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Syndicate Suggestions - Missions + Steatlh :)


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Firstly, thanks so much for all your hard work DE devs I'm loving the new features we're going to be getting our hands on in U15.


The first suggestion is using stealth in syndicate missions. Can doing a run stealthily (no alarms set off) reduce how much  reputation one loses with opposing syndicates. The idea is you did the run stealthily (no alarms ever set off) and the opposing factions may have known that you were going to do this missions but because it was done in stealth they won't know for sure if you actually did. So they don't dislike you as much. I think having this small reward for running missions in stealth would be neat. It doesn't have to be very significant.


The second suggestions is since opposing factions sometimes will send something after you, can the agents they send after you have in their drop tables some faction specific rewards of the attacking faction. Seems logical that they may have weapons with the unique mods available to their faction. I realize this may go against the idea of how syndicates work but I thought I'd throw it out there.

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