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Dojo Clan Hall Problem



Iv been changing my dojo around a bit and trying to move the highest tier Clan Hall, but when I try to remove it, it says I need to delete other rooms first. The rooms are the reactors and the lift.

I cant delete the rectors due to the power use and I cant delete the lift due to it being connected to a lower tier clan hall.

I was wondering if anyone knew what could be the cause of it and maybe how to work around the problem.

Thank you for you time.

Mad Bobert


(Now feels like a Idiot)

I went back and had a look at it and I was able to delete it after I changed the spawn room.


Yeah I feel stupid.

Thank you for the help though.

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Use teleport to move around or delete ALL and start over. Pick up some paper and draw the "schema" or check THIS.


I Think the Dojo building system kinda sucks, would be great a "Drag & Drop" option for rooms and decorations.

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