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Five People In A Process.


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This is a fantastic BUG I don't know how he happened

But if the bug is using it is consider to be Yoooo

Below is a map:

<img src="http://www.tu265.com/di-a546ccb5d2512715b9e04acfb8acf05b.jpg" />







<img src="http://www.tu265.com/di-f94b181b10f196eafc6b618c53d4753c.jpg" />




My ID:Bigsabi

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Look how many Tennos are on the screen and then take a look at how many tennos are in the squadchat ;)

I think what he is saying is that what he sees nothing wrong, it is more right than possible...


On a more serious note, this bug has been around for a while.   I remember seeing a video about a 20-member squad.

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