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S>The Usual Prime Stuff & A Bit Of Mods

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Prime Stuff:


Boltor Prime BP 30 p

Frost Prime Set 20 p

Ember Prime Set 30 p

Latron Prime Set 10 p

Burston Prime Set 20 p





Blind Justice 30 p

Natural Talent 5 p

Rage 10 p

Spoiled Strike 5 p

Berserker 10 p

Quick Thinking 20 p

Whirlwind 20 p

Enemy Radar 10 p

Dead Eye 10 p

Physique 10 p

Rejuvenation 10 p

Shield Disruption 10 p

Speed Holster 10 p

Rifle Amp 10 p

Pistol Scavenger 10 p


Cicero Set:        

Toxic Barrage 10 p

Malignant Force 10 p

Pistol Pestilence 10 p

Virulent Scourge 10 p

(Buying The whole set can be bought for 30 p)


pm Storm-Kai either in-game or in forums (forums reccommended)


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