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Melee Run Lieutenant Lech Kril And Possible Bug


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I beat Lech Kril in my continued quest to defeat every boss using only melee, but I noticed something weird as I was doing it.


Enemies weren't spawning in any room occupied or adjacent to Lieutenant Lech Kril.


Anyone know if this is intentional or a bug? I had to run pretty far to find enemies when I needed to heal, and I'd like to know if that is normal or if I just got a bugged run.


Video if you want to see it:



Any way, now there are only 3 bosses left I have yet to melee run (until DE adds more bosses to the game). They are Keyla De Thaym (which I've never fought yet), Councilor Vay Hek (who promises to be a major pain to try and melee), and Lephantis (the reason I started my melee run in the first place). Those last two are going to be hard... That said after beating Sargas Ruk melee only, I feel like I'm unstoppable. ^.^

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Nice job. I saw the Ruk video... Well not the whole thing, but it was awesome!

Thanks, that run took about 2 hours so I doubt many people watched the whole thing. That is why I made the edited edition that fit all of my effective hits into a much shorter 15ish minute video. I'm think about hooking up I microphone so I can record my voice while I do these, because my one regret is no one got to hear my shocked hysteric laughter when I finally killed Sargas Ruk.

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