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A Theory On Deathmarks


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In playing the game, I have noticed a pattern, and here is my theory on the current Deathmark system




There are 17 Deathmarks.

You cannot have duplicates of any Deathmark.

Upon receipt of a Deathmark, the player ALWAYS receives a message.

Each Stalker mark functions as a separate Deathmark.


Stalker: Captain Vor

Stalker: Councilor Vay Hek

Stalker: General Sargas Ruk
Stalker: Kela de Thaym
Stalker: Lieutenant Lech Kril
Stalker: Tyl Regor
Stalker: Alad V
Stalker: Ambulas
Stalker: Hyena Pack
Stalker: Jackal
Stalker: Raptor
Stalker: Sergeant Nef Anyo
Stalker: Phorid
Stalker: Lephantis
Stalker: ??? (Phobos)

Grustrag Three





Earning a G3/Harvester mark has a chance to mark you whenever you complete an invasion mission five times for a side, and if you are unmarked, you will get a message.


Killing a boss has a chance to give a mark for that specific boss. (You cannot have multiple marks from a single boss.)




A Stalker/G3/Harvester encounter will remove that mark (for the player who received the taunts) upon completion of the mission. Since you cannot have multiples of any single mark, you can immediately return to the boss which the Stalker announced or an invasion to receive another.




Thoughts? Any indications that this is incorrect?

Most of this is drawn from U14 onwards. I suspect there was a Deathmark reset at the time.

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This is mostly right, assuming the mechanics haven't changed horribly from when they were datamined. There is a bug where occasionally you won't get the mail immediately, and it isn't always 5 runs for the same side/mission. Sometimes many more, sometimes less.

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Killing Bosses ALWAYS get you a Mark. A Mark, not a message. The message I believe is pretty random, like the name he says when he comes. He can come for you for a Boss you killed months ago, or forget the past and come for the one you just killed. With G3/Zanuka, is even more random, you can easily go 15 runs on an Invasion without recieving a message, but the Mark.

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That's how it was before, a limit of 1 deathmark per boss that could give a deathmark. No duplicates. The mail you receive about the deathmark is accurate as to who the deathmark is for, and supposedly its been fixed so when the Stalker appears ingame saying "This is for Boss X", it really is for Boss X. Be aware that deathmarks are only removed if the Stalker/G3/Zanuka are spawning because of you, and not another squadmate who has the appropriate deathmark.

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