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[Warframe Idea] Renegade - Firearms Beserker-


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Renegade is designed to be an alternative beserker to Valkyr, trading Shield for Health and Armour. Now time for the stats:


Health: 150

Shield: 20

Armor: 400

Sprint Speed: 0.8

Stamina: 80

Energy: 125



- Eradication (25) = Gives AkFuris with a bottomless clip to fire continuously for 8 seconds


- Resupply (25+25 for every person affected) = Resupplies ammo to everyone


- Spectre (75) = Summons a Phase Spectre unit with low health to fight until his death


- Rampage (100) = a bottomless clip Mini-Gun to fire for 20 seconds.


Event to go with the frame:

The Corpus engineer Tel Pyras uncovered an ancient artifact called "Terminus". Inside the artifact was a Tenno and his Warframe Renegade. Tel Pyras sends the package in a serious of parts the Helmet, Chassis and Systems. He sends the copies being guarded by his 3 sons, the Angel Triad. All three of them are armed with a super charged Lanka and a modified Jump pack (Like the bosses in Gate Crash). After beating all 3 of them you will face Tel Pyras himself to get the main BP.


Post what you think about this idea!

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