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Wtb Csgo Skins With Platinum.

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I know it sounds strange to be looking for CSGO skins on a Warframe Forum, But i have so much leftover platinum that i have no clue what to do with. And i love playing CSGO, so why not give my plat away for some sweet skins. Add me on Steam or Warframe if you have some awesome skins on CSGO that you willing to give me for plat.




Steam: LTunes

Warframe: LTunes

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Sorry, but you can't trade for items not listed in the trade interface.




*Can I trade for items or services not listed in the Trade interface?
No, trading is restricted to what is listed in the trading UI. Players trading for items or services not listed in the trading interface face removal of trading privilege, account suspension or permanent banning.


Now locking.

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