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Lone Pvper Looking For Facemelt Solar Rail Conflict Teams


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Posting this here because fundamentally what I'm looking for is an alliance, not a specific clan.


I'm a rank 10 player that's recently dug into the Solar Rail Conflicts solo. I'm more about playing as a team, but the friends I've played Warframe with traditionally are no longer active here. I'm looking for some solid, tribute-winning teams that want another team player. Individually I've maintained a 4:1 KDR, and with a team I know I can do even better.


It's not my intent to join a different clan/alliance at this time (I plan to keep my current one, even though it's inactive). But I would like to get on Teamspeak/Ventrilo/Mumble, see what clans/alliances are in on the Solar Rail scene, and see how we get along on the battlefield.


Message me on DurganKael in-game or PM me here if you're up for having me jump in with a squad!

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We at Tenno Above All conduct mercenary raids on solar rails within the galaxy to maintain a fair balance of alliances that control solar rails.

We would be delighted to introduce you to our spearheading pvp squads and teams within the alliance. Feel free to catch us on this team-speak server or to utilize it for your own needs if you are unable to find a squad during a balanced period.




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