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Maxed Mod/trading Bug


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So I was trading 700 plat for a Maxed Blind Rage Mod and so turns out, it becomes a Maxed Narrow Minded.... Perhaps a trading bug? I also did not accept the trade until the seller KILLSOME1PLZ accepted first when all conditions were met, after they accepted I accepted the trade which completed the trade and I clearly saw the 10/10 Blind Rage Mod and turns out I don't have the mod and still has not shown up in my mods even after relogging. If there is any kind of recompensation for any of this DE I would like to know.. because if the seller is telling the truth which I hope they are I'd really hate to have to ban them. I also have video recording which is something I have a habit of doing when dealing with trades. If this bug sits around any longer I would suggest everyone in trading chat to start recording there trades as many players can take advantage of this bug. Although I still feel this one might have been a scam.. though I don't know how it was possible when I was the last to accept which completed the trade but that's what I don't want to believe.



If anyone has any kinda of information please let me know. Thank You

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