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Name Origins: Syndicate Edition


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Let's start with an easy one:

The Perrin Sequence:

Possible real life origin - Jean Baptiste Perrin, Physicist


Steel Meridian:

Possible real life origin - Meridian (Celestial Sphere)


Quote to focus on: "Hence there are an infinite number of meridians."


Arbiters of Hexis:

Possible real life origin - Aristotelianism


Here's a fun tie-in: Corpus Aristotelicum


Cephalon Suda:

Possible real life origin - Cephalic: "related to the head or brain"


Suda: "fortress" or "stronghold"


Brain fortress.

New Loka

Possible real life origin - Sanskrit - Loka:


Quote to Focus on: "...it was a place or position of religious or psychological interest with a special value of function of its own."

The Red Veil

This is where I'm stumped... Here is my theory, though:


The only ties this has to DE is the color red, the fact that it's a resistance movement, and that it was based in Canada. If anyone has a better guess for the Red Veil, I'd love to hear it.

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Also, Ordis is a cephalon, which is some sort of ancient orokin AI. Also, judging by the picture faction leader of Cephalon Suda, they are a blue cephalon AI which is very similar to the appearance of Ordis. This would explain why the Cephalon Suda wants to wants to research the void, seeing that cephalons are of Orokin origin. It would be cool if tons of lore was revealed by going through the game allied with the Cephalon Suda faction because I've always wanted the lore of Orokin, Tenno, and cephalons to be elaborated on.

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