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Orokin Corrupter


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So, while I was hosting the first-ever meeting of the Church of the All-Holy Corpus Prodman (don't even ask) in in-game Region chat, I suddenly had an epiphany.

What if, like a Kubrow, we could have a Prodman companion? Or any non-Eximus non-Boss enemy?


So, here's how the concept would pan out.

To be able to recruit an enemy NPC as a companion, you first need to build an Orokin Corrupter. How do you do that? Oh, by grinding, clan research, and a helluva lot of sitting and waiting for alerts, that's how. Because it's all worth it in the end, right?

Once you've invested hours of time and credits worth enough to get yourself 50 Kubrows, you're now ready to build your one-time Orokin Corrupter charge. You build this, equip it into your consumables slot, and enter a Corpus-Grineer-Infested mission (because using this on the already-Corrupted is a no-no)

Once there, the principle is similar to that of Pokemon: find an enemy, aim the Corrupter at him, and suck him in. He'll be stored in a convenient little stasis chamber located in that useless corner to the right of the Arsenal module back on your ship.

Now, here's where it gets interesting. Let's say you captured a Corpus Prodman, because why wouldn't you, they're the best NPC ever. By long, arduous, and definitely resource-consuming processes which I really can't list while writing on a phone, he will begin to obey you and you can choose to bring him into battle with you. The more your hostage likes you, the higher a stat boost he gets, and the more things he can bash in the skull.

Now that we're through the basics, let's outline what I feel HAS to be part of this and what can be skipped:


-Corrupted Companion will have significantly higher overall stats than his non-Corrupted friends

-No permanent loss of obedience/health/whatever over time. Kubrows already suck as it is, now don't make my pet MOA suck too.

-Only regular units should be convertible; no Eximuses or Bosses, obviously.


-Flashy golden Orokin makeover (actually, I'd prefer without this)

-Customisation: modding and the like. (Such as, for example, a "saddle" mod for the MOA, removing offensive capabilities but making it a BADASS BATTLE STEED)

-Conversion difficulty gradient. Should be based on two things: unit level and unit type. A level 5 MOA should be easier/take less time/have a higher chance of success than a level 10 MOA, and a level 2 Corpus Tech should be even harder than both.

-Storage for multiple companions? (Because Damage 2.0, your Lancer's not gonna be so effective against another Lancer. Time for your MOA.)


So tell me guys, whaddaya think?

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so basicly what we are getting in U15 with the proxy wars?

I don't get what you mean by this. It's literally capturing an enemy directly in a mission and being allowed to customize the hell out of them and then flaunt them around while destroying everything in tandem. Nothing more or less.

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So Proxy Wars

As far as I understand the current PW system, you might occasionally be helped by some ally from your chosen faction, much like in regular Invasion missions. And with the exception of one Prod Crewman on one Infestation Invasion mission who held off at least 20 Infested, which impresses me, your basic mooks suck. A lot.

This is a chance to stick what's effectively another squad member, minus advanced human thoughts and extreme mobility, into your game.

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