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Mission/event Concept


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So I was thinking about a topic someone brought up a long time ago, and that was XP increasing aura. Now before you flame me, actually read the entire concept.


The event would be similar to Gate Crash in that we are going into the derelict to search for/prevent some faction from getting a technology. The mission would require going into the Vault, which means the event would be vault runs (dragon key bp's would be handed out at the onset of the event). This will insure a full co-op team work game unlike many extraction racer event games. After x amount of tech retrived from the vault you get an event badge, 2X amount some corrupted weapon (has a inert negative effect as well as positive) and 3X you receive 4 corrupted aura mods.


All 4 aura mods: 0 energy increase (permanent unranked like Coolant Leak) and have a negative effect like a dragon key when in use. 


Primary(extinguishing), Secondary(hobbling), Melee(bleeding), and Warframe(decaying). Each has a corresponding dragon key affect. 


I know this will NEVER happen and this is not a "I want this", I just thought it would be an interesting way to tackle the 'we want xp auras' with a cost to using it. 

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