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Catchphrases/rallying Cries For Various Syndicates?


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Well, whenever someone says they'll be joining The Perrin Sequence, [DE]Drew shows up he has said



Good. Good. 



There is only one correct answer to this question. 


And usually someone posts this image




So we can only imagine that our Sith Lord Crewman will come up with a Catchphrase/Slogan/Battlecry eventually.

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Knowledge is only power if you know the right thing about the right person




+1 to 'Meridian protect'

I initially thought that Arbiters of Hexis were Power through Poetry, but it looks like they dispute the perception of 'Tenno as Fighter', believing it should be 'Tenno as Monk Warrior'.

Red Veil: obligatory - BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD!

The Perrin Sequence: Give me control of their money supply and I care not who controls the rest.

New Loka: To regain our Paradise Lost!
Burn the Mutant, Kill the Heretic, Purge the Unclean!

Cephalon Suda: 'Fascinating'

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