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Hey De, Can You Bring Back Some Old Machete Animations?


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Some of you might already know that the Machete didn't always have "Sundering Weave" as its animations. I actually didn't know either until I made the Machete until after the Kama came out, which was around when the Machete was changed to have the same animations as the Kama.


A couple of weeks after Update 8 had dropped, the Machete had new animations. Apparently it was just a normal longsword before that.


These are what the Machete had until they were changed to what Sundering Weave is now.



I think these look great and it's a shame that they're not back in the game in some way.


Now, putting these onto Sundering Weave could work in a sense. It could just be made into a HOLD combo with the HOLD input being the 2nd or 3rd attacks.


Although, Sundering Weave already has a few combos on it. So maybe this could be the second stance mod for Machetes?


Now, I know people hate the idea of farming for a stance mod, but it'd be cool to see some old stuff make a return (especially when it's as cool as this).


Maybe having a new stance or at least a new combo will cause more people to use Machete weapons? Well, I'd like to imagine it will at least. It's a shame that such a nice looking weapon has to have worse stats than every other and have a stance that scarcely anyone likes using.


Hopefully DE can bring it back, but what do you all think?


EDIT: Just realized this is probably in the wrong section now. I typed it up originally thinking about the Machete as a weapon.

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Also is it just me or the sounds are different?


Sounding different huh? I didn't notice at first, but after booting up the game I did notice that the weapon swing "woosh" does actually sounds different now.


It's possible it had changed with the sound rework a while ago.



Switch to gun and use the Machete with no stance in Update 14

Baseball Simulator 2015.


Yeah, that's an option. But variety is the spice of life right?

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