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Make Alarms An Actual Threat, Instead Of An Annoyance


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Ever since i have started playing WF, i always felt Alarms to be nothing more than a major annoyance.

That Grineer over there running towards the terminal?

No need to worry, all he does is lock the doors, which actually makes it even less of a threat, since enemies won't even be able to get into the room that you're in now.

All it means is you'll need to hack to progress, which, like i said, is more of an annoyance than anything.


I think instead of locking down everything it should create different threats.

For example:


If an enemy manages to sound an alarm...


1) Mainly much more enemies will spawn, with a higher chance of heavy units (maybe eximus units?)

2) Activate traps like the Grineer Arc Traps or Drain Doors (which will be deactivated unless an alarm sounds)

3) make Capture targets flee (not sure about this one)

4) Rooms will be locked down for x (seconds) and drained of air/flooded with toxin, similar to what happens when you burst the glass in corpus ships, but won't affect enemies

5) Special Heavy units/Mini bosses that will hunt the Tenno


I can't come up with very good ways right now, but even with just 1) i would be quite happy.

Anything makes me actually want to focus that guy at the terminal.

But in turn make it a little more obvious if an enemy is using a terminal, either with a marker or a special sound/warning from the lotus

Maybe you guys have sme other interesting ideas or feedback as to what you would think about such a change?

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Would give stealth more of a use but still be optional.

Maybe this type of change could be shipped when (if) stealth gets a rework.

It would also make it a choice whether you let them call for reinforcements.

Especially if they were able to spawn more enemies during survival, or due to the higher spawn rate of heavy units if you want to farm a certain mod, etc^^

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I always thought that 2) should have been made since arc traps came out

4) is a possibility

5) would need some details but the idea is good too


Well yeah, alarm could have more.



K I nearly forgot.

possible problem is that if it's made with the current alarm mode mechanics it could be a disadvantage for middle/low players

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The idea is fine, but we need stealth-focused mission and tilesets before we start making alarms into deathtraps. In the current disasterzone that most Tenno turn most missions into, tracking the one or two stragglers that you or someone else left behind else suffering will ensue seems to be a mechanic that will generate great amounts of frustration.

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