and throwing a glaive into the bubble is pretty much a one-shot death sentence. However, her one ability that is both lacking and misplaced is crush. Its casting time takes too long, it doesnt do enough damage, it has no stunning effect so enemies can drop out of the field and ventilate her, and its damage is reduced by armor. Funny, I figured casting a magnetic field into someone wrapped in a metal shell would do MORE damage. So, I've got two suggestions.

Make Crush be worthy of a starter frame's ult and give it a gimmick. Make it do more damage against high armor targets and less against targets with little armor. Like a polar opposite of Ember's skills (makes sense considering heat is one way to neutralize a magnet).


Relegate Crush to a 2 or 3 slot while making shield polarize her ult (you don't even need to change anything. It can already clean rooms). Instead of being a damage power, make it revolve around utility. Maybe an armor debuff, or a slow effect?

I only mention this because of the coming ability changes. Crush is the only ability from any frame that I ever removed in favor of a different mod and I believe that the community will back me on saying that Crush is just useless after a certain point. At higher levels, it hardly does any damage whereas other frames' ults continue to be death dealers.

So how about it, DE? Mag was the first warframe that I ever ran and I'd like to see her ult get the tweaks it deserves.

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