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New Odd Strat


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Okay, bare with me as I've tried half of this before, and it worked smoothly



Main combo here: Vauban, Nova and Hydroid (possibly an oberon)


I'm talking towards late game btw, I did this, we only stopped because my friend needed to go to bed, wave 30 with no sweat.



Hydroid (me) puddles over the defense target before the wave starts, a nice build let's you puddle for freaking hours, so you're cool. speed nova speeds everyone up, rushing them to their death's of course. Once everyone is dead or in the puddle, hydroid releases the puddle exposing only the strongest infected that didn't die, weakened from the soaking, being all in the same place AND primed by nova, vauban vortex's them all in and boom, end of story.


Oberon would be nice if they didn't die instantly, a good smash would clear things up.



What do you think? This worked well without vauban, but I'm sure WITH vauban it'd be insanely powerful.

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Why ODD of all things? It's so easy and over done. Negative power strength nova, Vauban built for bastille and vortex, Saryn for Miasma, and Trinity for healing if you really need it. ODD really doesn't need a strategy to be honest.


Maybe they just wanted to try a new/different synergy? I'm personally glad to see it wasn't just speed nova + vortexban.

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