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Wts Several Mods, Stances, Prime Parts.

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Looking to sell off some Prime Parts, and some Mods, as I'm looking to stock up on Plat so I can buy Loki P and some Forma. All prices are negotiable.




Rifle Ammo Mutation 15p


Split Chamber 10p


Vital Sense 10p


Fleeting Expertise Maxed 35p


Hollow Point 10p


Pistol Ammo Mutation 10p


Quickening 10p




Maxed Blind Justice 35p


Maxed Gleaming Talon 35p


Seismic Palm 10p


Cleaving Whirlwind 15p


Crossing Snakes 15p


Malicious Raptor 20p


Iron Phoenix 10p




Bo Prime Ornament, Braton Prime Stock, Burston Prime Barrel, Detron Receiver, Fang Prime Blade, Latron Prime receiver, Lex Prime Barrel, Orthos Prime Blade, Sicarus Prime Barrel, Paris Prime String (x2) 5P EACH


Prime Warframe Parts: Ember P Helm, Mag P BP, Rhino P Systems, Frost P Chassis, 10P EACH


IGN: Rhyylia

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