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Syndicate Mottos (Community Made)


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So I've been browsing the forums, and I'm pumped to see the community taking Syndicates so well. It's by far my favorite part of U15...sorry, bird-lifters!


Those in the community, like myself, who really enjoy the lore of Warframe, seem to have come up with mottos for their syndicate (examples below). So what syndicate will you join, why (breif!), and what do you think/hope your syndicate's motto will be?



Red Veil - "Hail the Veil!" or "No cost too great, no blood too precious!"

Cephelon Suda - "With Suda there is knowledge!" or "Forward to tomorrow, leave the past behind."

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Since the beginning, I've wanted to help the Red Veil (though I fear - when their purging of corruption is at its apex, do we become targets as well?) because they were our only allies and they represent the revenge of the colonies against their oppressors, something I'm all for. Their tagline will always be that there being no cost too great and no blood to precious.

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