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Technocyte Virus, Plants And Warframe.


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We all know what the technocyte virus can do, turn living organism ( even plants ) and not ( until now only the Ospreys ) into the infested.

But the Tenno are immune to it. And the warframe?

Now, the warframe are made from Orokin technology, and in the void we can find, during a defense mission, a tenno in the cryogenic state whit a warframe. And we can find Orokin ships that have been taken over by the Technocyte virus, so, what happened to the tenno who were in the cryogenic capsules? If it breaks ( plants break the support or crush the capsule ), without having used the correct procedure, I think it will die, but the warframe remains. It's possible to the warframe to mutate whit the infected plants?

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A mutated Warframe hmm...


The best we can do is guess, because we have no information about that.


And Dark Sector info doesn't count, the games do not have connected timelines.


Also, those are not warframes in the pods, I don't know what they are actually, maybe actual Tenno?


As I've said, the best we can do is guess.

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IF you choose to believe in darkSector being canon...then we are already infested.


Tenno, then, would be like the original Hayden Tenno in that we (suffer?) from:


Congenital insensitivity:

Congenital insensitivity to pain (CIP), also known as congenital analgesia, is one or more rare conditions in which a person cannot feel (and has never felt) physical pain.


This means we are able to evolve with the virus as a weapon, much like Hayden. The T-virus reacts with the void to strengthen the abilities to unimaginable extents, which is uncontrollable without the aid of the Warframe - which harnesses these powers and "tames" them.

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For the love of... Lotus? They have a connection, they said Hayden was the first Tenno, even the Lotus symbol is everywhere in Dark Sector.

+1. Not to mention it says "Hayden Tenno" on Excalibur's arm, and "Sorry, Hayden, I owe you one" on multiple frames and doorways...

I think DE has a greater idea of what's going on with darkSector and is waiting to reveal.

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Tenno  are already infected.

We. Don't. Know.

Seriously Dark Sector was it's own thing and it was eons ago. We already know through the Codex that the Tenno originated from the void, full stop. There is nothing else to indicate any relation to DS.

As for the 'first tenno' thing? I am certain they clarified that later on as being in the conceptual sense.

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citation is here: (https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/314515-tenno-language/) I led a study, with several contributors, which decoded the Tenno language.


DE, you sly dogs kubrows you...


Earlier today, I posted a brief thread (https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/314515-tenno-language/) asking about the Tenno language and the community's opinion. Most of the community thought the glyphs were nonsense, but I went into detail explaining the developers had designed a language for the Tenno. 


Turns out somebody decoded it a few days ago, here: https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/304643-fellow-tenno-lets-decipher-the-tenno-language/


After browsing several images of Tenno glyphs, I was able to find this one:




...and this one:



Well DE, you've done it. The answer has been on every new player since the beginning of time (well, Warframe). Thanks to Korusagi, the images have been translated (I can verify this) as follows:


Disclaimer: Keep in mind the Tenno speak broken English and write as words sound, rather than proper grammar.


A: Haden Teno

B: Haden Teno, I'm sory, I owe you.


Wow. Just, wow. The Tenno have a direct connection to Hayden himself. They know of his existence. The Glaive has been confirmed to have been built in respect to the original Tenno ways. It's confirmed: The Tenno are followers of Hayden Tenno.


Sweet mother teresa on the hood of a mercedes benz. This has been in the game the whole damn time, and nobody's noticed it until your study just a couple of weeks ago.


Now I'm recalling the whole "I guess Dark Sector takes place in the same universe as Warframe, but the two are hardly related at all" discussions from various devstreams scattered around the past year. The devs have convinced us, multiple times, that the two games are largely unrelated; and until your study, we've been oblivious to the fact that Hayden was being referenced, by first and last name, right from day one.


Holy crap. Thank you for enlightening me. Kudos to you and everyone else who decoded the Tenno language, and kudos to the devs for keeping something this big a secret this whole time.

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