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Tweaks To All Warframes And Their Abilities!


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Inspired by Archwizard's thread to retune all abilities, here is my attempt at it! :)
The main attempt with this thread is to:
1) Add more fun to all abilities.
2) Tweak the overall balance among all abilities.
3) Making all abilities affected by all ability-mods. This means more additions than nerfs, giving you MORE options on how to modify your abilities, not less!
4) Try and make sure no ability ever feels useless! High end play? Soloing? Yup, all are gonna (hopefully) be useful in those situations too!

^ I think all these above points are even MORE important now, considering the upcoming changes to abilities (that they are not gonna be mods anymore).
Also, while abilities certainly need tweaks on their own, there are certain other things that needs some changing too...


Abilities in general:

The "Power-in-use" message will not exist anymore (with very few exceptions). Instead, all abilities follow either of these mechanics:
1) Spammable - (Think Vauban's Tesla) Totally spammable and stacks with previous casts.
2) Refreshable - (Think Ember's Accelerant) Can always be recast, but affecting the same target again doesn't STACK with the previous one, it just refreshes its effect.
3) Recastable - (Think Loki's Decoy) Certain abilities are recastable, but at the cost of losing your previous effects of that ability. This is necessary for the most powerful abilities to not be overpowered.
4) Endable - (Think Limbo's Rift Walk) The ability to prematurely end the ability and its effects, allowing it to be recast in a different place/target. This is how most abilities should work, honestly.
^ Having abilities function under either of these mechanics is VERY important, considering that once we max an ability, we have to carry our maxed abilities with us at all times (so no possibility to use lower rank abilities for whatever "positive" downgrade that could provide us with).
More thorough discussion about "Power in Use" in here


Abilities are either too spammable or never available. All due to how Energy works. I think those 2 extremes need to be toned down:
1) To make abilities less spammable, go back to the old efficiency formula. To not have too much math going on, let's just give an example: 100% efficiency would mean your abilities have their costs halved, rather than reduced to 0 energy. (This would require some rebalancing of the mods of course, such as Fleeting Expertise's penalty only being a duration reduction of max 30% etc)
2) To make abilities slightly more available for the non-efficiency-stackers, I think every Warframe should have an innate 1,0 energy regen or so. This alleviates the above nerf a tiny bit, but it mostly helps our newcomers to use abilities a bit more frequently.

EDIT: Newer, shorter and more concise thread about it here
TL;DR of the linked thread:

* No proc is ever useless against any enemy (like Corrosive vs Non-armored and Magnetic vs Non-shields right now - they now have uses against ANY enemy). In short; Corrosive procs gives a small damage-increasing effect in a small aoe, Magnetic prcos mini-stuns enemies and disables their abilities too. Puncture is also much better (its proc also increasing the enemies' damage TAKEN, not just reducing their damage dealt, by the same amount)

* All DoTs can in various ways be countered by players

* Heat DoTs can now be stacked, just like Slash and Poison DoTs (since they all can be dispelled/avoided too)

* All damage-only procs have utility in some form too (Slash briefly disables enemy running + tracks them on minimap, Gas/Toxic very briefly slows enemies down but the slow-effect quickly and gradually wears off).

* All non-damage procs (i.e Puncture, Impact, Cold, Electric, Blast, Radiation, Viral, Magnetic, Corrosive) should deal slightly more damage to the main target upon a proc (by 25% or so, not by much more) so that stacking more of that particular element is good proc-wise too, similar to the DoT-procs (so they act as mini-crits).

In addition:
* Magnetic should deal a bit more damage to robot and machinery units (50% or so), but less against Grineer/Corpus flesh (-25%)
* Radiation should deal a bit more damage to all infested (25% or so), but less against robots (-25%)
* Blast should deal a bit more damage to all shields (50%) and robots (25% or so)

* Electric should deal a bit more damage to regular shields (25%)

* Cold should deal a bit more damage to both shieldtypes (50%)

* Impact should deal more damage to robots (25% or so) and have no penalty against flesh (neither Grineer or Corpus)


Blinded, invisible and finishers:

When enemies are blinded or when the player is invisible, finishers are allowed on the enemies in mid-combat. However, due to finishers not always being so quick, there ought to be a new option in the options menu:

You can chose that finishers are either triggered by the melee attack OR with your action-key (default key: X). This allows far more flexibility for those that want the flexibility, or for things to remain the same for those that like it the way it is.




Archetype: Assassin

While his theme is most certainly done well, his abilities to some extent fall a bit short, mainly due to lack of utilities. The changes are to give him utility in regards to making him even more of a swift, stealthy and brutal deathdealer!


* Passive - Deadly Assassin - Ash's stealth attack multiplier is 5x (instead of 4x) and finisher attacks are performed 25% faster.


* Shuriken - Always throws 3 shurikens; 2 homing ones like now, but also 1 bigger one which does NOT home in, but instead has 100% accuracy and has 2/3/4/5 meter punchthrough. Damage lowered to 150/225/300/400. All the shurikens, besides proccing Slash, also procs Impact (aka staggers) and reduces enemy armor or plainly increases enemy damage taken from all sources by 20/25/30/35%, whichever is more beneficial for what is attacking the target and/or who the target is, for 7/8/9/10 seconds.
Power Strength - Affects damage and armor/weakness potency (NEW!)
Power Range - Affects homing radius and big shuriken's punchtrough (NEW!)
Power Duration - Affects armor/weakness duration (NEW!)

* Smoke Screen - Can now be recast to end the invisibility midduration (but now has a 3 second cooldown though). Enemies stunned by the cloud are also crippled by its smoke, reducing their accuracy by 10/15/20/25% and movement speed by 20% for 3 seconds (starts counting after they recover from the stun). Ash's invisibility duration rescaled to 5/6/7/8 seconds (was 2/4/6/8 seconds)
Getting hit by multiple smoke screen cripples do not stack, they are just refreshed.
Power Strength - Affects the accuracy-penalty (capped at 50%) and movement speed penalty (capped at 40%) (NEW!)
Power Range - Affects stun radius
Power Duration - Affects invisibility and smoke-cripple duration (NEW!)

* Teleport - Now is free-aim instead of a target ability, but has its max range reduced to only 30/35/40/45 meters and now has a 1 second recast cooldown to prevent mobility abuse. Upon landing, the 1/1/2/3 closest enemies within a 3/3/4/5 meter radius are now "finisher-stunned" (Note: I think ANY finisher should be activated with the action-button, not melee, to give better control and options). Also gives Ash a brief (4 seconds at all ranks) but powerful (20/40/60/80%) melee attackspeedboost upon landing.
All effects are only refreshed upon recasts.
Power Strength - Affects attackspeedboost potency (NEW!)
Power Range - Affects teleportation range and finisher-stun radius (NEW!)
Power Duration - Affects meleeboost duration (NEW!)

* Bladestorm - Should be able to be cancelled by holding the 4-key for 1 second while it is active. Surviving targets are also knocked down. Number of assaults reduced to 8/10/12/14 and is now affected by Power Duration.
Power Strength - Affects damage
Power Range - Affects range and targetting radius
Power Duration - Affects number of assaults (NEW!)

*** Augments ***
* Seeking Shuriken - Revamped - After a homing shuriken hits a target, it can bounce over to a new nearby target, dealing 25/50/75/100% of the homing shuriken's damage to the new target (max 1 bounce per homing shuriken).
* Smoke Shadow - Also leaves a cloud of smoke behind (nonobstructive to allies), equal to the duration of the invisibility, and with the same size as the stun effect. Allies walking through the cloud becomes invisible for the remainder of the ability's duration. Enemies have their line of sight blocked by the cloud, only have a vision-distance of 3 meters while inside it and being in it grants the smoke-crippling effect on them, for as long as they remain in it, plus up to another 3 seconds after leaving it too (as long as it doesn't exceed the ability's duration).

* Rising Storm - Is fine.



Archetype: Brawling Geomancer

Quite subpar, but seems to have a soild and simple kit to be worked around. A bit of creativity can certainly make his kit be a powerful one.


* Passive - Immovable - Cannot be knocked down while his feet touch the ground.


* Landslide - AoE boosted to 1,5 / 2 / 2,5 / 3 meters. Every enemy damaged by Landslide contributes to the melee combo counter. The efficiency+damage combo timer increased to 2/3/4/5 seconds.
Power Strength - Affects damage
Power Range - Affects area of effect radius and dash range
Power Duration - Affects efficiency+damage combo timer

* Tectonics - Height and width slightly affected by power range. The wall and boulder counts as environment (for the purpose of stuff like Snow Globe's pushback collision, also benefitting my Atlas' augment ideas). Potential change: The wall is now solid to allies again (boulder still phases through), to pass through the wall you instead need to roll through it? (Having a climbable/parkourable wall was an interesting interaction, imo)

Passing through or being close to the wall/boulder (1,5 meter proximity to it) grants allies bonus 25/50/75/100 armor for 5/6/7/8 seconds (constantly refreshed when you remain near it). Boulder rolling over or exploding next to enemies ragdolls them, and each enemy hit adds +1/2/3/4 to the melee combo counter! Boulder will not only explode upon max distance or hitting the environment, it can also be exploded manually by pressing the ability again midroll. If Atlas punches the wall with Landslide, it will explode instantly where it stands (causing the explosion and ragdoll at the spot, as well as granting the melee combo counter bonus for each enemy hit).
Power Strength - Affects wall health, damage done and armor bonus amount (NEW!)
Power Range - Affects armor bonus proximity range, boulder explosion radius and wall height+width (at reduced effect, only 25% of Power Range affects it) (NEW!)
Power Duration - Affects max boulder roll distance and armor bonus duration (NEW!)


* Petrify - No longer is a toggle, it's just an instant cone cast, costing a flat 50 energy. Enemies hit by the stare will be staggered and afflicted with a gradual petrification process. Time to get fully petrified always requires 4 seconds, but the initial cast of Petrify applies 0/10/20/40% of the total petrification timer (also meaning that multiple Petrify casts = enemies are more quickly petrified) (This instant chunk of petrification is affected by Power Strength). Enemies completely petrified suffer 50% more damage taken from all sources, and this damage bonus is gradually given to them, linearly related to their current state in the gradual petrifiction process. Enemies will be fully petrified for 6/9/12/15 seconds. Enemies that cannot be petrified (like bosses) are still slowed to a certain degree but are still able to suffer the full damage bonus regardless.
Power Strength - Affects the initial cast petrification timer-chunk (indirectly thus also how quickly they get to the max damage taken bonus), timer-chunk capped at 75% (NEW!)
Power Range - Affects cone range
Power Duration - Affects petrification duration

* Rumblers - Rumblers max duration increased to 30/35/40/45 seconds. Waypointing enemies commands the Rumblers to attack that enemy. Their thrown rocks will always knock down enemies, putting the enemies in a knocked down state lasting an additional 0,5/1/1,5/2 seconds (this KD-enlengthener works even on targets already knocked down, by first refreshing their knockdown-status). Thrown rocks deal 50% more damage than their melee attacks and cause their damage and knockdown in a 3/4/5/6 AoE radius around the main target. Throwing rocks are always done as soon as they can, but the throw has a 5 second cooldown (unaffected by modding). Rumblers now can also do ground finishers, dealing a powerful quaking melee strike, dealing its damage in an AoE around the target. Movement speed of the Rumblers are not affected by Power Range anymore (they simply move at a speed slightly faster than Atlas' speed, after modding). Rumblers not only benefit from the Tectonic's suggested armor buff (like any other ally), they are also healed for 15% of their max health when a boulder rolls through them or explodes near them (Healing percentage unaffected by modding). Their explosion that occurs upon deactivation of the skill now happens no matter how they die (Meaning, things such as Nullifier bubbles or Rumblers duration expiring also cause their explosions). Rumblers' attacks (any of them, thrown rocks included) grants +1 to Atlas' melee combo counter, and the Rumblers also benefit from the melee combo counter!
Power Strength - Affects size, health and all damages done of the Rumblers
Power Range - Affects throw rock range, explosion radius and ground finisher radius (NEW!)
Power Duration - Affects summon duration (and maybe thrown rocks' knockdown enlengthener?)

*** Augments ***
*  Landslide augment idea - Landslide Victory - Landslide hits heals Atlas (numbers unspecified)
*  Tectonics augment idea #1 - Mudpath - At the sides of a Tectonic wall, and along the path of where a Tectonic boulder rolls, mud is created. The mudpath is 4/5/6/7 meters wide, disallows enemies from running while on its path, as well as slowing their movementspeed by 15/25/35/50%. Enemies that fall on the mudpath (from knockdown, ragdoll etc) take 50/100/150/200% longer to stand up. Mudpaths last 8/10/12/14 seconds.

*  Tectonics augment idea #2 - Tectonic Spikes - The wall is now covered in small earthly spikes, which repeateadly jabs out against nearby enemies, dealing X Puncture damage and forcing a Puncture proc. The boulder will be covered with big spikes, dealing additional X Puncture damage to enemies it rolls over and forcing a Puncture proc. When the boulder explodes, it launches the spikes, dealing X Puncture damage and forces a Puncture proc to Y nearby enemies within Z range (further range than the normal explosion), also staggering them (unless they are already ragdolled by the smaller innate explosion).

*  Petrify augment idea - Brittle Crash - Fully Petrified enemies suffer an additional 5/10/15/20% damage taken, and upon using Landslide on fully Petrified enemies they will always be heavily pushed away, and if they collide with the environment (Tectonic wall or Rumblers included!) they suffer heavy damage (20/25/30/35% of max health as Finisher damage) (Similar to Frost's Snowglobe).

* Rumblers augment idea #1 - Mountain Guard - Upon cast, where Atlas aims, a third Rumbler will also appear, which is slightly smaller and immobile. It throws rocks a bit more frequently, can still melee attack enemies that get near it, and also explodes upon death.

* Rumbler augment idea #2 - Rocky Bulbs (Yes, a that's supposed to be a pun on Rocky Balboa) - Rumblers are now also covered with 1/2/3/4 rocky bulbs on their bodies. When enemies attack the Rumblers, a bulb shatters, dealing X damage to all enemies within Y range, as well as reduces the damage taken of the Rumbler by Z from the triggering attack. A bulb can only explode every 2 seconds, and a bulb can regrow every 5 seconds. Upon Rumbler's death/expiration/detonation, all remaining bulbs shatter instantly.


Archetype: Stealth Sniper / Crowd Controller

To me Banshee seems to be a mix of a crowd controller/caster and a stealthy sniper, but never really both at once, as the abilities don't synergize particularly well + Soundquake locks you in place, highly unfitting for a sniper! The changes I propose are to give her a feeling of both these roles at once, a more true hybrid feel. Sonic Boom now also gives her an innate snipertool, Sonar is the main sniper-amplifier as usual, Silence lets her do everything unnoticed and Soundquake is still a form of "caster" power, but which now gives her freedom of movement and to be able to utilize her Sonar weakspots herself!


* Passive - Sniper's Stability - Something along the lines of reduced recoil, improved accuracy and/or more damage done while aiming. WiP.


* Sonic Boom - Now is a onehanded cast (doesn't interrupt movement/reloading etc) and can be aimed freely. Animation could look like Banshee screaming, instead of being a cast from her hand. Damage increased to 50/100/150/200 and changed to Finisher-type, to make it more comparable to Pull. Has minor collisions-bonus damage (like Snowglobe). When affected targets get up from the Knockdown, they are immobilized (can't move, but can still attack) for 0,4/0,6/0,8/1 second and have their accuracy reduced by 10/15/20/25% for 5/6/7/8 seconds.
-- Potential addition: At the centre of the Sonic Boom (where the crosshair is aimed), a very narrow and concentrated soundbeam is also created, which has a range of 60/65/70/75 meters, deals 150/300/450/600 Finisher damage and just like Sonic Boom, knocks down, immobilizes and reduces accuracy. This beam has no Punchthrough, but it can hit Sonar weakspots!

-- Futhermore: Any enemy ranged attack will be deflected by Sonic Boom (the cone has a short travel time, giving you a very brief "wall of protection"). Deflected attacks can injure enemies, but due to deflecting at an angle, is very hard to achieve.
Power Strength - Affects damage and the accuracy debuff potency (capped at 50%) (NEW!)
Power Range - Affects radius (and narrow beam's range)
Power Duration - Affects immobilization and accuracy debuff durations (NEW!)

* Sonar - Is now an aura instead of a single cast. Any enemy that gets inside the aura gets the Sonar weakspot. If they leave the aura, the weakspot will still exist on them for up 3 seconds (unless the aura dissipates from Banshee). Recasting Sonar refreshes the aura duration and gives all enemies within the new aura a NEW weakspot (so you can still change the spot by recasting it, just like before!).
Power Strength - Affects weakspot amplifier
Power Range - Affects radius
Power Duration - Affects duration

* Silence - No longer an aura, instead it is only a buff for allies (silencing all their weapons and abilities) and a debuff for enemies (stunning them and deafening them) Energycost reduced to 25. (NOTE: I still want it to do some other debuff on enemies, something new, fitting and synergistic)
Power Strength - Affects stun duration (Bad idea?) (NEW!)
Power Range - Affects ability range
Power Duration - Affects ability duration

* Soundquake - No longer a channel. Instead upon cast, Banshee lays down a sonic orb at her feet. This orb lasts on the ground for up to 60 seconds, and will detonate if an enemy gets within 1 meters of it, or if you activate the ability again. When detonated it unleashes a quite large sphere of resonating sound, dealing damage over time and stunning (instead of staggering) enemies that is/gets inside the sphere, for as long as the sphere lasts. Lasts 5/6/7/8 seconds, deals 150 finisher damage per second and has a radius of 8/10/12/15 meters.
Multiple Resonance Bombs can exist, and damage stacks!
Power Strength - Affects damage
Power Range - Affects radius
Power Duration - Affects duration (NEW!)
NOTE: This means you can still use it as the old(est) Soundquake by shooting it at your feet, but with the benefit of not locking you in place!

*** Augments ***

* Sonic Fracture - Needs a revamp (I mean REALLY? ANOTHER armor-reduction augment? How creative -.-)
* Resonance - Is fine (casts a non-aura Sonar at the enemy location upon killing an enemy in the weakspot, which stacks with the Sonar's aura).
* Savage Silence - Is ... "fine", I guess?

* Soundquake augment idea - Supersonic Crescendo: Soundquake is now launched like a straightflying sphere (similar to Mirage's Prism), detonating upon impacting with anything, or upon manually detonating it (if the ability is pressed again). In addition, when the soundquake ends, it releases one addtional "crescendo" soundwave which, compared to a regular soundquake pulse, deals 25/50/75/100% additional damage, has 25/50/75/100% bigger radius and stuns for an addional 0,5/1/1,5/2 seconds.



Archetype: Elemental Dragon

Surprisingly well done, but as usual, has a bunch of QoL and scaling issues.


* Passive - Name - Effect (To be changed)

* Spectral Scream - Is no longer a toggled ability, but rather just a quick singlecast elemental cone, with damage changed to 200/300/400/500 and elemental proc always being at 100%, as well as staggering enemies, regardless of element (Heat panicking overrides it though, but if the enemy is immune to the heat panic, it will stagger instead). Whenever Spectral Scream hits something (enemy or environment) it also leaves lingering patches of elemental residue, which deals 25/50/75/100 elemental damage per second and lasts 3/4/4/5 seconds. These elemental patches stack, and have a 10/15/20/25% proc chance.

Spectral Scream now also benefits from Vex Armor's Fury bonus (the damage bonus) and other abilities which increase weapondamage (such as Shooting Gallery).
Power Strength - Affects damage and lingering patches' proc chance (NEW!)
Power Range - Affects cone size
Power Duration - Affects lingering patch durations (NEW!)

* Elemental Ward - All 4 elements now have a damaging aura around them. Electric and Cold should be the weakest though, say 10/20/30/40 dps and 2/5/8/10% status chance (their retaliatory bonuses are their potent areas).

Heat - Status chance increased to 10/12/15/20%. The healthbonus is removed upon expiration (or if you leave the aura's range), however, it also provides with healing over time (all this to promote POSITIVE duration for it), of say, 10/12/14/16 health per second.

Cold - Is fine.

Electric - Shield bonus increased to 50/100/150/200, and also grants a 10/20/30/40% shield regeneration bonus. The shieldbonus is removed upon expiration (or if you leave the aura's range).

Toxic - In addition, while standing still (you or affected allies), Chroma/allies are stealthed (yes, very similarly to Itzal's Penumbra). Reload/holster bonus removed, instead granting Chroma and allies close to him a 5/10/15/20% movementspeed and bonus to ALL parkour movements (aimglide, bullet jump, wall cling etc). This gives Toxic Ward a more active hit-and-run kind of playstyle over the other 3 more passive tanking styles.
Power Strength - Affects damages and attribute bonuses (including the health/shield regen effect for Heat and Electric and the runspeed and parkour bonuses for Toxic)
Power Range - Affects damage aura radius, ally bonus radius, electric retaliation range
Power Duration - Affects buff duration

* Vex Armor - I want to add something so Power Range affects the ability too. Otherwise fine (albeit a bit boring, imo, as it ONLY boosts stats, it doesn't feel particularly interactive in a visual way).
Power Strength - Affects Scorn and Fury bonuses
Power Range - Affects ??????
Power Duration - Affects buff durations

* Effigy - The Sentry immediately roars upon being summoned. Upon returning to Chroma, all enemies within a 7/8/10/12 meter radius of Chroma are staggered. Attackspeed of the Sentry greatly increased. While the Sentry uses Spectral Scream (which also gets similar "lingering patches" as Chroma's version!), every other second it also launches homing elemental projectiles with unlimited range (think, smaller seeking Afterburn projectiles), which have minor AoE and has a medium chance of proccing its element.

The Sentry automatically gains whatever buffs Chroma has as well (wether the buffs are applied before or after the Sentry is summoned!), including Elemental Ward and Vex Armor (Vex Armor boosts the damage of the Sentry's Spectral Scream too). The Scorn and Fury buffs from Vex Armor of Chroma and the Sentry are directly linked, so if one of them is hurt, BOTH of them get the same bonuses!
Power Strength - Affects damage and health of the sentry and the proc chance of its Spectral Scream (New?)
Power Range - Affects roaring, knockback and return-stagger range (NEW!)
Power Duration - Affects Sentry's Spectral Scream lingering patch duration (NEW!)

*** Augments ***
* Afterburn - Due to the scream revamp: Launches an elemental bolt upon cast which deals 200/300/400/500 elemental damage in an AoE, the AoE greatly increased in size and always has a 100% proc chance + staggers enemies (Heat panicking overrides it though, but if the enemy is immune to the heat panic, it will stagger instead).

* Vexing Retaliation - Is fine.

EMBER (Quite a big revamp, giving her a different kind of style. Just an experiment)

Archetype: World Burner (Meaning: Leaving DoT effects ALL OVER THE PLACE!)

Ember, while decently capable of dealing damage (although, not so much lategame), certainly falls short in terms of utility. 3 abilities are all about damage with minimal side-effects and makes her very bland and non-versatile. Damage should still be her focus, but some utility certainly wouldn't be bad. Also, the synergy is very lacking. Probably the most problematic Warframe for me to tweak. Even more so, since she doesn't have a very distinct niche of archetype.

So, that said, I wanted to experiment and change her quite a lot, by giving her a new, more unique niche - World Burner. Just an experimental idea to give Ember a new style, something no other Warframe does in the same way: Leaving damaging areas all over the battlefield, and then spreading that fire like a true Pyromaniac!


* Passive - Pyromaniac - ???

* Lingering Fire - This is something that occurs with most of her abilities. It is simply a patch of fire left on the ground, which deals 50 Heat damage per second and has a 0% proc chance. Duration and size depends on the ability. Not directly affected by any modding. These patches of fire can stack in their damage.
NOTE: Remember that I said that I'd like Heat procs to be stackable? For Ember, this is particularly important.

* Fireball - Deals 250/350/450/600 Heat damage in a 7 meter radius, with 100% heat proc chance. All enemies within a 4 meter radius from the impact point are also knocked down. Direct contact with the fireball deals an additional 125/200/275/350 Blast damage to the target. In the 7 meter radius, the "Lingering Fire" effect is added, lasting 7/8/9/10 seconds.
Power Strength - Affects damage
Power Range - Affects radius (both damageradius and knockdown radius)
Power Duration - Affects Lingering Fire duration

* Accelerant - Revamped quite a bit: When activated, grants Ember a debuffing aura within a huge radius (20/23/26/30 meter). Enemies caught upon the initial cast are also stunned like now (Accelerant can be recast at any time, for on-demand stunning and refreshing its duration). Any enemy that has been in contact with this aura will remain debuffed throughout its duration, even if they leave the aura. This debuffing aura still amplifies damage taken, but only amplifies the damage dealt by her abilities (including Lingering Fire patches), by 25/50/75/100%, rather than all Heat damage. As (a massive) compensation, it causes enemies affected by Accelerant to have a 100% proc chance from Lingering Fire patches (This means it can deal a CRAPLOAD of damage to enemies that remain in these patches, due to Heat Procs being able to stack now). Furthermore, enemies suffering from Accelerant will spread all the heat procs (but only from her abilities though) to other enemies, if they walk close to each other. This spreading radius is 1,5/2/2,5/3 meters. Enemies that die while affected by Accelerant and her abilities' heat procs can still spread these procs they had at the time of death, even while they are charred corpses...
Power Strength - Affects ability amplificationdebuff
Power Range - Affects aura/debuff radius and spreading radius (NEW!)
Power Duration - Affects aura/debuff duration

* Fire Blast Icarus Dive - Changed up quite a bit: Upon activation, Ember transforms into fire and travels in the target direction with a speed of 30 meters per second at all levels (invulnerable while travelling). Upon activating the ability again, or upon hitting the environment, or upon reaching the maximum distance (25/30/35/40 meters), Ember stops and lets loose a fiery blastwave (similar to Fire Blast) with a 18/20/22/25 meter radius, pushing enemies back 5 meters, deals 250/350/450/600 damage (dealt 50/50 as Blast and Heat, with 0% proc chance) and leaves Lingering Fire as it expands, (Lingering Fire lasts 5/6/7/8 seconds in a 23/25/27/30 meter radius, so enemies pushed back always land in the fire patch). Enemies coming within 2 meters of Ember while she travels are ragdolled with a slight pushback and suffer 50/100/150/200 Heat damage (0% proc chance). Still costs 75 energy.
Note: Fireball can be casted while travelling with Icarus Dive!
Power Strength - Affects damages
Power Range - Affects touch radius, blastwave radius and Lingering Fire radius (NEW!)
Power Duration - Affects maximum travel distance and Lingering Fire duration (NEW!)

* World on Fire - Heat proc chance is now ALWAYS 100%. Each individual explosion now has a 3 meter radius and leaves a Lingering Fire patch for 8/10/12/15 seconds in the same radius. Also, while active, leaves Lingering Fire patches every second or for every 3 meters travelled, in a 3 meter radius around Ember herself, each with a 3 second duration. The 5 explosions that occur upon cast ALSO occurs upon deactivation!
Power Strength - Affects damage
Power Range - Affects radius (explosion's targetting radius and individual explosion radius, thus also the Lingering Fire radius)
Power Duration - Affects Lingering Fire durations (both from explosions and those around Ember) (NEW!)

This gives all abilities a simple synergy - They spread Lingering Fire in various ways, while Accelerant makes these Lingering Fire patches very, very deadly:
* Fireball spreads it from a safe distance, as well as knocks enemies down to keep them in the fire patches
* World on Fire spreads it closeby, stacks it very rapidly, and in a powerful manner, albeit a bit randomly
* Icarus Dive grants mobility (further good synergy with WoF), and grants a massive patch of fire, as well as some pushback and ragdolling CC upon landing.
* Accelerant makes the world burn far, far more intensely...

*** Augments ***
* Fire Frenzy - Any ally caught in the initial explosion radius gets the damage boost. Always affects Ember herself upon cast, but with halfed effect.
* Fire Fright Cauterize - All allies that either touch Ember or the AoE explosions of Icarus Dive have all status effects removed and are instantly healed 35/70/105/140 health. (Benefits Ember herself too, of course)

* Fire Quake - I guess is fine?



Archetype: Yin & Yang

After a whole bunch of testing, well, the character needs a whole bunch of buffing and tweaking.

* Passive - Duality - Equilibrium effect (gains hp from energy orbs and vice versa). Buffed to at least a bonus of 5 or even 10, instead of just a measly 2,5 bonus.


* Metamorphosis - The passive bonus of the active form is now permanent for as long as the active form is kept (less of a hassle if you wanna stay in one form). Instead, to incentivize switching forms, you get to keep the PREVIOUS form's bonus when you switch over to the other form, for 20/30/40/50 seconds (but with no decay, imo)

Example: You have been in Day form for a long time (with full benefits of Day form still). Now you switch over to Night form, instantly granting you the Night form bonuses (which will last for as long as you remain in Night form, at full power), but also lets you keep Day form's bonuses for up to 50 seconds!

Furthermore, the boosts (both the permanent and duration one) also functions like an aura, granting allies within 15/20/25/30 meters range a third of the bonuses that Equinox gets (thus, at max rank: 83 armor and 50 shields when she has her Nightform bonuses, and/or 8,3% damage bonus and 5% movementspeed when she has her Dayform bonuses). This extends to you and your allies' companions to.
Power Strength - Affects bonuses
Power Range - Affects aura range (NEW!)
Power Duration - Affects switch bonus duration


* Rest & Rage - Rage's movespeed "bonus" on enemies is now a constant 15% at all ranks. Rage also "rage-staggers" all affected enemies upon cast (this can be done repeatedly by recasting the ability). Rest's damage wake-up treshold is inversely affected by Power Strength (more Strength = you can attack it more before it wakes up). Ability can be refreshed on affected enemies at any time.
Power Strength - Affects Rage's damageamplifier and Rest's wake-up treshold (capped at 25%) (NEW!)
Power Range - Affects cast range and AoE radius of both abilities
Power Duration - Affects duration of both abilities

* Pacify & Provoke - Changed in how they work: While either ability is active, Equinox still has an aura around her. When Pacify is active, whenever a companion or ally (or herself) is attacked while within the aura they get a Pacify buff, which consumes 5 energy from Equinox. Pacify reduces all damage taken by 20/33/43/50% (including from the triggering attack) and lasts for 5 seconds, and this buff cannot be reapplied until it wears off (prevents massive energydrain)

Provoke works similarly: Whenever an ally (or herself) casts an ability while within the aura, they get a Provoke buff, which consumes 5 energy from Equinox. Provoke grants 5/10/15/20% Power Strength (including on the triggering ability) and lasts for 5 seconds, and this buff cannot be reapplied until it wears off. Provoke now also benefits Equinox.

Additional thought: When an ally (or Equinox herself) benefits from Provoke, maybe their companions' damage (its abilities and weapons alike) are boosted by the same amount as the Power Strength bonus?

Casting Metamorphosis while either aura is active causes the other form's aura to be automatically activated when you switch.

Power Strength - Affects enemy damage reducer and ally Power Strength amplifier
Power Range - Affects aura radius
Power Duration - Affects buff durations (NEW!)

* Mend & Maim - Maim is good, having both an ongoing effect and a deactivation effect. Maybe it could have some extra bonus on the deactivation, such as a 1/1,5/2/3 second stun effect on the affected targets?

Mend though, could need way more:

- Ongoing effect: While active, allies within the aura are healed for 3/6/9/12 health per second (this goes over to repair shields when health is full) and all enemies inside are either slowed down or have accuracy problems (should provide some soft CC at least)

- Deactivation effect: When deactivated, all stored damage heals allies (like now). Any overhealing done goes first to provide shields and overshields, and, if more healing is done, allies get a "shadow cloak" on them, which serve as a group "iron skin" (not helping against CC though), with durability equal to the remaining overhealing done. These cloaks have a max duration of 6/8/10/12 seconds and only one shadow cloak (per ally) can exist at once (as in, new cloaks will override old ones)


Furthermore, the ultimate toggle and the damage stored should be transferable from one form to the other when using Metamorphosis! (For example: If you have Maim active with 5k stored damage before Metamorphosis then you will have Mend active with 5k stored damage after transfer)
Power Strength - Affects the Slash damage of Maim and Regen of Mend (NEW!)
Power Range - Affects ability radius
Power Duration - Affects Maim's stun duration and Mend's shadow cloak duration (NEW!)

*** Augments ***

* Metamorphosis augment idea - Cocoon - Whenever Metamorphosis is used, a cocoon is left behind (looks like merged Equinox with your energy surrounding it), which has 200/300/400/500 health and shields, distracts enemies while also dealing 10/15/20/25 damage twice per second (spread as Impact/Puncture/Slash) to nearby enemies, and heals allies for 10/15/20/25 health per second, within a 10 meter radius for 8 seconds. Max 1 cocoon at a time (new replaces old).

* Rest & Rage augment idea - Gleaming Touch - Rage and Rest also causes Radiation status on affected targets for 4/5/6/7 seconds.

* Pacify & Provoke augment idea - Recycled Power - When Pacify or Provoke are deactivated, Equinox gains some flat damagebonus to her next 1/2/3/4 weaponbased attacks, as well as some flat damage reduction against the next 1/2/3/4 attacks done to her, equal to 50/100/150/200% of the energy spent by either ability before they were deactivated. Lasts max 10 seconds and the charges are independant of one another (should probably have a cap on the bonuses?)

* Mend & Maim augment idea - Celestial Cover - Deactivating Maim also blinds all enemy targets for stun duration + 2/3/4/5 seconds, while deactivating Mend also makes allies invisible for 2/3/4/5 seconds


Archetype: Swordsman

With his new changes, he truly feels way more like a Swordsman! Still, he is not without his issues. Let's take a look:


* Passive - Melee Master - Melee attacks are 10% faster and stronger

Why this change? Because his current passive pidgeonholes him too much (and not all of the weapons he benefits from are swords anyway, like the dual axes, due to belonging to the dual swords category)

* Slash Dash - Rather than re-targetting between targets, it now predetermines which enemies to dash towards, similar to Ash's Bladestorm, and they should be highlighted similarly too. Angle in which you can cast it now no longer has a limit (can be used as Super Jump!)

When Excal can't dash to an enemy (object in between), rather than getting stuck, he now does a short teleportation to enable him to hit the enemy.

Also forces Slash and Impact procs (bleed and stagger), and both boosts and benefits from the combo counter! Surging Dash is now baseline (gives +1/2/3/4 to the combo counter for each enemy hit, based on ability rank).
Power Strength - Affects damage
Power Range - Affects targetting cone width
Power Duration - Affects maximum cone / travel length

* Radial Blind - Note the added suggestion I had in the general section: Have the option to allow finishers to either be triggered as they are now (with the melee attack) OR with your action-key (default key: X), this option gives you more more flexibility in combat, so you don't HAVE to go around using finishers on every blinded enemy, you can simply melee them normally if you have set finishers to be triggered by the action-key! Power Strength now affects an aspect of it too.
Power Strength - Affects initial stun duration (NEW!)
Power Range - Affects radius
Power Duration - Affects blind duration

* Radial Javelin Blade Barrier - His new #3 ability, still costing 75 energy. It consists of 2 phases:  1)The initial blade barrier phase, and 2) the ending launch phase


1) Phase 1 - Blade Barrier

Upon activation, Excalibur summons a number of blades spinning around him, dealing 50/75/100/125 Slash damage twice per second (each hit could provide +1 to the melee combo counter too!) and grants him a mild damage protection (20/25/30/35%). Blocking during this phase causes the blades to spin more slowly and to rise upwards, which stops them from damaging nearby enemies but instead gives Excalibur 360 degree blocking, and 25/50/75/100% damage reflection (stacks with all block-Reflection effects!).

This phase lasts for 8/9/10/12 seconds, but can also be ended early if you press the ability again (to force it into phase 2 immediately)

2) Phase 2 - Blade Launch

When phase 1 runs out, or if you activate the ability again during phase 1 (which ends phase 1 early), phase 2 happens, which is similar to the oldest Radial Javelin effect, launching a limitted amount of blades (say, 12 blades) outwards to nearby enemies in a projectile-like fashion. The blades' deal 400/500/600/700 damage each (split evenly between Puncture/Slash/Impact) and the damage is increased by the melee combo counter, forces the puncture proc as well as ragdolls enemies (dead or not) and has minor punchthrough, just enough to pierce cover and Shield Lancers' shields.
Power Strength - Affects all damages, blocking reflection, damage protection, and number of blades launched (NEW!)
Power Range - Affects blade barrier radius (phase 1) and max launch distance (phase 2) (NEW!)
Power Duration - Affects blade barrier duration (NEW!)


* Exalted Blade - Power Duration now affects the swordwave travelling speed (default speed being a bit quicker). Power Range affects the swordwave max range. Swordwaves should also benefit from stealth multipliers.

Swordwaves now only deal 50% of the blade's total damage, but the wave damage stacks with the actual swordstrike! Both the blade and wave now grant +1 to the melee combo counter each, which stacks (hit by both = 150% damage and +2 to the melee combo counter!)

Chargeattacks (when they return) in this mode could do a circular energyslash with quite huge radius, but still limitted range (affected by Power Range!). This chargeattack could potentially cost minor energy though (5 energy?)

The combos should also provide various benefits (wider wave, multiwave, ragdolling wave, whatever, just to make them more useful and rewarding).

Preferably, it would be nice if Exalted Blade had its own weapon modding area (so it doesn't limit your real melee weapon's modding in any way). The mod points would be affected by Excal's level (and an Orokin Reactor in Excal also doubles its modpoints).

Power Strength - Affects blade damage
Power Range - Affects wave length and chargeattack radius (NEW!)
Power Duration - Affects slideattack's blinding duration and swordwave speed (NEW!)


*** Augments ***
* Surging Dash - Placeholder revamp: All enemies hit are "frozen" in place (with bloody "cuts" all over them) after being hit by Slash Dash, for 1/1,5/2/2,5 seconds. The damage of Slash Dash is done immediately, but its stagger doesn't happen until AFTER this timer is up.

* Radiant Finish - Reworked: When one uses a finisher on enemies blinded by Radial Blind, it heals the executioner for 6/9/12/15% of their max health.
* Furious Javelin Blades - Melee bonus is granted both from the spinning blade hits AND the launched blade hits (but only gives max one stack per enemy hit, no matter how many times a single enemy is hit)


Archetype: Area Defender

Frost's rework made him way better than ever. Only very small tweaks are done.


* Passive - Mighty Glacier - Slowdown-effects only has a 20% potency on Frost, and he slides 25% faster (frozen ground underneath him)

Why this change? His current passive is far too niched and doesn't fit in his kit at all.

* Freeze - Upon impact, all enemies in the radius are frozen solid (instead of just on the main target, if hit). Broken early effect now happens either upon 150/200/250/300 health or 20/30/40/50% of total health suffered, whichever is greater. (Bosses and minibosses are only frozen for a very short moment, regardless). After unfreezing (either by time or death), a target deals 15/25/35/50 Cold damage in an area around it, which doesn't count towards the break-free-early-cap of other nearby frozen targets. The lingering cold patch is now a spherical area which is spawned no matter where it hits (doesn't have to hit ground, it spawns also when you hit walls/ceiling etc, or even enemies), and its radius is slightly increased, but the slowdown potency is reduced to 50% (instead of 75%).
Power Strength - Affects damage and health-shatter-cap (NEW!)
Power Range - Affects impact radius and cold patch radius (NEW!)
Power Duration - Affects freezing duration and cold patch duration (New?)

* Ice Wave - Damage increased to 500/750/900/1200 damage, split 50/50 as Cold and Puncture. Enemies are also staggered and pushed backwards 5 meters. Frozen enemies are pushed back twice the distance (more slippery). Damage done by Ice Wave doesn't count towards Freeze's break-free-early-cap. Also forces a longerlasting Puncture-proc, lasting 8/9/10/12 seconds.
Power Strength - Affects damage and pushback distance (NEW!)
Power Range - Affects length and width
Power Duration - Affects puncture duration (NEW!)

* Snow Globe - Probably doesn't need any changes. But if any things are to be changed then these are some ideas:

- Allies with punchthrough can shoot through the globe freely.

- The freezing effect on enemies which are nearby upon cast, their freezing duration is affected by Power Duration.

Power Strength - Affects globe durability and Freeze detonation damage
Power Range - Affects globe radius
Power Duration - Affects freezing duration (NEW!)
NOTE: Potential versatility change: When cast, it could be summoned to follow Frost (similar to Eximus), however, the globe and its slowing radius is then quite a bit smaller. Casting the ability again places the globe in the world (like it does now), while also increasing its size to its current size. So, then you can choose between a mobile but small globe, or a big but stationary globe. Multiple globes can still be summoned. If that happens, I'd increase Snow Globe's cost to 75 energy though.

* Avalanche - Is great as it is. Only thing of note: The armor reduction could instead be a plain "15/25/35/50% more damage taken"-bonus from all sources until they are unfrozen (as armor needs a look at anyway).
Power Strength - Affects damage (possibly also the damage bonus?)
Power Range - Affects radius
Power Duration - Affects freezing duration (NEW!)

*** Augment ***
* Freeze Force - Any ally caught in the AoE of Freeze gets its bonus. Always affects Frost himself upon cast, but with halfed effect.
* Ice Wave Impedence - Also, allies (Frost included) sliding on the ice trail will not lose any sliding momentum!

* Chilling Globe - Is fine.


Archetype: Area Denyer

Hydroid is surprisingly well done imo, with just a few quirks needed to be ironed out.


* Passive - Name - Effect (To be changed)

* Tempest Barrage - Onehanded cast (doesn't interrupt reloads, movement etc). Each individual barrage has a slightly bigger AoE (and more importantly, scales with Power Range, but cannot be reduced in size to anything smaller than their original size) and every 3rd barrage or so could have some minor autotracking of enemies (so it doesn't miss too much). Area targetted is now in a "sphere" around the cast point, instead of being cast on the "screenshot" area (Aka, fixing its casting issues).
Power Strength - Affects damage
Power Range - Affects radius for both cast area and individual barrages (NEW!)
Power Duration - Affects duration

* Tidal Surge - Energycost reduced to 35 (or even 25?). Now better carries enemies along with his travel; any enemy affected by Tidal Surge is carried with him all the way and lands a bit in front of his ending point. Meleeing or casting it again midduration cancels the surge early.
Power Strength - Affects damage
Power Range - Affects width
Power Duration - Affects length

* Undertow - Damage of Undertow increases the longer an enemy is submerged (this booster is unspecfied, I don't know a balanced number). This amplifier lingers on an enemy for 5 seconds after it has been released. (These changes are to remove slow-death-trolling). In addition, when enemies are released, they are slowed down by 10/15/20/25% for 4 seconds. Hydroid can now cast his abilities while submerged, causing them to be cast at his current position, with some extra effects:
* Tempest Barrages hitting the pool has its damage dealt to all units caught in Undertow!
* Tidal Surge cancels Undertow, but brings all submerged enemies to be dragged along with him during Tidal Surge!
* Tentacle Swarm lifts enemies up from Undertow (up to as many enemies as there are Tentacles), allowing allies to attack them, and enemies slammed down into the Undertow pool (no matter which ability is cast first) suffer the damage of both abilities at once!
Power Strength - Affects damage and slowdown potency (slowdown capped at 50%) (NEW!)
Power Range - Affects radius (NEW!)
Power Duration - Affects slowdown duration (NEW!)

* Tentacle Swarm - Can now be cancelled upon second cast (no "Power in Use" error!). Whenever a tentacle slams against the environment, all enemies near a tentacle slam are briefly stunned in place (less than half a sec) and suffer half the damage of a tentacle slam. If enemies are somewhat nearby a tentacle and are in a knocked down or ragdolled state, the tentacle will stretch out a bit to slam down at that enemy (50% bonus length), picking it up (adds Barrage, Surge and Undertow synergies!). No more than 2 enemies can be held by a single tentacle. Number of tentacles summoned are now affected by Power Range!
Power Strength - Affects damage
Power Range - Affects spawn radius, tentacle-stretch bonus range (for picking up knockeddown/ragdolled enemies) and number of tentacles summoned (NEW!)
Power Duration - Affects duration

*** Augments ***
* Tidal Impunity - Is fine
* Curative Undertow - Is fine

* Pilfering Swarm - Upon killing / killed while held by tentacles, now grants a 25/50/75/100% chance to drop more ammo and/or energyorbs, as well as a 10/20/30/40% chance to drop health-orbs. No longer grants credits/mods/lifesupport/resources (meta-mods are just stupid).


Archetype: Rift Walker

Limbo has overall a really cool and quite synergistic skillset and a VERY unique feel to him, which is great! However, there certainly are a LOT of things that needs fixing and polishing.


* Passive - Rift Master - Limbo suffers less damage taken (50% - 75% reduction) and deals more damage (~50% bonus) while in the Rift. (This passive is so we can get rid of Rift Surge).

* Rift plane:

Enemies in the Rift - They all suffer a minor finisher DoT (of say, 20 dps?). Possibly could be slowed down a bunch too (25% slow?). Any time an enemy enters or exits the rift they suffer an instant 300 Finisher damage
Allies in the Rift - Still have energyregen, but more importantly; loot can be picked up while in the rift, data terminals can be hacked while in the rift, carried items / pickup-items such as datamasses and Syndicate medallions can also freely be carried / picked up while in the rift!

* Banish - Damagetype changed to Finisher. Target also suffers an AoE DoT, dealing 30/40/50/60 Finisher damage per second in a 3 meter radius, for as long as it is banished (this also happens when placed on allies, but they obviously don't get damaged by it themselves). This AoE DoT lingers on even after enemy death, and it hurts enemies on either plane. If Banish is used on an enemy in Cataclysm, the unit is meant to get to the physical plane and is thus violently launched (ragdolled, works even if the target dies from the banish) in the direction of where Limbo is facing, landing just outside the Cataclysm-sphere (suffering rift exit damage too). Any enemy that gets in the way of the launched enemy suffers 200/300/400/500 impact-damage and is knocked down.

Power Strength - Affects initial damage, collision damage and AoE DoT damage (NEW!)

Power Range - Affects castrange and AoE DoT radius (NEW!)

Power Duration - Affects banishing time

* Rift Walk - Casttime reduced a bit. Limbo can instantly banish an enemy (although, without any side-effect such as knockdown) if he MELEE-attacks them while Riftwalking, but at the cost of 10 energy (affected by Power Efficiency) and the banishing melee attack has its damage reduced by 75%. Banishing is done first, damage of the attack is applied after. Banishment this way lasts for the remainder of Rift Walk's duration. Melee attacks can also destroy destructible items (crates etc), but this costs no energy. A maximum of 3/4/5/6 enemies can be banished this way.

Power Strength - Affects the banishing melee attack's penalty (more Power Strength = less penalty)

Power Range - Affects max number of enemy targets attack-riftable at once (NEW!)

Power Duration - Affects duration


* Rift Surge - Due to Limbo's passive bonus, this ability is now completely revamped:

Upon use, throws a magical projectile (akin to a regular playing card in shape, fully colored by your energycolor) forward where he aims, dealing moderate damage to any enemy it passes through. As the card travels forward, it creates a wall behind it. The card has a limitted travel distance and always takes 1 second to travel its total distance. The wall has unlimited height (both up and down). As the card is done travelling, the card disappears while the thin wall splits vertically and expands out sideways, both left and right, a certain distance (over 1 second), then shrinks back again to where it started (shrinking also takes 1 second), then disappears. Any enemy touching a wall will be stuck to the wall and will land ragdolled on the ground when it disappears. In short, he collects enemies in a line (perfect for punchtrough weapons and to combine Cataclysm+Banish for a bowling session :D)


Illustration of how it could work:

The "O" is Limbo

The "x" is the magical card

Any "W" is an enemy

Any line, such as "-" is the wall


So, first, Limbo throws the card, growing a wall behind it as it travels:

O -- x

O ------ x

O ------------- x


At full range, the card disappears:

O -------------------------------


Then, the wall splits and expands sideways:





Then the wall reaches maximum splitwidth:









After that, it shrinks together again:


O -------------------------------


Then it disappears.


Any enemy that touched the wall, either as the card was thrown or as the wall expanded or shrank, the enemy gets stuck to the wall. Let's illustrate that as well:


First the card is thrown and creates the wall. One enemy is hit by the card/wall, and is thus stuck already:




O --------W---------------- x




Then it expands, on its way it catches the closer enemy, but doesn't manage to catch the one further way:









After that, the wall shrinks in again:





O --W---W------------------


Now the wall disappears and the ability is over





O  W   W


In this example, you have now collected two enemies, perfectly aligned with one another.

Hope that explains it somewhat :D

As for the stats, I'd suggest this:

Card damage; 150/200/250/350 Slash damage

Wall touch damage; 50/100/150/200 Finisher damage

Card travel (and thus wall length); 15/18/20/22 meters

Wall splitting range (to either side); 5/6/7/8 meters, thus total width of 10/12/14/16 meters (same as Cataclysm, so you get the entrance/exit damage when they are moved both out and in again!)

Energycost; 75

Power Strength - Affects card and walltouch damage

Power Range - Affects wall split range (= the width of how much the wall expands sideways)

Power Duration - Affects card travel distance (= the length of the wall)


* Cataclysm - Both upon cast and when it ends, all enemies caught in the Cataclysm are staggered (in towards the center upon cast, outwards from the center upon ending). Initial cast damage changed to 200/300/400/500 Finisher damage and the end explosion now deals 200/300/400/500 Blast damage in an area equal to Cataclysm's maximum size.

Power Strength - Affects initital and ending damage

Power Range - Affects size

Power Duration - Affects duration

*** Augments ***
* Haven Rift Touch -. On top of healing allies, now also causes Banish to deal 10/15/20/25% of the enemy's CURRENT health as finisher damage. (Added to give it a use for solo players too)
* Rift Torrent Rift Tether - Due to the big Rift Surge revamp: When Rift Surge ends, all enemies hit will be tethered to the ground close to where they land, becoming unable to move more than 4/3,5/3/2,5 meters away from its tethered spot, for 5/6/7/8 seconds. (Range inversely affect by power range, duration affected by power duration. New Rift Surge casts cancels their previous tether)

* Cataclysmic Continuum - Enemies that die inside of Cataclysm not only increases its duration, while this short extension timer is active it also causes the Cataclysm sphere to expand rather than to shrink.


Archetype: Trickster

Loki has one of the most synergetic kits in the game, but that doesn't mean he can't go without a little polishing! In fact, he is even get few NERFS!


* Passive - Name - Effect (To be changed)

* Decoy - Some people might not know this, but the Decoy can actually proc Impact! This chance is abysmally low though, so I'd like to increase it to a more reliable level, such as a 5/10/15/20% chance. In addition, the Decoy could live 1/1,5/2/3 seconds even after it has been destroyed (as long as it doesn't exceed its normal duration), to give it some better longevity on higher levels.
Power Strength - Affects decoy durability and impact proc chance (NEW!)
Power Range - Affects aggro radius (New?)
Power Duration - Affects duration (not including the new invulnerability).
Note: Not happy with this skill yet (in regards to Power Strength). Still thinking

* Invisibility - A tiny little change I'd like to add would be that Invisibility also does something minor within a tiny radius (to get Power Range and Power Strength into use). Something like: All enemies within this 2/2,5/3/3,5 meter aura have their mobility lowered, reducing their movement speed by 5/8/12/15%
Power Strength - Affects slow aura potency (NEW!)
Power Range - Affects slow aura range (NEW!)
Power Duration - Affects duration
Note: Not happy with this skill yet (in regards to Power Strength and Range). Still thinking

* Switch Teleport - Now has 2 added effects to emphasize his trickster nature (and help with utility): Enemies targetted by this ability gets an illusion over them, making them targetable by enemies (similar to Radiation/Chaos) for 5/6/7/8 seconds, as well as being made more vulnerable, suffering 10/15/20/25% more damage taken for the duration. Allies targetted by this ability (and Loki himself, always upon casting it, no matter his target) gets veiled in a void cloak, causing them to suffer 10/15/20/25% less damage taken for 5/6/7/8 seconds.
Power Strength - Affects enemy vulnerability and ally protection (NEW!)
Power Range - Affects range
Power Duration - Affects buff and debuff durations (NEW!)

* Radial Runic Disarm - A smaller disarm-wave is also emitted from your Decoy and now also stuns+reduces awareness of melee units. Any unit, disarmable or not (so, including bosses), also suffers a debuff causing them to suffer 10/15/20/25% of their own damage dealt back to themselves! Lasts 8/10/12/15 seconds.
Power Strength - Affects infested damage dealt and the potency of the selfdamage debuff (NEW!)
Power Range - Affects radius
Power Duration - Affects selfdamage debuff duration (NEW!)

*** Augments ***
* Safeguard Switch - Also affects Loki himself, wether switching with an enemy or ally!

* Hushed Invisbility - Is fine.
* Irradiating Disarm - Needs to be revamped into something completely different, due to its extreme power. For now, I just have a new augment idea for Switch Teleport, which serves a similar purpose, but in a way more balanced fashion:

* Irradiating Teleport - "Switching with an enemy target procs a contagious Radiation-proc on it. If an enemy attacks a target with contagious Radiation, it will also suffer a contagious Radiation-proc on it. These procs can be spread a maximum of 1/2/3/4 times total per Switch Teleport cast."

Much more balanced and far more interesting in useage.


Archetype: Reverser (Changing enemy strengths into their weakness, be it their defenses, weaponry or the size of their army)

Mag is not all too bad of a character, but needs a little utility boosting for some abilities, and more emphasis on her "reverser" role.


* Passive - Name - Effect (To be changed)


* Pull - Can be used through walls again, angle of effect reduced to only 45 degrees (range unaffected though), enemies are ragdolled more accurately to a meter or so in front of Mag (instead of randomly flinging them). Enemies are magnetically forced to the floor for 0,4/0,6/0,8/1 second after landing. An enemy hitting anything on the way (wall, other enemy etc) causes said enemy to suffer an additional 15/30/45/60 Impact damage.
Power Strength - Affects damage
Power Range - Affects radius
Power Duration - Affects floor duration (NEW!)

* Shield Polarize - Offensive power scaled down, defensive power buffed: Damage scaling toned down heavily. Allies shield-healed by SP now also get their shields empowered, causing them to suffer 15/25/35/50% less damage taken to their shields, as well as making shield-ignoring damage unable to pierce their shields (such as Toxic damage, it won't bypass while the buff is active, it will hurt shields instead!), for 10/12/14/16 seconds. Knockdown effect also happens around shield-healed allies, not just around shield-damaged enemies.

A Bullet Attractor target is considered to be "shielded" for the sake of Shield Polarize (with 150/250/350/500 "shields", depending on the rank of Bullet Attractor)! This gives you an offensive CC-use of Shield Polarize even against shieldless enemies, which is particularly useful on melee enemies!
Power Strength - Affects shield heal/damage and ally shield damage reduction (capped at 75%) (NEW!)
Power Range - Affects range
Power Duration - Affects ally shield damage reduction buff duration (NEW!)

* Bullet Attractor - Energy cost reduced to 50, now gives shots fired on/in the sphere perfect punchthrough all the way towards the target! Projectiles don't need to hit the outer shell to become redirected anymore (they are INSTANTLY redirected to the target). The explosion is now detonated either upon target death, upon BA's expiration, or when/if you cast the ability again midduration (which will instantly remove the attractor-sphere from the target)! (Note: Being able to detonate it at command also means you can refresh/recast it at your own whim!)
The explosion now looks more like a magnetic blastwave (combined with added gory shrapnel if the target dies during it). Damage of the explosion is now 75/150/225/300 Magnetic damage and an additional damage equal to 5/10/15/20% of the target's suffered damage during the ability, dealt as Puncture damage.
Power Strength - Affects the explosion damage (both the flat Magnetic one and the scaling percentage!) (NEW!)
Power Range - Affects size
Power Duration - Affects duration

* Crush - First, enemies are crushed, dealing 900/1000/1100/1200 damage (split over the 3 instances), dealt 50/50 as Magnetic and Puncture. Then, enemies are slammed together in front of Mag (fitting the animation), dealing an additional 10/20/30/40 Impact damage per unit involved in Crush, above 1 target (dead units also count for this!). Enemies are then ragdolled in their squished form for 2/3/4/5 seconds after landing.
Furthermore: Enemies that are affected by Bullet Attractor, and all other enemies inside Bullet Attractor's sphere, will be lifted by Crush, no matter where they are! (Think of Bullet Attractor as a way to extend Crush's range)
Power Strength - Affects damage, including the new slamdamage! (NEW!)
Power Range - Affects radius
Power Duration - Affects ragdoll duration (NEW!)

*** Augments ***
* Greedy Pull - Only pulls in items in the same cone as the regular cast, but now also has a 25/50/75/100% chance to steal the magazine from ranged enemies', granting additional ammo drops from affected targets as well as forcing them to reload when they get up!
* Shield Transference - Is fine, maybe could affect allies too though?

* Fracturing Crush - Is not fine, and is also ANOTHER boring armor-reduction (DE, just fix armor-scaling instead...) Have a few ideas what it could do instead, coming soon!


Archetype: Gunslinger (Alternatively/additionally: Kinetic Energy Manipulator)

Good Warframe with great self-synergy. Still, she has problems in that some of her abilities are a bit too limitted and Shatter Shield being both too strong and not that fitting for her theme. My suggestions are with the intention of making her feel more agile and interactive.

* Passive bonus - Gunslinger - Reloads 10% faster with primaries and 20% with secondaries.

Why this change? Reduces the pidgeonholing of secondary vs primary


* Ballistic Battery - Both activating and deactivating are now onehanded casts (no interruption of reloads etc). When deactivated, once a shot has been made, the damage bonus then lingers on the weapon for up to 4/6/8/10 seconds, with each additional shot made reducing 34/25/20/17% of the stored power (so it can run out of power even before the timer expires.). The ability can be reactivated to store damage again at any time (before the first shot even has been made, or during the timer. Note that it costs the full energycost regardless)

Storing and dealing damage is done differently - 30%/35%/40%/45% of damage dealt OR DAMAGE THAT YOU BLOCK (so you can go sword alone with her, if you want to) is stored, but only storing up to 300/350/400/450 damage (both effects affected by Power Strength).

All of the boosted shots also have 1,5 / 2 / 2,5 / 3 meter punchthrough (affected by Power Range)!

Power Strength - Affects storing conversion and storing capacity

Power Range - Affects punchthrough range (NEW!)

Power Duration - Affects lingering bonus duration and power reduction per shot (More Duration = Less reduction per shot) (NEW!)


* Shooting Gallery - No longer jumps RANDOMLY, Mesa has to control the buff-jumps by activating the ability again (this allows it to be used selfishly, or for a more team-coordinated functionality, in particular with the augment!). It prioritizes jumping to the nearest ally first, but can still only jump to just one teammate each per cast.

Now buffs not only weapon damage, but also rate of fire and reload speed (same values as damageboost).

Power Strength - Affects damage, RoF and reloadspeed bonuses (NEW!)

Power Range - Affects whipping range

Power Duration - Affects buff duration

NOTE: The rate of fire and damage directly affects Peacemaker too.

* Shatter Shield - Revamped completely (to make her more agile, rather than a pure tank)

Renamed to something like "Bullet Time":

Mesa projects a powerful kinetic aura, with a radius of 7/8/9/10 meters, which slows down all enemies and enemy projectiles (even hitscan are made into slower projectiles). Enemies are slowed down by 10/15/20/25%, while ranged projectiles are slowed down by 84/86/88/90% as well as having the ranged damage reduced by 20/25/30/35%

In addition, while this ability is active, Mesa's dodges are done ultraquickly (with blurry animations!), and look more like shortrange teleportations, rather than rolls.

Power Strength - Affects slowdown potency (enemies capped at 40%, projectiles at 99%) and damage reduction (capped at 65%) (NEW!)

Power Range - Affects aura radius (NEW!)

Power Duration - Affects buff duration

* Peacemaker - With the upcoming revamp, here are my thoughts on it:

Blur on shrinking removed. Mesa can move slowly (like Spectral Scream) during it, as well as roll in any direction (to utilize the revamped Shatter Shield!). She should be able to cast her other powers during it too.

Power Range determines the max size of both the maximum and the minimum size of the shrinking reticle (High power range = maximum size is over 360 degrees (meaning, 360 degrees for possibly multiple shots!), and minimum size still retains a decent cone of field).

Power Duration affects how much each shot shrinks the reticle size (little power duration = very few shots are required to reach the minimum size)

Secondary fire during Peacemaker does her current "360 degree gun kata"-ing, but at a highly reduced range, like 15 meters only (unaffected by Power Range), and always does the minimum damage (as in, if the reticle is at minimum size and thus maximum damage, secondary fire will not benefit, it will always do the minimum damage as if the reticle was at its max size).

Ballistic Battery adds its bonuses to this ability like any other weapon, the punchthrough and everything.

Power Strength - Affects damage

Power Range - Affects reticle max and min size

Power Duration - Affects reticle shrinking speed (NEW!)


*** Augments ***

* Ballistic Bullseye Ballistic Ricochet - Bullets now bounce on the environment, bouncing 1/2/3/4 times. Note: The punchthrough still works, but only on ENEMIES (and works both before and after bouncing) + The bullets remain hitscan up until they hit the first enviromental object, then they become very quickmoving non-hitscan projectiles.

* Muzzle Flash - Now also works upon expiration, as well as upon manually "jumping" it even while playing solo (that would mean ending it early, thus blinding then as well)

* Staggering Shield Kinetic Theft - Every time an enemy projectile enters the Bullet Time aura, Mesa gets a 2/3/4/5% movement speed and rate of fire boost for 3/4/5/6 seconds. This effect can stack up to 6 times (and stacks individually). These boosts work when in Peacemaker-mods too.


Archetype: Photokinetic Illusionist / Nuker

Mirage is incredibly strong as she is, probably in need of some toning down, but for now I'll leave most abilities untouched (haven't played her long enough to give proper adjustments).
If anything, I'd like for ALL Warframes to have the same agility as Mirage (faster dodging and stuff).

* Passive ability - Jester's Agility - Highly increased rolling and dodging speed.

* Hall of Mirrors + Ecplise + Prism - All untouched. All might need toning down, and HoM needs something that interacts with Power Range, but otherwise ok mechanics.

* Sleight of Hand - (Credit to Archwizard for this) Access panels explode instantly upon enemy useage, lockers hold enemies inside for the duration, orbs and ammo packs are converted into proximity mines (and can still be picked up by the caster before exploding). Recasting also refreshes the duration of already affected objects. SoH objects counts as illuminated objects for the sake of her Eclipse and Prism!
Power Strength - Affects damages (NEW (for most)!)
Power Range - Affects range
Power Duration - Affects duration

*** Augments ***
* Hall of Malevolence - Is fine, I guess
* Total Eclipse - Range can be boosted a bit, but bonus needs to be lowered (max = 50% of Eclipse's total bonus)

* Explosive Ledgerdemain Twilight - (Current augment is baselined) Sleight of Hand now also summons 1/2/3/4 pillars of light and 1/2/3/4 pillars of darkness at various distances around Mirage, in which she can stay to alter her Eclipse / Prism states! In addition, standing in a light pillar also restores X health every second, and a dark pillar restores X energy every second. (Small values only).

NEKROS (Still a work in progress)

Archetype: Necromancer (aka Minion Master)

Nekros has so much potential, yet falls short in so many ways. His theme is too little of a Necromancer and too much of a farmer, the latter a title he shouldn't even have. My suggestions are based on making him more oriented towards a really lethal minion master, something most people associates Necromancers as...

* Minions - Any minion that Nekros has summoned do not block allies' shots or movement! They also try to follow Nekros as much as possible, but will prioritize to fight enemies and do so very aggressively (don't use cover). They can also be commanded to attack specific targets with the waypoint/marking ability! They also deal up to 150% bonus damage and have up to 100% bonus health (affected by the ability ranks and furthermore by Power Strength)

* Soul Punch - No longer has the soul "projectile" on it. It ragdolls the target, instantly deals 150/250/350/500 Viral damage + more damage based on how much health it is missing. It also leaves a soul of the target behind, where it was punched, lasting 10/12/15/20 seconds (Max 6 seconds on bosses). This projected soul cannot die, but attacking the soul causes full damage to the punch'd target. The Soul Punch'd target cannot be moved away more than 6/5/4/3 meters from the soul! (If it is moved away somehow, it will be teleported back close to the soul).

This extra part is probably too much: If the soul punch'd target dies from Soul Punch or while its soul is still out, the soul will become a Shadow Minion fighting for Nekros. This minion serves Nekros for 30 seconds + whatever time it had left from the soul projection (So, max 40/42/45/50 seconds), deals increased damage and has bonus health (like all minions). A maximum of 3/4/5/6 minons can be created by Soul Punch, but there is no limit to how many units can suffer from the "soul-projection" of Soul Punch. Any new unit summoned past the max limit will instantly destroy the oldest minion.
Power Strength - Affects punch damage and the regular minion bonuses (NEW!)
Power Range - Affects max minion limit and target-to-soul distance restriction (inversly) (NEW!)
Power Duration - Affects soul projection duration (indirectly also minion duration) (NEW!)

* Terrify - No longer has a target limit. Casting it again releases enemies from the fear instead. When the fear ends (by expiration or manually ending it), enemies will stand still, cowering in fear for 3 seconds. Feared enemies don't have their armor lowered, but instead suffer 15/25/35/50% more damage taken from all sources (Note: This bonus also applies to a Soul Punch'd targets projected soul!). This damage bonus still lasts when they suffer the afterlasting cower-fear.
Power Strength - Affects damage increaser potency (NEW!)
Power Range - Affects range
Power Duration - Affects duration (including the cower-fear) (NEW!)

* Desecrate - Revamped: Creates a desecrated ground at Nekros' feet (think a ghastly area, with bony and ethereal hands grasping from beneath), with a 9/11/13/15 meter radius and lasting 10/12/13/15 seconds, which haunts enemies, dealing 5/10/15/20 Viral damage TWICE per second, also progressively slowing enemies movementspeed inside its area (slows by 10/14/17/20% per second). Once the movementspeed is reduced by 100% (immobilizing the enemy), it starts affecting their attackspeed with the same speed (if fully reduced in attackspeed, they are effectively stunned). For each second an enemy is hurt by Desecrate, the damage also increases, up to quadruple the amount. If an enemy manages to leave before getting immobilized, it will keep its current slowdown and DoT-effect for as long as the Desecrate-ground lasts.

If enemies die upon a Desecrate-ground and/or is affected by it upon death (if they manage to exit the Desecrated ground), they have a chance to drop additional ammo and/or health orbs (their corpses aren't removed though). No longer rolls for mods, credits, resources or oxygen (these drops are increased by default to compensate). Multiple desecrated grounds can be created at once (but only damage stacks).
Power Strength - Affects damage (NEW!)
Power Range - Affects radius
Power Duration - Affects duration

* Shadows of the Dead - Tiny little wisps float around Nekros to notify he has minions to summon (swarming around his rings on his arms and legs). Now also uses nearby corpses for the summoning (searches in a 8/10/12/15 meter radius). Always tries to summon in such a way that it is a 50/50 distribution between using the soul cache and the corpses around him (Few corpses around = Uses soul cache more, and vice versa). Is also cast a bit faster and enemies spawn gradually over the cast. Minions have the normal damage and health bonuses of course. Ability can be recast at any time, summoning more minions (old ones are NOT removed!)
Power Strength - Affects minions' bonuses
Power Range - Affects number of enemies summoned per cast (Moved from Power Strength) and corpse "revive" range (NEW!)
Power Duration - Affects minion durations

*** Augments ***
* Soul Survivor - Also, if used on his minions, heals 50/60/70/80% of their max health and resets the minion's timer. Doing this, costs nothing else than the regular Soul Punch's energy cost. (This is to give the augment a use for solo players too)
* Despoil - Is fine, I guess. Cannot incapacitate Nekros if not enough health is present, instead it results in an error.

* Shield of Shadows - Is fine.


Archetype: Nuker

Nova is a seriously potent damagedealer, and is only in need of slight toning down and fixing a few quirks here and there.


* Passive - Name - Effect (To be changed)

* Null Star - Now once again staggers the targets hit by the stars and damage type changed to Radiation. Can be recast at any time to refresh the amount of stars (won't stack though). Can hit enemies by passing through Wormhole (greatly extending its range).
Power Strength - Affects star damage
Power Range - Affects star range
Power Duration - Affects amount of stars summoned

* Antimatter Drop - Needs toning down to numbers like; base damage raised from 100 to 100/200/300/400, scaling damage reduced from 100/200/300/400% of absorbed damage to 100/150/200/250%. Only one drop can be active at once (prevents a lot of crazy damage exploits), using the ability again instead switches its travel speed between slow and fast speeds. (Alternatively, activating it again could manually detonate it, but that function exists on so many abilities already, I'd prefer something unique like the travel speed toggle instead)
Power Strength - Affects damage, including the absorbtion (but is ADDITIVE) (NEW!)
Power Range - Affects radius
Power Duration - Affects duration

* Wormhole - Is only restricted by duration, instead of charges. Enemies using it will fall out of it, ragdolled, and suffering 100/150/200/250 Radiation damage.
Power Strength - Affects damage of enemies passing through (NEW!)
Power Range - Affects exit location range
Power Duration - Affects duration
NOTE: Potential funbooster: Allied shots that are shot through the wormhole pass through normally, but will ALSO be get a duplicate which is ejected through the exit wormhole, but which only deals 10/20/30/40% of the original damage, and purely as Radiation damage.
NOTE 2: Further potential funbooster: Antimatter Drops, should they be able to teleport through the portals? Doing so would then empower it with 100/150/200/250 damage (affected by Power Strength)!

* Molecular Prime - Power Strength still affects movement speed, but is MULTIPLICATIVE, not ADDITIVE/SUBTRACTIVE (meaning, enemies can never become FASTER when affected by this ability, just slowed LESS than usual).
Power Strength - Affects slowdown and damage
Power Range - Affects explosive radius
Power Duration - Affects priming duration, wave duration and wave speed

*** Augments ***
* Neutron Star - Is fine, I guess.
* Antimatter Absorb - Is fine.

* Escape Velocity - Is fine.


Archetype: Converter

Nyx has a very nice kit, with a few outliers in need of fixing.


* Passive - Name - Effect (To be changed)

* Mind Control - Regardless of damage taken, the unit will suffer an additional 150/250/350/500 Finisher damage when the controlled target is not controlled anymore, as well as stun the target again. The target also deals 100/200/300/400% increased damage when within 10/12/15/18 meters range of Nyx, losing 10%-units of its bonus for each meter it is beyond that range. Targets uncontrollable by MC (like bosses) will only be stunned and suffers the Finisher damage instantly. Marking an enemy target will force the MC'd unit to attack the marked target.
Power Strength - Affects Finisher damage and empowerment bonus (NEW!)
Power Range - Affects cast range and empowerment distance (NEW)
Power Duration - Affects duration

* Psychic Bolts - Energycost reduced to 25 and can be cast during Absorb. Still phases through the environment, but also through dead enemies (so they aren't wasted). Always tries to acquire new targets while flying, if previously seeked targets die early. Damage changed to 150/200/250/300 Finisher damage per bolt and staggers enemies. Enemies hit by the bolts are also "crazed" for 15/20/25/30 seconds, causing them to attack 15/25/35/50% harder when they attack enemies of the Tenno (Chaos synergy!) or when attacking Nyx while using Absorb, and attack 15/20/25/33% weaker when they attack Tenno or allies of the Tenno (Cryopods / Rescue target etc). Crazed units attacking an MC'd unit grants neither the bonus nor the penalty. An MC'd unit, however, if hit by the bolts, can become crazed, attacking its former allies with increased pwer!
Power Strength - Affects damage and craze-effects (the ally-protection is capped at 75%) (NEW!)
Power Range - Affects seeking radius (New?)
Power Duration - Affects debuff duration (NEW!)

* Chaos - If an enemy under the affect of Chaos kills any of its allies, it will suffer an instant 25/50/75/100 Finisher damage (think of it as mental trauma / punishment from killing your own friends).
Power Strength - Affects killer-punishment-damage (NEW!)
Power Range - Affects range
Power Duration - Affects duration

* Absorb - Once again has a duration (still can be turned off anytime, but with no direct benefit of doing so - thus functions more like Cataclysm), of say, only 6/7/8/9 seconds and a flat cost of 100 energy, but also amplifies the absorbed damage by a bonus 25/50/75/100% and has a base damage of 150/300/450/600, and it is now all dealt as Blast damage (not Magnetic). Absorb can't absorb other Absorb-explosions, rather than being immune to its own damage-type. Explosion causes a very powerful ragdoll effect, rather than just knockdown. Enemies under the effect of Chaos will try to attack Nyx (with the added bonus damage too) during Absorb. Explosion-range is also increased to 10/12/14/15 meters.
Power Strength - Affects base damage and damage amplification (NEW!)
Power Range - Affects explosion radius
Power Duration - Affects duration (NEW!)

*** Augments ***
* Mind Freak - Added baseline (sort of), thus revamped into: Mind Link - 30/40/50/60% of the damage suffered by Nyx is suffered by the Mind Control target instead. When Absorb is active, 30/40/50/60% of the damage suffered by the MC'd target is also added to Absorb.

* Chaos Sphere - Lasts up to 100% of the duration of a Chaos cast and it shouldn't shrink either.
* Pacifying Bolts - Is fine (due to the additions I added to it baseline)


Continued (Oberon and forward) in my second post further down!

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I do feel like an innate energy regen wouold be nice for new players.  i remember when i first started playing, i never really used my abilities simply becuase they didnt regen, and i would be quickyl reduced to nothing more than my weapons.  especially without mods that add efficieny, duration, or max power, abilities at the start of the game are very underused.

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Part 2



Archetype: Paladin + Druid + Faerie King

Oberon is most certainly much better than before, but STILL needs a few QoL-tweaks.

* Passive - Natural Recovery - Health orbs and energy orbs restore 40% more health or energy to Oberon. (Instead of 25 hp/energy, that means 35 hp/energy).

* Smite - I think this ability is fine overall now, actually. (Note that the change to Puncture, mentioned up in the general section, makes this ability even better!)
Power Strength - Affects damage and number of projectiles
Power Range - Affects projectile seeking range (New?)
Power Duration - Affects projectile lifetime, as well as Puncture+Radiation durations (NEW!)

* Hallowed Ground - Changed to a circular shape, the center being focused on Oberon's position, radius being increased to 8/9/10/12 meters. Still hurts enemies inside it and provides status immunity for allies, and now grants a FLAT amount of armor (150/180/210/250 armor) as well as provides a special damage reduction for allies inside it, which furthermore reduces all damage taken for the ally by 20/25/30/35%, but this protected damage is also reflected back at the enemy attacker, the damage returned then multiplied by 3x. The armor and retributive damage protection doesn't stack with multiple HG's.
Power Strength - Affects damage, armor and reflected damage multiplier (but not the amount protected) (NEW!)
Power Range - Affects radius
Power Duration - Affects duration
NOTE: Potential versatility change: When cast, the HG could be summoned like an aura following Oberon. However, the HG is then a bit smaller in size. Casting the ability again places the HG in the world (like it does now), while also increasing its size to its current size. So, then you can choose between a mobile but small HG, or a big but stationary HG. Multiple HGs can still be summoned.

* Renewal - Made much simpler: Summons an expanding healing wave centered from Oberon's casting position for 75 energy which heals Oberon and his allies for 50/75/100/125 health the first time it touches them. It also heals another 9/12/15/20 health twice per second and slows down any downed allies' bleedout timer for as long as they remain within this wave's perimeters. Wave lasts for 15/16/18/20 seconds, its size is initially 20/25/30/35 meter in radius, but expands in its size by 5 meters in radius for every second the ability lasts! Ability can be recast midduration, which will cast another wave, but the effects do not stack (only benefits from the initial heal if affected by multiple waves). Graphically shows little "wisps" swarming around allies when the wave is affecting them.
Power Strength - Affects all healing and bleedout delayer (no longer weird reverse numbers, more strength = more delay, and cannot make an ally bleedout faster if modded for negative strength) (NEW!)
Power Range - Affects initial radius and radius expansion-speed (NEW!)
Power Duration - Affects duration

* Reckoning - As soon as an enemy has been lifted by Reckoning, killing that unit within 8/10/12/15 seconds has a chance to spawn a health orb upon its death (ie: no need to kill specifically with Reckoning anymore). Subsequent Reckoning casts refreshes this timer. The blinding flashes happens wether the enemy dies or not and affects the lifted targets themselves as well. Confusion effect should probably be removed (a bit overpowered imo, there is the confusion on Smite already)
Power Strength - Affects damage and health orb drop chance (NEW!)
Power Range - Affects radius
Power Duration - Affects blind duration and orb-drop-on-death-debuff-duration (NEW!)

*** Augments ***
* Smite Infusion - Casting on an ally still boosts them AND still launches the projectiles. The projectiles (wether spawned from ally or enemy) also harmlessly seeks out nearby allies, passing through them, boosting them with the Radiation damage bonus. Always affects Oberon himself upon cast, but with halfed effect.
* Hallowed Eruption - Is fine. (But it ruins my added versatility idea though)
* Hallowed Reckoning - AoE size needs to be improved (twice as big radius) and affected by Power Range, as well as follow the same death-rule as Reckoning: As soon as an enemy has been lifted by Reckoning, killing that unit within 8/10/12/15 seconds has a chance to spawn the hallowed patch upon its death (ie: no need to kill specifically with Reckoning anymore). Also, it should not just cause a dot / ally armor, it should do the all the things as a regular Hallowed Ground does (DoT, ally armor, status immunity, and my added damage protect+reflect)



Archetype: Juggernaut

Rhino is simple and effective, maybe a bit too simple, and a bit too effective early game while falling off a bit too much lategame. I hope the suggestions can fix those issues.

* Passive - Juggernaut - Sprinting, sliding or bulletjumping into enemies deals minor impact damage and knocks the target over.

* Rhino Charge - Is currently affected SQUARELY by duration (both charging speed and duration), which is too extreme. Have it affect one or the other, but not both. Otherwise a decent and solid ability.
Power Strength - Affects damage
Power Range - Affects width
Power Duration - Affects length

* Iron Skin - Can be removed at any time by activating the ability again. Layer reduced to 200/350/500/650 health, but is now affected by armor (Gives synergy with Ironclad Charge) and at the start of the Iron Skin cast, Rhino also gets a damage reduction of 60/70/80/90%. Each second, this damage reduction is reduced by 5%-units. Note that if the skin is lost, the damage protection is also instantly lost!
This makes it more powerful on fresh casts, increasing its lategame potency, while its lowered values makes it less overpowered early game.
Power Strength - Affects skin health
Power Range - Affects aggro range (New?)
Power Duration - Affects the protection degradation (affects the time it takes for each tick to take place) (NEW!)

* Roar - Can be recast at any time. Also causes all enemies in the radius to be very briefly awed/feared in place (think of it as a ministun, hearing the mighty roar, this "stun" doesn't work on bosses and minibosses, like G3) and then taunted, causing high aggro and greatly increasing the likelyhood that they will attack Rhino, for the duration of Roar.
Power Strength - Affects buff potency
Power Range - Affects radius
Power Duration - Affects duration

* Rhino Stomp - Can be recast midduration, but previously affected enemies are released from the stasis first (they can be reaffected in the new cast though) and the ability has a 3 second cooldown between casts. Enemies knocked down or ragdolled suffer 25% more damage from Rhino Stomp (Rhino Charge and Iron Shrapnel synergy).
Power Strength - Affects damage
Power Range - Affects radius
Power Duration - Affects stasis duration (NEW!)

*** Augments ***
* Ironclad Charge - Is fine (if my Iron Skin revamp was made, that is)
* Iron Shrapnel - Is fine.
* Piercing Roar - Is fine (at least if Roar becomes recastable, as suggested, and if Puncture-procs gets the addition which I mentioned in the beginning: It not only reduces the damage dealt from the enemy, it also increases the amount of damage they suffer, also by 30%!)



Archetype: Elusive Debuffer

Saryn needs a whole lot of fixing, with broken formulas and a nigh useless ability in Contagion. Her elusiveness is highly emphasized in Molt and my revamp of Contagion, and ALL abilities are focused on synergizing as much as possible to allow her to be in close/mid range of her enemies. I think I've done a nice job with that :P

* Passive - Name - Effect (To be changed)

* Venom Contagion - Each melee hit will always pop a spore. Enemies that die with spores on will still have the spores stuck on their corpse. Area of effect attacks can now pop spores! Can be cast on your Molt (which will pop all spores automatically if it dies!)
Power Strength - Affects damage
Power Range - Affects radius
Power Duration - Affects duration

* Molt - Copies all buffs that Saryn has, while also clearing all her debuffs like now. Also grants a very brief amount of invisibility upon cast (2/2,5/3/4 seconds).
Power Strength - Affects decoy's health and explosion damage
Power Range - Affects explosion and aggro radius (New?)
Power Duration - Affects the decoy duration and invisibility duration (NEW!)

* Contagion Venom Shroud - Toxic melee bonus is a seperate damagetype (doesn't convert into combined elements), and this toxic damage grants lifesteal equal to 10/15/20/25% of the toxic damage dealt. Also coats Saryn with a reactive defensive cloak, causing enemies that attack her that are within a 6/7/8/10 meter radius to become paralyzed for 2,5/3/3,5/4 seconds and have the triggering attack to be completely negated (that attack will not hurt Saryn!). An enemy can only be paralyzed once per Venom Shroud cast. Venom Shroud can be refreshed any time, allowing for enemies to be paralyzed again. This paralytic defense has a particularly good synergy with Molt (due to it now also copying your buffs!)
Power Strength - Affects toxic melee bonus
Power Range - Affects paralyzation trigger radius
Power Duration - Affects buff duration and paralyzation duration (NEW!)

* Miasma - Releases the corrosive blastwave like normal, but ALSO leaves a thick toxic cloud behind. This cloud deals 10/15/20/25 Toxic damage per second, lasts 8/10/12/15 seconds, has a radius of 8/10/12/15 meter radius and breaks enemies' line of sight. Enemies INSIDE the cloud have a sight range of only 3 meters and move 3/6/9/12% slower. Multiple instances of clouds can exist (damage stacks, but nothing else).
Damage of the initial corrosive blastwave does not scale inversely with duration anymore either. Instead, it deals all of its damageticks (default 4 ticks) over 4 seconds. More duration = more amount of ticks dealt during those 4 seconds
Power Strength - Affects damage and slowdown
Power Range - Affects radius (including the cloud)
Power Duration - Affects amount of damageticks (no more inverse scaling) and lingering cloud duration (NEW!)

*** Augments ***
* Venom Deadly Dose - On top of being able to directly boost an ally: Spores that pop will grant allies the damageboost if they are within the explosion radius (Saryn included!). Always affects Saryn herself upon cast (wether on ally or enemy), but with halfed effect.
* Regenerative Molt - Is fine.
* Contagion Cloud Expulsion Cloud - Revamped: While affected by Venom Shroud, melee hits on enemies (not just on their death!) also creates a leeching toxic cloud on them, dealing 65/75/85/100 Toxic damage per second, for 4 seconds, dealing its damage in a 3 meter radius, as well as healing allies inside the cloud for 4/6/8/10 health per second. Successive strikes refreshes the cloud duration (without interrupting the DoT, it just adds the missing duration), and the clouds not only linger on corpses, the clouds on corpses deal double damage to enemies and heal allies by double the amount, has 50% more range and has its duration reset upon their death! (Damage and healing affected by Power Strength, radius by Power Radius, duration by Power Duration).



Archetype: Healer + Support (Cleric?)

Trinity has useful and powerful supportive abilities, but Well of Life could use a total revamp imo.

* Well of Life - Revamped: On cast, summons a well of life attached to Trinity. Casting it again instead places the well at the target point (similar to placing Loki's Decoy). Both casts (summon + placing it) are onehanded! Sticks on allies if placed on them. A well heals Trinity and her allies within its 12/14/17/20 meter radius for 1/2/3/4 health + 0,25/0,5/0,75/1% of their max health twice per second and lasts 15/16/18/20 seconds. In addition, while allies (Trinity included) are within the Well's range, their max health is increased by 20/25/30/35%. As soon as they leave the Well's radius (or if the Well disappears), 2% of this health bonus cap is lost every second (going back in refreshes the bonus up to the max bonus immediately again).
There is no limit to the amount of wells placeable, but their effects do not stack at all.
Power Strength - Affects healing potency (the non-percental one only?) and max health bonus (NEW!)
Power Range - Affects healing radius (NEW!)
Power Duration - Affects duration

* Energy Vampire - Can be recast on the enemy, or a new enemy, but doing so removes the previous effect from the old target first (not efficient for energy at all, but allows it to be used freely as a stun-emergency tool)
Power Strength - Affects energy restoration and damage done
Power Range - Affects energy restoration radius
Power Duration - Affects duration

* Link - The reflected damage dealt is now multiplied by 0,4/0,6/0,8/1x of the damage received. However, to compensate, the amount of targets affected is increased to affect 3 enemies at all levels!
Power Strength - Affects the reflected damage multiplier. (NEW!)
Power Range - Affects linking radius
Power Duration - Affects duration

* Blessing - Is probably at its most balanced state, but I'll give it a slight cracking: Always provides a minimum of 5/10/15/20% damage reduction. This effect is increased linearly to a maximum of 90% damage reduction (instead of up to 99%) based on the healing done towards the most hurt ally. Also, now has a limited range of "only" 50/60/70/80 meters, allies outside this range are only healed for a third of the normal amount, but still receives the damage protection.
Power Strength - Affects healing done
Power Range - Affects max potency radius (NEW!)
Power Duration - Affects protection duration.

*** Augments ***
* Pool of Life - Needs a revamp (regardless of my changes): Allies affected by a Well of Life also have a 0,1/0,2/0,3/0,4% lifesteal on all their attacks!
* Abating Link - Could be revamped into: Death Link - 25% of the damage a Link target suffers is also dealt to the other Link targets (the shared Link damage is not further suffered in an unlimited loop, it is only suffered in one instance)

* Vampire Leech - Is fine.



Archetype: Berserker

Valkyr has a very solid kit with nice synergy, but still with its problems here and there.

Stats: I'd like to increase her movement speed to 1,15 or 1,2. After all, she is a Berserker...

* Ripline - Moved to be the #3 ability and cost reduced to 10 energy. While dragging herself around, any enemy colliding with Valkyr is knocked down. While dragging an enemy towards her, any enemy colliding with the dragged enemy will be knocked down. An enemy directly hit by Ripline will suffer a forced, longerlasting Puncture proc (8/10/12/14 seconds).

Added fun idea: When the Riplined target is pulled to you, before releasing it, the enemy is quickly swung around you in a circle, then slammed down in the ground in front of you. Targets hit by the circular swing suffer 200/300/400/500 Impact damage and are all knocked down, while the main target suffers the same amount of damage (or probably more?) when it is slammed down in the ground, and it is knocked down for an additional 1/1,5/2/3 seconds (due to the massive slamdown)
Power Strength - Affects damages and melee weakness (NEW!)
Power Range - Affects cast range and circle swing range (NEW!)
Power Duration - Affects Puncture duration and main target knockdown-time-bonus duration (NEW!)

* Warcry - Can be recast at any time (so you can slow down new enemies anytime you want!), but has a 3 second cooldown.
Power Strength - Affects armor, slowdebuff and speedbuff
Power Range - Affects radius
Power Duration - Affects duration

* Paralysis Rage Slash - Moved to be the #1 ability and cost increased to 25 energy. Graphically changed to emit a sphere with wild "slashes" in it, with a shield-like energy (to emphasize that it is empowered by her shields and further fueled by her violent, slashy rage). Still paralyzes targets, but for twice as long (augment is changed) and its damagescaling is now doubled + has a base bonus of 50/100/150/200 damage, and is changed in damagetype to Slash (instead of Impact). The sphere also lasts a duration of 2 seconds and follows Valkyr around, but an enemy can only be hit once per Rage Slash cast (Rip Line / mobility synergy)
Power Strength - Affects all damages
Power Range - Affects radius
Power Duration - Affects sphere duration

* Hysteria - Lots of changes:
1) On top of the lifesteal effect based on damage, Hysteria ALSO causes her to be healed for 7/8/9/10% of her maximum health whevenever an enemy dies within a 4/5/6/7 meter radius of her, or if she kills an enemy herself (no matter the range).
2) Pseudo-invulnerability is now changed to require you to FIGHT to stay alive: When Valkyr suffers a killing blow during Hysteria, her health will not drop below 2 health, for a few seconds (3/3,5/4/4,5 seconds, affected by Power Duration). If Valkyr doesn't heal up during this "invulnerability", she will die. That's an "invincibility" I'm ok with.
3) While that is a nerf to her survivability, Hysteria now also grants you 50/55/60/65% damage reduction (affected by Power Strength mods and capped at 80%).
4) As Hysteria now can be cancelled at any time, please note: Cancelling during the cheat-death-timer kills her instantly.

5) The Hysteria claw-attacks no longer disables Valkyr's ability to turn while attacking.
6) Pressing F during Hysteria allows Valkyr to swap between her Hysteria claws and her currently equipped melee weapon.

7) Similar to Excal's Exalted Blade - The choice of WEAPON no longer affects the claw-stats, but the weapon's MODS do (elemental damage and all that). Preferably, as suggested for Exalted Blade too; It would be really nice if Hysteria had its own weapon modding area (so it doesn't limit your real melee modding in any way). The mod points would be affected by Valkyr's level (and an Orokin Reactor in Valkyr also doubles its modpoints).
Power Strength - Affects the melee damage multiplier, damage-reduction and kill-lifesteal amount (NEW!)
Power Range - Affects kill-lifesteal radius limit (NEW!)
Power Duration - Affects the cheat-death duration (NEW!)

*** Augments ***
* Swing Line Cluster Rip - Revamped: After hitting a target with Ripline, an additional 1/2/3/4 targets within 5/6/7/8 meters around the main target are also hooked onto (attached from the main target) and pulled towards Valkyr. (Note: Each target suffer the same effects as the main Ripline target; Damage, punctureproc and knockdown bonus. Further note that this has no bonus effect to the suggested baseline "circle swing".).

* Prolonged Paralysis Revamped to: Unbearable Rage - Enemies hit by Rage Slash are dragged towards Valkyr and are knocked down when the stun from Rage Slash ends.

* Eternal War - Is fine (due to the suggestion of making Warcry recastable, otherwise it isn't fine)



Archetype: Trapper / Engineer

Vauban is a really solid Warframe, with only in need of a few QoL-changes. Still thinking of how to give him better synergy though.


Ball-contact - Any enemy that gets a ball attached to them suffers an instant 100 Electric damage with 100% proc chance, increased from 15 Blast damage.


* Tesla - Now has a 100% status chance (thus stuns and deals damage in an AoE). Once Tesla zaps a target, it can arc over to one nearby Bastille (arc range = half the normal zapping range), where it hits ALL targets caught in the Bastille, although only for 25% of the normal damage, for EACH caught unit, also with a 100% status chance! (This gives an awesome synergy between Tesla + Bastille + Vortex)

Power Strength - Affects damage

Power Range - Affects zapping range (and Bastille arcing range)

Power Duration - Affects number of zaps AND duration (NEW!)


* Bounce - Allies need to jump from or hold the jumpbutton while walking over a Bounce pad to activate it.

For enemies: Instead of multiproccing magnetic effects, deals 100/150/200/250 Blast damage to the activating enemy and 50% of that damage in a 2/3/4/5 meter radius to other nearby enemies, as well as knocking them down (this Blast-effect is also triggered when an ally uses it!). Once an enemy is launched, it will then be suspended in the air, at the peak of its launch, for up to 7/8/9/10 seconds or until a new enemy activates the same Bounce trap. When the enemy is let go from its suspension (no matter if by expiration or another enemy retriggering the trap), it is launched straight down with force, suffering 100/150/200/250 Impact upon landing, and 50% of that damage in a 2/3/4/5 meter radius to other nearby enemies and knocking them down. If the target collides with any other enemy (both on upwards and downwards launch), 20/30/40/50 Impact damage is dealt to each involved enemy.

Note: Yes, this can potentially juggle a single enemy up and down for a LONG time.

Power Strength - Increases damages dealt (New?)

Power Range - Affects damage and knockdown radius (NEW!)

Power Duration - Affects enemy suspension time (NEW!)


* Bastille - Any enemy that enters when the max target limit is reached (or if it is simply immune to the liftup) will be slowed by 20% (unaffected by mods).

Power Strength - Affects maximum number of enemies liftable

Power Range - Affects radius

Power Duration - Affects duration

NOTE: Potential CC-boost: For every 2 affected enemies killed, the target limit could be increased by 1 in the current Bastille, perhaps? That rewards you for actually killing enemies as fast as possible.


* Vortex - Bosses unaffected by the pull-in effect are still hurt by the Vortex.

Power Strength - Affects damage

Power Range - Affects radius

Power Duration - Affects duration


*** Augments ***

* Tesla Link - Is fine, but its cap could easily be doubled.

* Repelling Bastille - A bit overpowered (?), maybe make it so an enemy can only suffer the Repel ONCE per filled Bastille?

* Perpetual Vortex - Is fine? Maybe boost it to 100% at max rank?



Archetype: Electrotactician (Pardon the pun :P)

Volt is very good right now, but still with a bunch of issues that can easily be resolved with a few simple tweaks.


* Shock - Could potentially have its damage increased to, say, 100/150/225/300. Damage is amplified, just like weapons are, when shot through Elecric Shield (but can only benefit ONCE, no matter the amount of Shields it goes through). The amount of times Shock can chain over to targets is now affected by Power Duration!

Potential bonus: Hitting a panel instantly hacks it!

Power Strength - Affects damage

Power Range - Affects chaining range

Power Duration - Affects max number of bounces (NEW!)


* Speed - Also boosts your ranged weapons' reload speed (same percent as the melee bonus) and, for Volt only, the casting speed of his other abilities (stacks multiplicatively with Natural Talent). Can be recast anytime to refresh the duration. Fisheye-effect entirely removed.

Power Strength - Affects all speedbonuses (including the new reloadspeed and castingspeed bonuses!)

Power Range - Affects cast radius (Maybe affect the movement speed, instead of Power Strength?)

Power Duration - Affects duration


* Electric Shield - On first cast, the Electric Shield will be much smaller (similar to how it used to be) but it will follow in front of Volt (just like Odanata's Energy Shell), allowing him to move around with it and protect himself from frontal attacks. Casting it again will drop the shield, deploying it to the ground (like currently) and restoring it to its current bigger size. Any enemy touching a shield is dealt 50/75/100/150 Electric damage with 100% status chance. Electric Shield counts as an electrical device for Overload (not consumed by Overload, but provides less of a bonus too). Should no longer boost your critical damage, but the electrical damage is affected by Power Strength to compensate.

No longer limits your ranged attackrange to 70 meters, instead, the electric damagebonus is now performed as a SEPERATE bonus attack, as a seperate hitscan lightningbeam with 100% accuracy and a range of 35/40/45/50 meter range (counting from the shield's position), zapping out from the shield as an individual attack, different from your weapon's actual attack. After that range, the lightningbeam is gone, but the regular attack can still hit beyond that range (if it reaches that far in the first place). This also means, you can not cheesily extend weaponranges (such as Panthera's altfire), but the electrical damagebonus (the lightningbeam) will still reach far forward (the 35/40/45/50 meters). So you can just "sort of" extend the range on shortrange weapons, but it will be done purely with the seperate lightningbeam.

Power Strength - Affects the electrical bonus damage (the lightning beam) and shield-touch-damage (NEW!)

Power Range - Affects electric bonus damage max range (the lightning beam's range) (NEW!)

Power Duration - Affects duration

NOTE: Note that the carriable shield would synergize extremely well with his Speed ability, even more so now due to the shield-touch-damage!


* Overload - Simplified: Functions more like a simple damaging aura that lasts 4 seconds. Deals 200/250/300/400 instant electrical damage the first time an enemy touches the aura (only suffered once per Overload cast). On top of that, the aura deals 50/75/100/125 electrical damage twice per second. If the aura touches an electronical device (or Electric Shield!), the device will break and zap nearby enemies within a large radius for 250 Electrical damage (Electric Shields won't break, but only deal 100 Electrical damage, once each per Overload cast). All the different damaging effects still have a 100% status chance!

Potential bonus: Hitting a panel instantly hacks it!

Power Strength - Affects instant damage and aura damage (No effect on device overloads, still)

Power Range - Affects radius (No effect on device overloads)

Power Duration - Affects aura duration (NEW!)


*** Augments ***

* Shock Trooper - Always affects Volt himself upon cast, but with a quarter of the effect + it can jump to allies to boost them (they don't count towards the chaining limit though!).

* Shocking Speed - Is fine.

* Capacitance - Is fine.



Archetype: Aeronaut

Just needs some tiny tweaks to really hone in the "sky master" feel, otherwise a very well designed and well balanced Warframe.


* Passive ability - Anti-gravity - With Parkour 2.0, this passive is now actually quite good!


* Tail Wind - No longer has the "Super Jump" effect on it (moved to Dive Bomb when it is used on the ground), instead always flies in the target direction. Damage done is always Slash-type now, is increased to 125/200/275/350 damage, as well as always staggering enemies hit. Striking width increased to 3 / 3,3 / 3,6 / 4 meters. Has "cutting winds" added around Zephyr as she travels, to better indicate the striking area (and to make the damage type more logical). Zephyr's anti-gravity is highly enhanced for 0,5 seconds after casting Tail Wind, allowing better aerial control.

Pressing space will cancel Tail Wind and also quickly stop the ability's momentum. Just like Rhino's Charge, this ability is affected SQUARELY by duration (both charging speed and duration), which is a bit too extreme. Have it affect the flight duration, but NOT the speed.

Power Strength - Affects damage

Power Range - Affects width

Power Duration - Affects length


* Dive Bomb Gale Crash - Still has the same old "Dive Bomb" effects when used in air, but has the "Super Jump"-effect when used on the ground (instead of on Tail Wind). Either useage (Jump or Dive) deals Impact damage and always knocks enemies down in the radius. Dive bombing still scales as it used to etc. While dive bombing, all enemies within 2,5/3/3,5/4 meters of Zephyr that might be in midair (by Tornado, or enemies such as Ospreys etc) will be dragged down to groundlevel with Zephyr and suffer the dive damage and knockdown.

Power Strength - Increases the damages (all of them)

Power Range - Affects all the radius effects (both on jumping and diving)

Power Duration - Affects jumping distance (no effect on dive bombing though) (NEW!)


* Turbulence - Any enemy within 1/2/3/4 meters is also slowed down by 5/10/15/20%. Instead of reducing accuracy, simply gives projectiles shot at her windshield (radius of 1/2/3/4 meters) a high chance (65/70/75/80%) to be negated, with a small chance (3/6/9/12%) to reflect the negated attack back at them. Power Strength increases both the chance to negate and to reflect, and once negation reaches 100% (with Power Strength), the excess Power Strength gives twice the bonus towards reflection!

Power Strength - Affects the slowdown (capped at 40%), negation chance and reflection chance (NEW!)

Power Range - Affects radius

Power Duration - Affects duration


* Tornado - Always summons 1/2/3/4 tornadoes, no matter the amount of enemies around and are summoned much closer to where you aim. Needs to not get loot stuck. Enemies are not flung around randomly, but are kept inside for the duration. Casting it again midduration removes the tornados (allowing you to recast it again at a new location). Physical ranged damage done shot towards a Tornado is split evenly among all enemies inside of it. Tail Wind's damage is also shared, but it is not split! (Note: Can double dip its damage if you actually fly through the enemy(s) too)

Power Strength - Affects damage

Power Range - Affects summoning radius and tornado size (NEW!)

Power Duration - Affects duration


*** Augments ***

* Divebomb Vortex - Could be a bit better. At the very least, now also function on its "Super Jump" (read on Dive Bomb and Tail Wind).

* Jet Stream - Is fine.

* Funnel Clouds - The original 4 Tornadoes should NOT become smaller by this augment, nor do they stop picking up enemies. The added Tornadoes are still smaller and unable to pick up enemies though, but they should also move around much more quickly.


And thanks for all the nice comments! :)

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Some changes are too much (even a name change, why?) but others are logical changes, as sonar being an aura and others, i give my opinion on Valkyr, Banshee and Trinity:


Banshee: Silence reduced powercost to 50, can be recasted while in use and added a precision/perception debuff on enemies after the initial stun, a bit of better damage for soundquake.


Trinity: Blessing should grant you and your team a minimal damage reduction percentage even if you only use it to restore your team shields, 25% should be enough considering link is 75% IIRC.


Valkyr: Ripline powercost to a lower value between 10-15 for better mobility spam, better targeting for mobile targets, i personaly like the suggested change about warcry, power cost of 50 but adding lifesteal to your teammates? what if they have life strike mod, can be stacked then?


Valkyr cant resist more than a few hits with enemies of +50 lvl without relying on hysteria most of the time, 50% damage reduction isnt enough in my opinion, the life strike component is perfect as it is, is the invulnerability who needs a change but she needs a very good tradeoff for losing it, is the only way valkyr has to go melee only in high level content.

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Some changes are too much (even a name change, why?) but others are logical changes, as sonar being an aura and others, i give my opinion on Valkyr, Banshee and Trinity:


Banshee: Silence reduced powercost to 50, can be recasted while in use and added a precision/perception debuff on enemies after the initial stun, a bit of better damage for soundquake.


Trinity: Blessing should grant you and your team a minimal damage reduction percentage even if you only use it to restore your team shields, 25% should be enough considering link is 75% IIRC.


Valkyr: Ripline powercost to a lower value between 10-15 for better mobility spam, better targeting for mobile targets, i personaly like the suggested change about warcry, power cost of 50 but adding lifesteal to your teammates? what if they have life strike mod, can be stacked then?


Valkyr cant resist more than a few hits with enemies of +50 lvl without relying on hysteria most of the time, 50% damage reduction isnt enough in my opinion, the life strike component is perfect as it is, is the invulnerability who needs a change but she needs a very good tradeoff for losing it, is the only way valkyr has to go melee only in high level content.

I've already done most of these suggestions... >_> Guess you missed them?


Banshee: Silence has its Sonic Boom-empowerment, and it is recastable any time. The precision debuff was added to Sonic Boom already. Soundquake was changed to a non-channeled ability, instead is a launched orb, which detonates into a sphere of "Soundquake" when it hits / is detonated.


Trinity: Already gave a minimum damage reduction (i set it to 20%).


Valkyr: Ripline was reduced to 10. Yes, the Warcry's Lifesteal would stack with Life Strike. Hysteria, while not making her immune to damage anymore, still makes her unkillable, as she will be unable to be brought down to less than 2 health during Hysteria. Hence the kill-lifesteal on it (+ Warcry's regular lifesteal).

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I like the rising slash ability in Excalibur, I imagine it like a sho ryu ken with a sword, or did you mean like a rising Link´s spin attack?, what is the propose new ability cost?.


I also like the idea of Nekros having will-o-wisp like fires to indicate minion capacity.



or better like  this whitout the lightning



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I like the rising slash ability in Excalibur, I imagine it like a sho ryu ken with a sword, or did you mean like a rising Link´s spin attack?, what is the propose new ability cost?.


I also like the idea of Nekros having will-o-wisp like fires to indicate minion capacity.

The Rising Slash could actually be made into either one, but I was thinking more along the lines of a rising version of Link's spin attacks, so it gets some AoE added to it. I'd keep the cost at 10, or at most increase the cost to 15 energy, since even with those addtions it would still be a bit of a niche ability (although far more generally useful of course).


Thanks for liking the ideas! :)

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Updated some stuff:




* Shield Polarize - Now considers a Bullet Attractor-target to be shielded, (with 75/150/225/300 shields, depending on the rank of BA), giving Mag some ranged knockdown CC if the abilities are used in unison, without the need to rely on Pull and/or without the need for enemies to be shielded naturally!

* Bullet Attractor - The explosive component is now a much more versatile feature on it; It explodes upon target death, upon BA's expiration or if you cast the ability again midduration! The damage is now a flat magnetic value + a minor SCALING amount based on the amount of damage the target has suffered during BA, dealt as puncture damage.

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DE really needs to see these, you did a fantastic job. Especially your idea to allow Volt to carry a smaller version of his shield as well as basically all of your suggestions for every other Warframe.

The only thing I'd add would be to make aimed teleports for Ash produce automatic finishers without the prompt. It's happened a few times to me (likely a glitch) and makes the power feel very smooth. And to make his finisher animations occur faster.

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DE really needs to see these, you did a fantastic job. Especially your idea to allow Volt to carry a smaller version of his shield as well as basically all of your suggestions for every other Warframe.

The only thing I'd add would be to make aimed teleports for Ash produce automatic finishers without the prompt. It's happened a few times to me (likely a glitch) and makes the power feel very smooth. And to make his finisher animations occur faster.

Wow, thank you! :)

Yeah that whole Volt shield ordeal has been something talked about for a long time, and I think the compromise I came up with, so you can have mobile or stationary each with their benefits and drawbacks, is pretty well balanced (Note: I suggested similar to Oberon's Hallowed Ground and Frost's Snow Globe!)


About Ash's Teleport: Well, I changed it quite heavily in the first place:

* Freeaim teleportation (shorter range though)

* Upon landing, the nearest enemies (up to 3) are "finisher-stunned"

* To do a finisher (should be universal imo) you press your action key (Default: X) instead of melee, so you can choose speed or damage

* Upon landing Ash's meleespeed is greatly boosted, but just very briefly.


If they would automatically do finishers though, no thank you, I'd like MORE control over my options, not less.

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Wow, thank you! :)

Yeah that whole Volt shield ordeal has been something talked about for a long time, and I think the compromise I came up with, so you can have mobile or stationary each with their benefits and drawbacks, is pretty well balanced (Note: I suggested similar to Oberon's Hallowed Ground and Frost's Snow Globe!)


About Ash's Teleport: Well, I changed it quite heavily in the first place:

* Freeaim teleportation (shorter range though)

* Upon landing, the nearest enemies (up to 3) are "finisher-stunned"

* To do a finisher (should be universal imo) you press your action key (Default: X) instead of melee, so you can choose speed or damage

* Upon landing Ash's meleespeed is greatly boosted, but just very briefly.


If they would automatically do finishers though, no thank you, I'd like MORE control over my options, not less.

Well the auto finisher thing is more so due to technical issues. In pubs, players frequently encounter an issue with teleport, where the lag causes the finisher prompt to either not appear at all, or simply take too long to do so. For solo, this isn't the case, but in pubs it's quite a debilitating bug.

Perhaps an ability to toggle auto finishers on/off? That's assuming that DE doesn't find a way to remove or fix the glitch of course, which I'm sure they will eventually.

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What impresses me about DE's implementation of Oberon's Hallowed Ground is that it wasn't an absolute percentage reduction of incoming damage, and was such an insignificant percentage of armor bonus. Valkyr would benefit the most from her innate 600 armor, but the second place contender for base armor stat is Frost and Rhino at 190 armor. The boost from your iteration of Hallowed Ground to 290 would feel significant enough to actually use Hallowed Ground as a support ability.

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What impresses me about DE's implementation of Oberon's Hallowed Ground is that it wasn't an absolute percentage reduction of incoming damage, and was such an insignificant percentage of armor bonus. Valkyr would benefit the most from her innate 600 armor, but the second place contender for base armor stat is Frost and Rhino at 190 armor. The boost from your iteration of Hallowed Ground to 290 would feel significant enough to actually use Hallowed Ground as a support ability.

Impresses? Do I detect a severe amount of sarcasm? ;)

I dunno why it was based on each individual character's armor, that just doesn't really make sense if it was supposed to be a supportive ability *shrugs*


You know I actually really like your replacement for super jump and I would love to have either one of those to be honest,currently I am fine with our ultimate but I would like to either one of your replacements for super jump.

While I certainly agreed with you that either one of those replacements would be better... I think it stems from the fact that pretty much ANYTHING would be better than the uberdull Super Jump! xD

I really don't understand DE and why they are so frikkin stubborn to keep that dull ability. If they REALLY want him to be able to jump high (for some unknown reason), then the Rising Slash idea, which keeps the "jump" part intact, at least makes it fit far more THEMATICALLY with Excalibur and his swordsman style. But noooo, let's just keep it as a dull jump, but make him invisible for a brief while (seriously, wtf? What a lazily slapped on "bonus"), so it stays totally dull, boring and unfitting. I feel they did a really lazy effort in trying to fix Excalibur. Just like they did with Oberon (Yes, yes, he is functional, but he is far from being polished!)

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Another update bump:


* Ember's Fire Blast is now Icarus Dive, a unique form of mobility which still, sort of, retains the Fire Blast ability (think a Slash Dash also aimable in the Z-direction that you can detonate to stop the travel and cause a big fire blast a la Arson Eximus upon the landing/detonation!)

* Oberon had some further tweaks to Renewal (now an expanding healing aura, rather than healing based on orbs) and Hallowed Ground (no longer provides armor, but instead a retributive damage protection!)

* A whole bunch of tweaks to all of Trinity's abilities (not huge ones, but probably noticeable changes)

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Update bump:


* Added a link to a new thread of mine (this one) in the OP, a thread about how abilities could get the "Power in Use" error removed for added flexibility

* Minor tweaks to Zephyr and Volt (Tornado and Overload respectively)

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  • 2 months later...



Added augments and my changes to them (mainly making them all useful in a solo-environment).

Biggest additions/changes are to

* All elemental infusion augments (can benefit yourself in various ways), such as Smite Infusion (credit to Archwizard for pretty much all of the ideas for these!)

* Greedy Pull (also steals the magazine from ranged enemies (more ammodrops!) and forces them to reload when they get up)

* Soul Survivor (also heals and reset durations for minions, if cast on them)

* Pool of Life (complete revamp on base ability and augment)

* Abating Link (now Death Link, linking damage between the link-targets. Link also baseline affects number of targets linked with Power Strength...)


Further tweaked/changed many abilities, mainly (but not only) for:

* Frost (all but Snow Globe)

* Banshee (Sonic Boom in particular)

* Hydroid (all abilities)

* Rhino (Iron Skin and Roar)

* Nekros (Read the Soul Punch revamp, please! Inspired by Archwizard's idea of leaving a soul behind, which is extra susceptible to damage; I have, just one of many additions, added that it also anchors the target to this stationary soul, so the target cannot move far away from the soul! But there is more, please read in the OP)

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I haven't read it all yet, but I looked through my favourite frames and most of the changes are really nice. (especially Banshee and Zephyr)

I have a few suggestions though:

Zephyr Tornado:

- Spawn one slightly larger tornado where your reticle points. This Tornado doesn't move much, just circling around a bit. (to give more stability and/or tactical approach to Zephyr's Ultimate)

- Still spawn 3 regular tornadoes the same way they are spawning right now.

- Recasting Tornado removes all Tornadoes, dealing 250 damage to every enemy in tornado, dealing 100% proc of Tornado's element at the moment.

Excalibur's Slash Dash needs its cast time to be removed. Also I think it might be a good idea if Slash Dash and your Rising Slash ability would have their damage affected by your melee weapon damage. Which would really make them scale pretty decent for later game content.

I'm going to read the other changes later, so far it's very good!

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The Hysteria idea is pretty awesome:


I agree with:


- Cant go below 2 hp

- 50% damage reduction

- Get 5% of max hp per enemy killed in 6 meters radius around her or when she kills an enemy.

- Not affected by the current melee weapon making any melee viable, instead she gain better stats.


I dont agree with:


- Switching with your current melee, it removes Hysteria original concept.


I have my doubts about how the changes to Warcry would make the "new" Hysteria balanced, it will return the Hysteria lifesteal feature plus the new hp regen per enemy around/killed with 50% DR.


From my point of view, it should at least be a Warcry augment mod, the funny thing is, the new changes to Hysteria makes room to another augment mod, sharing the 5% hp health per enemy around killed or when killing with our teammates.


With such values the Hysteria change can be also changed on Dark sector PvP where the actual Hysteria last only for 4 seconds, that short amount of time is just useless and thats thanks to the invulnerability.

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Bump. Great ideas, but I think abilities should grant or gift warframes, I know its like trinity blessing thag heals allies vut instead like giving someting more special to the players and others too. Well here are some of my warframe abilit ideas for some.


Shuriken: Give ash and his allies shurikens 25-30 shurikens

Smokescreen: It should be alble to conceals allies nearby instead of augment.

Teleport: Yes free aim to teleport anywhere so same idea.

Bladestorm: Fine as it is.


Freeze: Have aoe and make it have more utility like make freeze able to make anything like Icy path and barricade etc.

Ice wave: Make it a cone and have knockbacks.

Snowglobe: remove timer and max health should be 5.5k or 8.5k and have expolosion after it dies.

Blizzard: I change the name cause the name looks better. Have 5s freezing to enmies inside frost and enmies 5m away from frost will be bring in. First freeze then damage.


Decoy: Make it like specters fighting a long side with u and have the same apperance as the player. Make it cast till 3 decoys.

Invisibility: Gives enemies shock and confusion when they look at loki for 10 to 12seconds and maybe increase its timing to 15s.

Switch teleport: make it able to switch with Barrels, Give it confusion and shock to enmies that is attack and looking at loki and also if loki switch with an enemy and the enemies that is attacking loki kill the switched enenmy, it will give him a stun like a guilty look.

Radial disarm: Make the melee enmies receive damage like butchers, prova crewman etc.

More ideas to be post soon

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