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Nice Devstream, Archwing, Etc. But What About Focus System ?


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I don't remember they even mentioned it in the Livestream. So will Focus be a thing or should we just forget it ?

I was quite excited to know more, only the progression of the devs on it would have been enough. I'm really waiting for Archwing, Abilities changes, and other things. Focus is one of them.

So... Focus ? No Focus ?

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I must admit, I was dissapointed when I learned earlier this week that the 'end game' content that Steve hinted he would sneak into this update would be Proxy Wars. Was so not hyped about it at all, and I resented that it was taking Developer time and attention away from Focus system....




After the Devstream, I am now super Psyched about Syndicates and how they will work. You wanted Lore? Check. You wanted to be able to individually customize your Frame powers with unique special effects? You will be able to. You wanted proprietary mods for each weapon to make each one feel more distinct? Guess what.. that's coming.


In short: You wanted end game: Syndicates will deliver. Should hold our attention hopefully until Focus comes along (which I am still pumped about, by the way).

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