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Angstrum And Ogris Bad Combo


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It seems to be a bug with "explosive" sidearms ever since they were changed to use sniper ammo boxes. Sniper rifles will also have their max ammo reduced to 30 and shared with the Angstrum/Castanas.


Ideally, the Angstrum and Castanas should still be allowed to use pistol boxes (and just receive 10 ammo apiece instead of 20) but separating the ammo pools would be good enough (this has been an issue for quite a bit apparently).

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yes, im using ammo mutation on angstrum,

@thesilent, what gun did you use?

@paradox, so usage sniper ammo on those side arm maybe the cause of this problem. why don't they just keep use pistol ammo and limit ammo for those side arm.

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