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Tweaks To All Warframes And Their Abilities!


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Oh wow Oo

Thanks for all the kind words guys, much appreciated ^_^


The community has had lots of good ideas that have been a huge inspiration for lots of the ideas, I've just tried to collect as many of the best ones as possible :)


Now to be more constructive - I'd like to ask about some specific things I just can't seem to find to "fix":

* Banshee

--- Silence - What else could it do? The changes suggested makes it quite bland imo. I'd like an addition, even something tiny, that preferably can scale with Power Strength, something that is useful in combat, not just for stealth.


* Chroma

--- Vex Armor - I'd like to add something to it so it can be altered with Power Range in some way. Ideas?


* Limbo

--- Banish - The "aoe burn" I added to this ability, it doesn't seem entirely fitting (it's something that seems more fitting to add to Ember's Fireball, for example). Any other idea that could make Power Range more relevant on this ability?


* Loki

--- Decoy + Invisibility - Both of these abilities could need some better ideas in regards to scaling with Power Strength and Power Range, especially Invisibility. The Decoy's stagger chance DOES work as an idea for Strength, but I hate to have abilities be reliant on RNG.


* Mag

--- Shield Polarize - This ability could probably quite easily be change to make Power Duration relevant, such as making it restore a chunk of ally shields on cast as well as some more shields over time. While that could work, how could that be translated over in function in regards to the ENEMY effect? I mean, applying a Magnetic DoT (which is somewhat equivalent) just doesn't seem right imo.


* Mirage

--- Hall of Mirrors - Something with Power Range affecting this ability?


* Nekros

Uy, this Warframe is the most difficult, as he has so many potential ideas to be added to him, that it is instead hard what to pick!

--- Soul Punch - Could do several things:

1) Execution - Deals more damage the less health enemies have

2) Soul Haunt - Still could have a "soul projectile", but it could be a constantly attacking, wall+enemy-phasing and homing projectile

3) Soul Projection - The "soul anchor" on it that I have already suggested

4) Shadow Minion - Upon death, or if killed within X seconds after Soul Punch'd, the target's corpse instantly summons a Shadow Minion

Tacking ALL of that on to the same ability seems a bit much. What to pick? :/

--- Desecrate - Same here, multiple things could be done:

1) Desecrated ground - Could be a dark version of Oberon's Hallowed ground, with its own quirks (gradual slow, DoT that gets stronger and stronger, ghastly and ethereal look etc)

2) Soul Steal - Remade into an attack which releases a radial healing pulse, healing based on the amount of damage done (like Archwizard's idea)

3) Nanobot Aura - Summons lots of nanobots insects that follows Nekros, dealing damage and other crippling effects to enemies (and bonuses to your Shadow Minions) that come near him.

Any of those things, while also somehow keeping the "health orb (and possibly also ammo) on death"-effect so he can retain his Equilibrium + current Despoil synergy.

All I know at least, it shouldn't directly with corpses (or "meta-loot"), as the corpse-interaction added to SotD feels like a really good idea, imo.


Now, following Warframes I feel can work just fine as they are, but I'd like to generally polish or improve their self-synergy in a less forced way:

* Saryn - While the suggestions for her could make her work just fine, I still feel something is a bit... off. I'd probably wait for DE's upcoming revamp of her though.

* Vauban - All abilities are good, but I feel they could need better synergy which isn't forced (more natural ability synergy, like Loki has)

* Zephye - Ability #2, merge it with #1 or not? And more reason to wanna stay up in the air in general?

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Nice try, OP but please get with the nerf program.... Lol

If you ask for buff, you get.... NERF

If you ask for nerf.... You get NERF

Resistance is futile. Join usssssss.....

NERFS for everyone!!!!!111111.....1....1..........1.............


You sound salty... Is this about Mesa?

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New changes:



* Removed a bunch of my suggestions (as he got some nice buffs recently).

* Revamped and added more augment ideas

* More synergy added throughout all abilities, through the use of the combo counter. Landslide obviously already uses it, but now the Tectonic boulder (rolling and exploding) also adds to the combo counter, and the Rumblers both contribute AND benefit from the combo counter too!

* Tectonics - An idea is to make the ally phase-through only occur if you roll through it. This is to keep the old feel of making a physical wall (was cool for parkouring, positioning etc), while also retaining the inability to troll with it. Best of both worlds, imo :)



* Tempest Barrage - Onehanded cast added!

* Tidal Surge - Added the possibility to cancel it midduration, either by casting it again or by meleeing. Maybe something that could be added to Zephyr's Tail Wind and Rhino's Rhino Charge too?



* Shield Polarize - Heavily reduced in offensive powers (number unspecified though), but compensated for defensively: Allies (Mag included) that get their shields restored by SP also get their shields empowered for a short duration. This empowerment causes shields to suffer less damage taken AND causes shield-piercing damage (such as Toxin) to not pierce shields for the duration! Also, the knockdown effect also occurs around shield-healed allies, not just around shield-damaged enemies.

The reason to make Shield Polarize more defensive in nature is to allow her to have more offense in her other powers (mainly BA, but also Crush), This makes her less "anti-shields"-niched and instead more useful against ALL factions.

(I suggest this because I think overly niched onetrick-ponies are not healthy for the game)

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