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Wts/wtt Mods And Prime Parts

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I'm usually online from 8pm to 11pm on weekdays. Weekend play time varies. Time zone is GMT+8.


Everything is 5p unless otherwise noted



Blind Rage 10p

Critical Delay 10p





Metal Auger

Thunderbolt 15p

Vicious Spread 10p


Lethal Torrent 10p


Energy Channel

Power Throw



Iron Phoenix (maxed) 10p

Tranquil Cleave (maxed) 20p

Gemini Cross (maxed)



Corrosive Projection 10p

Enemy Radar

Infested Impedance

Rifle Amp

Sniper Scavenger

Speed Holster


Prime parts:

Boar Prime Receiver 2p

Boltor Prime Barrel

Braton Prime Barrel

Braton Prime Stock

Burston Prime Stock 3p

Dakra Prime Handle

Fang Prime BP

Mag Prime BP 3p

Mag Prime Chassis 3p

Reaper Handle 3p


Also willing to trade for Crushing Ruin, Malicious Raptor, Stalking Fan, Wyrm Prime Carapace and Systems, Nyx Prime BP and Chassis, and Loki Prime parts except for the Blueprint.

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