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S>Lotus And Hyena Sunikas [Pre-Order]

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Name: Lotus2

Mature date: Oct 20, 2014

Price: 150p for both imprints 

Pre-ordered by WhiteCrystal(unconditional)



Name: Hyena1

Mature date: Oct 23, 2014

Price: 60p for both imprints

Preorder by ---Sgt.Dan.Bilzerian--- (unconditional)



Name: Hyena2

Mature date: Oct 25, 2014

Price: 60p for both imprints

Preordered by ---Sgt.Dan.Bilzerian--- (unconditional)



Mature date will be changed depending on buyers. (first buy, first serve) EXCEPT the lotus one.


ALL kubrow have 50% bulky and 50% athletic build and a sunika


This is not an auction

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Lotus2 -- 200p if bulky 

I'm really sorry. Your offer is so tempting but I can't accept it because as I say above "it's not an auction" and I need to keep my reputation as an honest seller. Again, I'm sorry. But IF the first buyer retract or cancel his offer then I'll tell you right away.

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